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/// From climber/artist @jercollins_com /// The bush pilot looked at our luggage and bailed. "Too heavy" he said. We sat on the tarmac and put together a new plan. We packed up a 1967 Land Rover and drove across Venezuela instead. A two day trek brought us to the base of the vertical jungle full of snakes and howler monkeys leading to the tower. The route we chose was hard- climbing next to a powerful waterfall. Slowly we picked our way up the most logical line. After three days of work, two out of three of our team had injuries that sent us home. A year later we started all over again, back across Venezuela, then the Gran Sabana, then up the enormous Acopan Tepui. This picture high on our route "In Gold Blood" reminds me to never give up. After summiting at sunset, our team of four rappelled down to our wall camp seen below (zoom in). We curled up in a ball inside and celebrated with whiskey, sausage and chocolate. Photo by @jamesqmartin


Video @coreyrichproductions | “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” - Haruki Murakami. For the “Queen of Pain,” Rebecca Rusch (@rebeccarusch), pain might also be a source of strength. It certainly was on this day, April 27, 2013, when she set the women’s speed record on the 142-mil Kokopelli Trail.


Photographer @grant_gunderson captured skier @kcdeane enjoying just another average day in Japan

Shizukuishi, Iwate

Photo: @mikelibecki
It’s Penguin Awareness Day! Who doesn’t love 🐧? This image/pair of Gentoo Penguins are sending an important message: all we really need is love!
From a recent trip to Antarctica with my daughter @lilliana_libecki with @lindbladexp @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions #linbladexpeditions #penguin #penguinawarenessday #antarctica #love


📸 @joeyschusler
By any means possible. Traversing the wilds of Mongolia’s Altai Mountains by bike and boat.

Bayan-Ölgii Province

Photographer @grant_gunderson captured skier @adamcu280 at the Hakkoda Ropeway in Japan. Hakkoda is a unique ski area as its up to you to find your own way down any of the options 360 degrees off of the summit that all eventually lead back to the team.


Video @andy_best // Shooting timelapse photography has been such a passion project for me over the years. One of these years I'd love to make a TL film finally! Perhaps someday soon. Music by the talented Odesza.


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // A giant wave rolling by at Peahi, aka JAWS, on the north shore of Maui from the huge swell this past Sunday. While sitting on the jet ski, right next to the wave, you photograph everything not just the surfers and hope to get something like this image captured right at sunrise. What is hard to get across here is the size of the wave. A small house could fit into the curl of this wave. #peahi #jaws #emptywave #maui


When most people think of Japan the first thing that comes to mind is high tech futuristic electronics. However Japan still has an amazing culture of traditional craftsmen such as this worker at the Nambu Ironworks near the Shizukuishi ski area. It’s amazing down day experience that complements those bottomless days of Japow well. Photographer @grant_gunderson

雫石プリンスホテル Shizukuishi Prince Hotel

Nothing is more zen then skis Ingo bottomless powder in Japan. @kcdeane and @adamcu280 contemplating how each successive run is the deepest of their lives. Myoko, Japan. Photo @grant_gunderson

Myoko-shi, Niigata, Japan

Photo: @coreyrichproductions | They say the rock of Margalef, Spain, inspired the famous Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi’s designs. It continues to inspire rock climbers today. Here, @dailaojeda cranks up the beautiful stone.


Dancers always make the best climbers.... @carriecooper_dpt fearlessly pushing upward with grace & confidence.