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Last day of the Get Stretchy #getstretchyeveryday challenge! But the videos will stay up until Wednesday so if you want to learn about yoga, flexibility, breathing and meditation then sign up with the link in my bio now and get access to all 7 videos until Wednesday.
This tutorial is Beginner’s CAMEL 🐪 ✅❌. _____
Do ✅:
• Keep hands on low back to lengthen low spine and work on lifting sternum and heart up to sky
• Press into the balls of toes for stability
• Lift up through sternum and chest to create space and length
• Lengthen spine and back of neck
* Lift fronts of thighs and lower belly up
• Knees are hips distance apart, shins are either parallel or big toes touch
🤔 There are always exceptions to all of these points here, like extreme back bending when the knees do point outward, but when starting it’s important to keep safe alignment before experimenting with other variations
Don’t ❌:
• Hands on low back are pushing hips forward
• Shoulders and neck tense and not allowing spine to lengthen
• Pose is unsupported by feet
• No lift happening through the sternum and chest and upper spine
• Butt is clenching and creating external rotation in the thigh bones, which is putting a dangerous amount of pressure on the low back!! ❌😱❌. ________
Outfit always by my favorite @aloyoga 💕🙏🏼 #aloyoga #yogatutorial #camelpose


Wow, this ice bath at the @xptlife is one heck of a mind trick!!! Have you done this?? Or comment below if you would ever do this! As soon as I got in my mind panicked and said “get the hell out of here!” The trainers @bryanediaz and @coachpjnestler reminded me to focus on my breath, so i closed my eyes, focused on my 3rd eye point, and slowly (very slowly), the pain went away. I’ll post the whole video in my IGTV.
I did this bath 3 times, I did 3-4 minutes on the first two times, then on the third time I did a 15 second underwater hold (talk about brain freeze!!!). It hurt so bad haha. In between we would sit in a 220 degree sauna for 15-20 min. It was mentally very hard to get myself back into the bath each time, but I just had to decide that’s what I’m doing and not give into all my whims and fears.
There are so many benefits to ice baths and cold showers, like hormone balancing, faster recovery, and better peak performance. Not to mention the feeling you get when you renegotiate with your mind over and over and over again, telling yourself the pain isn’t forever, and you make it out the other end - you feel like you can do anything. You realize you’re in control of yourself. I’ve been really into meditating and training like this to open my mind to all possibilities in my life. Reprogramming my brain to a system that serves me, instead of getting stuck in a train of thought that leads to limits, blockages and fear. Make up stories about yourself that manifests what you want in your life. Challenge yourself everyday to do something that’s uncomfortable, and prove to yourself over and over again that you can do it, you can live your dreams.
Thank you @gabbyreece and @lairdhamiltonsurf for training us in your @xptlife! Not only are they star athletes but they’re kind and genuine people too! Everyone check out @xptlife and learn more about their training.


CRESCENT POSE for Day 6️⃣ of the @getstretchy #getstretchyeveryday challenge! We’re opening our feet, thighs, and hip flexors in today’s challenge video. Im hearing how so many of you are experiencing less pain in your body, less stress in your mind, and a calmer more fulfilled state of being from just 10-15 minutes of yoga practice a day. We’ve barely just dabbled in what’s possible for your body and mind. So stay tuned because I’ve got something for you in these next couple of days that will allow you to continue growing and opening up all that is possible for you.
Today’s theme is community because when I rise you rise, and when you rise, I rise. Ive been so touched by the 1000s of people participating in this challenge, energetically creating positivity in the world and taking action towards a healthy body and mind. Together we are a force of high vibration that is spreading like 🔥🔥🔥 Let’s continue to lift each other up, cheer each other on, because when we feel supported and loved by our community we’re able to taking bigger risks in life and live the life of our dreams! 🙌🏽🔥 Comment below: what does community mean to you? .
Click the link in my bio to join us for these last few days. Plus you do not want to miss what I have coming up very soon. WINNERS of the prizes will be announced monday, challenge videos will be taken down Wednesday. 😘.
Link to sign up 👉🏼 https://www.actionjacquelyn.com/get-stretchy-challenge


