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I think my guardian angel drinks 🤔🤗👼🏾✨


Now that those 12 weeks of #January are over 😩🤣--A quick update as we get into #Chapter2:
- My #30DayGallon challenge ends a week from today & it's HARD but I started seeing & feeling the benefits a few days in! 🙌🏾
- I'm actually a whole 10lbs heavier than I thought I was 🙃 probably bc my eating habits have been the most challenging on my #ReadySetSnatched journey. 🗣️I want to eat everything 😩
- Nevertheless I'm looking forward to February 😍✨ Who else thought Jan was a long ass YEAR?!! What goals, tips & tricks do y'all have for this month?! #HelloFebruary


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Me when I think about how exercise makes me feel better but remember that #Hennesey does too 😄😬🙃✨


#ReadySetSnatched: I'm challenging myself to drink a gallon (4 litres) of water a day for 30 days!!! It's 11 AM & I'm already at the 3 PM mark!! The goal is to get to Beyoncé everyday though 😩👀 Who wants in?!! 😅💦


#ThembiSetGo: Happy new year guys!! "I'm excited about 2018 cuz I didn't wait till 2018 to start working on 2018" - @kikiayers ✨✨✨
2017 was a great year & I'm READY for 2018 to be even better!! Click the link in my bio to watch the full vid of my 2017 highlights as we transition into the new year!! 🎬✨🤗#ThembiVSHollywood