Alexis Ren@alexisren

let me tell you about a girl

excited about planning my summer escape ☀️ where do you think I should go? I would love to meet some of you 😊


need to respond more and react less, hate letting external shit get to my inner peace


i love being your muse


It’s live 🥊 @renactive #renactive


new season coming your way on 5/16 @renactive #renactive


wearing a dress finally in memory of mom 🌹 i miss her smile and warmth everyday


wanna be fashionable but i really love sweatpants


36th floor


Happy gal cause I’m staying true to my values and bridging worlds together 🇯🇵 #suppin


i wonder how in such a short time you’ve managed to take my heart


we want real, yet perfect, candid but perfectly captured. We want all of it and none of it. We want the truth, but conditionally. We want someone to look up to, someone that looks like they figured out this life thing better than us, who doesn't feel lonely, or get sick, or gets constipated and has perfect hair 24/7. We want to know it's possible, but we crave for connection and the relatability of one human to another. Those don't go hand in hand. I am not fucking perfect, but I’ve spent my life trying to be


im falling for Japan and its people, thinking of making it one of my homes


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