WHY DO YOU STRETCH? Comment below and share!! 💕 I asked everyone for the @getstretchy #getstretchyeveryday challenge why Flexibility is important to you, and I asked this because it’s important to understand why you’re doing something. This is what is going to keep you going on those days that you just don’t feel like doing anything. It’s also a chance for you to dig deeper into yourself and get to know what drives you. The more intimate you are with yourself the better choices you’ll make in your life and the more you’ll be able to bring things into your life that fulfill you.
So why is my flexibility training important to me? Because I feel truly free and open. Limitations are removed and I’m free to be me. When I’m flexible on my mat I’m flexible off my mat too. Allowing myself to enjoy the ups and in life. When I’m stretching I’m fully present and it’s my time to take care and show gratitude for the one body i have to live in. Stretch, Breathe, Thrive.
I’m loving ALL of the challenge psot, I’ve received so many emails and messages from people saying that they are discovering how amazing it feels to incorporate 10-15 minutes of stretching into their lives. Continue to cultivate a home practice and you’ll see how magically your life will begin to be operating in your favor.
We have 3 days left! Winners are announced on Monday, and then videos come down on Tuesday, so take advantage of all the material NOW! And you can still sign up if you haven’t yet and have a Stretchy weekend :) link in bio, or link right here: https://www.actionjacquelyn.com/get-Stretchy-challenge


Day 4️⃣ of the @getstretchy #getstretchyeveryday challenge is forward fold! In your challenge video, you will learn how to open your hamstrings, calves, and feet!! We all need to stretch, and a few minutes - even just 5 minutes - is better than 0 minutes! Click the link in my bio to join us if you haven’t yet, because the challenge videos are only available during the challenge, so get in now and learn how you can create space in your body, improve your flexibility and mobility, and up-level your mindset for a positive life! Because you’re worth it. And Because when you stretch and breath, for even just a few minutes each day, you give your body the chance to recover and thrive, you relieve tension and pain, and you prevent injuries from happening - because a lot of injuries are caused from tightness! 😱 So join us now and start stretching today (Link in bio).
... ...
TELL ME... what is your #1 challenge when you’re trying to improve your flexibility and mobility? 🤔 Leave a comment below! Im looking forward to hearing from you...


HAMSTRING / CALF / FOOT Flexibility is our focus for today as we asses and expand our bodies in Downward Facing Dog for Day 3️⃣ of the @getstretchy #getstretchyeveryday Challenge!! Yesterday we were fearless warriors, and today we’re filliping our perspectives to look at life from a new lens - a lens of love 💕. (Swipe right for some beautiful yogis participating in the challenge from around the world!)
When we rearrange our perspective, we change the way we feel the way we harbor old angry energy, and instead STREEETTTCHHH into our most elevated selves. Love your body, love your soul, love your decisions, love your life, and the rest fall into place.
Downdog Do’ & Don’ts:
❌Dont compensate by rounding your spine if you are tight.
✅ Instead, bend he knees slightly, and lengthen and strengthen the spine, then work daily to open up the legs, feet and calves.
In today’s video I explain in detail about how to effectively use this pose for your advantage, and which stretches you can do to take your flexibility in your hamstrings to the next level. Click the link in my bio to join because once the challenge is over the videos are gone! So take advantage of this FREE flexibility challenge while you can.
Sign up with the link in my bio, or right here: https://www.actionjacquelyn.com/get-Stretchy-challenge
Outfit by @aloyoga
#getstretchy #getstretchychallenge


Cultivate flexibility and claim your power in Warrior II today!! Swipe right to some of the fearless warriors participating in the challenge. Comment below if you’re joining us today and tag a friend to join in, it’s not too late. Plus I added a few more prizes!!! Click the link in my bio to see what they are...
Today’s pose is WARRIOR II! In today’s challenge video you will learn (sent to you via email):
1️⃣ How to asses your body in Warrior II to understand YOUR body’s tight areas
2️⃣ Which Stretches you can do to improve your range of motion specially in the areas that YOU are right
3️⃣ Breathing Meditation for recovery, improved performance, and a calm mind.
Benefits of WARRIOR II:
✨ Opens external hips, strengthens legs and balance, improves posture, cultivates powerful presence
Stretching just a few minutes a day means big transformations long term: less pain, less injuries, more flexibility, more range of motion, easier functional movement like picking things up or squatting down, more energy, better performance for athletes.
Only 10 minutes a day, sign up NOW for our 7 day free challenge, link in bio or go to this link here:


