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Teething made easier with our natural & non-toxic products!
✨SAFE ✨teethers & jewellery #LWforkids
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➡️ 98 hours // 2.5 full time jobs ⬅️
This, on average is how much Mother’s work each week! #MumLife
How validating is this to hear! No wonder I feel so exhausted at the end of the week #MoreSelfCareNeeded !!!


⚡️Flash back⚡️to one of the very first photos of our shooting stars - the product that launched our brand 🌟
Our stars continue to be a massive seller and to keep with the theme, we will soon be releasing a brand spanking new product for your little ones. It’s getting so close now we can almost taste it 🙌


The perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect keepsake ❤️ #LWforkids


This just about sums up my 2 year old at the moment 🙈


Did you know our newest teether makes the perfect keepsake? A lovely gift for a new baby or to celebrate the birth of your own 🌙 #LWforkids


Our new and original keepsake teether is here! Made from natural, non splintering and antibacterial beechwood - it is Australian made, totally SAFE and the perfect, all natural teething toy for your little one! This wooden teether makes a lovely gender neutral gift for a new baby or addition to a nursery
Grab yours now for only $14.95 with free postage!


This is an everyday occurrence here 🤦🏻‍♀️


When clever stockists make play gym toys using our star teether 👏🏻
@tinymoonsaustralia just gorgeous! 🌟


B u m p s // A teething baby needs textured surfaces to relieve sore gums - our citrus fruits offer this with seed shaped bumps on the back. Featured here is our lime citrus, certain to brighten a teething babes day 🍈 #LWforkids


#DramaQueen 😂 Is that an occupation???


Sharing a room... who’s kids do?? We have been planning this for such a long time.. and we decided to bite the bullet and move them in together... but it was an epic fail 🙈 Any tips please send them my way!!
📷 @domain.living


Teething! #ItSucks
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Our star teether reaching way up where it hurts. When did your little ones get their first toothy peg... or are they yet to get one??? Is it bad I can’t remember exactly when mine got theirs... 😱#IShouldHaveRecordedIt