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"A radical approach to portraiture...Transforming 3D reality into 2D abstraction." - VICE •
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Mango Lassi @dontworryitssheila


My work on @arianagrande’s #giaw video was inspired by this awesome series I created with the amazing @dontworryitssheila


The creativity of @arianagrande’s fans in reinterpreting her body painting blows me away! My idea for painting her on a liquid canvas grew out of my collaboration with @dontworryitssheila So cool to see how the seed of inspiration grows, evolves, and passes on! Check out this amazing fan art for #godisawoman #giaw


Some stills from this awesome music video for @ArianaGrande's #GodIsAWoman, had so much fun painting this incredibly beautiful, talented woman!
#arianagrande #alexameade #giaw @dave_meyers @freenjoy @dontworryitssheila


@arianagrande thank you for being such an incredible, inspiring woman to paint and have as the greatest muse! You’re unbelievably talented and you bring so much light into the world! It’s been a huge honor #giaw #godisawoman @dave_meyers @freenjoy @dontworryitssheila 📷 by @alfredoflores


Here’s a snippet of my collab with @ArianaGrande, “God is a woman” inspired by my work with @dontworryitssheila.
The video, directed by @dave_meyers and produced by @freenjoy came out incredible!
Watch it now, #linkinbio
#arianagrande #giaw @sweetener | #repost @arianagrande


“God is a woman” is out now! What an inspirational collaboration with @arianagrande, inspired by my work with @dontworryitssheila.
Directed by @dave_meyers and produced by @freenjoy.
Watch now! #linkinbio
#arianagrande #giaw @sweetener


Behind the scenes of my collab with @arianagrande in her new video, “God is a woman”, inspired by my work with @dontworryitssheila.
The video, directed by @dave_meyers, comes out in an hour! 📷 by @alfredoflores
#staytuned #arianagrande #giaw @sweetener #linkinbio


Omg! So excited that my collab with @arianagrande is coming out tonight! inspired by my work with @dontworryitssheila #staytuned #giaw @sweetener 📷 by @alfredoflores


Natural for the Apple


Modern Face @vincentlittlehat