Day 1️⃣ of#getstretchyeveryday challenge has officially begun!! Comment below if you’re joining us today. Then swipe right to see some beauties who already posted for the challenge!
Today’s pose is TREE POSE! In today’s Challenge, you will learn:
1️⃣ How to use Tree Pose to understand YOUR body’s tight areas
2️⃣Which Stretches you can do to improve your range of motion specifically in the areas that YOU are tight
3️⃣Breathing meditation for recovery, improved performance, and a calm mind.
Benefits of TREE POSE:
✨ Opens external hip rotation, stretches front hip flexors, strengthens stabilizer muscles, and grounds your energy.
I’m so inspired by the 1000’s that have committed to taking action towards elevating their mind, body and soul over these next 7 days! Together we will cultivate more range of motion, awareness of your breath and how to use it for even more flexibility, plus a calmer mind. Maybe you're an experienced yogi, or maybe you're brand new and trying this yoga thing on for size - either way you will benefit from learning how to incorporate a stretching routine into your daily life. Remember, it’s the little daily actions you take that compound over time to make significant transformations in your life.
Stretching just a few minutes each day means: Less pain, less injuries, more flexibility, more energy, better performance.
And this challenge should take you only about 10 minutes each day. So sign up NOW if you haven’t yet, Link is in my bio, or go to this link here: https://www.actionjacquelyn.com/get-Stretchy-challenge


Open your hips, free yourself from tightness pain fatigue, and get the flexible and mobile body you once had. We are all born with flexibility, and then life takes over and we get stuck in our desks, we lift heavy things without properly stretching after, or we just don’t move at all!! That leads to pain, injury, fatigue, brain fog, and low performance.
Starting Monday, the 7 Day Get Stretchy challenge begins, and this is your opportunity to stretch with me, and 1000s of others in the @getstretchy community (#getstretchyeveryday), and see how it feels when you give your body the chance to open up, slow down, breath, and RECOVER. It’s only 10 minutes a day, and overtime those 10 minutes a day will mean less tension in your low back, easier mobility to pick up your kids or groceries, decreased pain overall, and closer towards touching toes and doing the splits. Click the link in my bio to sign up now!! We start Monday..
If you’re already signed up tag a few friends below to join us!!! Sharing is caring 💕.
Link 👉🏼 https://www.actionjacquelyn.com/get-stretchy-challenge


I debated a lot on whether or not I post this pic, thinking it’s not yoga enough, or that people might think I’m just showing off, or just whatever other story I have in my head about the judgments people make on me. But like @mariannewilliamson said my playing small does not serve the world, and the biggest lesson I have learned this year is that I played small a lot in my life when it comes to exposing myself, my real self. I play big and take risks in other ways, but sometimes I keep myself hidden and small for fear of not being liked or judged. We all share this fear, so everyday I’m working towards letting my light shine, loving all aspects of myself, and getting out of my own way. Can you relate? Comment below and let me know. ✨.
Also sign up for the 7 Day @getstretchy challenge and get that flexible body that you once had, it’s free and fun, plus I’m giving you a mini crash course video on mediation that i know you’ll love. We start Monday. Link in bio. 🧘🏼‍♀️💕 Link to sign up 👉🏼 https://www.actionjacquelyn.com/get-Stretchy-challenge ....
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Stretch, breathe, thrive. A simple formula to tap into your body and soul for ultimate recovery, self care and peak performance.
That’s why I’m giving you a FREE 7-Day @getstretchy Challenge!! 7 videos, 10 min or less each day, straight to your inbox (Did I mention it’s free??).
Prevent pain caused by tightness from happening, and empower yourself to take your health into your own hands. Just a few minutes of stretching each day will compound over time to make the difference between you getting injured or not, between you feeling fatigued or energized, or you performing at the top of your game or not.
Sign up for the Get Stretchy 7 day Challenge now, we start together on Monday. Comment below with an “I’m in” to let me know and tag a friend to share the love.
LINK IN BIO or here 👇🏼.


7 days of STRETCHing, BREATHing, and THRIVIng in the @getstretchy Free Challenge (Link in bio). ...
Yes it can be that simple to thrive. Are you experiencing pain, fatigue, tiredness?? You don’t have to live like that. Take action and take your health into your own hands with the @getstretchy free challenge. Moving, stretching, and breathing is the best thing you can do for your body, mind, and soul to operate at its fullest potential.
What would life be like if you felt Free in your body everyday? Free of pain. Connected to yourself. In tune with what your body needs. Well it’s possible.
Join me for a FREE 7 day challenge where we will free your body from tightness and pain with daily stretching. Deeply connect with your body through mindful assessments. Tune in to yourself with intentional breathing meditations. Doing all of this, in less than 10 minutes a day, will allow you to heal, release, recover, restore and THRIVE!!
Let’s create the loving space for your body to thrive.
Click the link in my bio right now to join for free. Receive 1 yoga flexibility and breathing training video each day of the challenge to your inbox. We begin Monday, July 16. You can be from any country.
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