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SLEEK, SEXY AND SUPER SOPHISTICATED! The Makers of @BangEnergy Introduce the World’s First Carbonated Ketone Beverage called, Meltdown 1 KETO.
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The ultra-delicious and super refreshing Meltdown beverage contains a potent 7,500 mg blend of four ketones. Research supports the capability of supplemental ketones to increase mental focus, enhance energy, and improve body composition when consumed on an empty stomach in conjunction with exercise. .
Meltdown 1 KETO benefits may be enhanced when used in conjunction with The Bang Anti-Diet and other low carb diets such as, ketogenic and carnivore diets. .
Other potent ketone enhancing supplements include KETONZ and STRAIGH 8. .
Ketones are naturally produced in the body after consuming an ultra-low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet over an extended period of time. However, it can take many weeks for this to occur. Low carb dieting required for natural ketosis can also cause undesired side effects such as, muscle loss, strength loss, fatigue, irritability, and reduced exercise performance. .
Last time I checked Ketosis and Ketogenic Diets ARE NOT A RELIGION! So, please don’t go into a tailspin and get your Calvin’s all in a bunch when I point out some of the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF KETOGENIC DIETING. Research has proven that when carbohydrate intake is too low for four days or longer 3 BAD THINGS HAPPEN:
Loss of Muscle
Decrease in Performance
Decrease in Strength
. *PLEASE SEE SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES BELOW and read these Refs. before embossing yourself keeping in mind that this page is for brilliant individuals only. My goal is to teach you how to effectively take advantage of Ketosis without experiencing any drawbacks. I’m on your side! .
When taken on an empty stomach, Meltdown®️ 1 KETO results in an immediate and significant increase in blood ketone levels without the side effects described above. Test subjects taking KETONZ and Meltdown 1 KETO experienced a massive increase in blood ketones and metabolic rate! .
*Vandoorne T et al. Intake of a Ketone Ester Drink during Recovery from Exercise Promotes mTO


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