amy taylor@amsies

props + sets + dolly parton πŸ’« repped by @redeyereps
🌴 LA + NY πŸ—½

this is my extremely handsome, young and talented friend @gregoryapowell πŸ‘†πŸ»just a few short weeks ago, gregory went to the dentist thinking he had TMJ. unfortunately, what they found was a malignant tumor, and he was ultimately diagnosed with stage IV adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC). like me, gregory is a freelance prop stylist and set designer, and is now facing the very real financial and emotional burden of this overwhelming news β€” all without health insurance. please consider donating to his gofundme (link in bio) to help lighten his load, it would mean a lot to us all ❀️


TFW your dog has a better social life than you do πŸ˜‚ thank you for taking carol to another summer BBQ while mommy was at work, auntie shee shee! @myfavouritenoun


i wore this dress tonight and it reminded me of when @meghanmcneer and i were in @apartmenttherapy years ago πŸ‘‹πŸ» since then, she’s transformed the place into something way more fab β€” a true reflection of her role as visual director @dominomag πŸ“’ N-E-WAYZ i miss cohabiting with my wonderful and creative and inspiring true blue πŸ’™ can’t wait for our european adventure in september!!!!


honestly? i live with a teddy bear


when i was little, i always thought if you owned a second refrigerator, that meant you were rich. small though it may be, this baby is a sign that i’ve truly made it ✨


carol making this face with her crooked smile and her little hair flower and her new haircut makes me want to die because it’s too much πŸ’”


turns out, there ARE angels on earth ✨


just a reminder that if you combine @myfavouritenoun’s hair and my costumery we are literally miss colleen from dog show πŸΆπŸ’…πŸ» (also this @everyoutfitonsatc event is still like one of the best nights of my life)


this is what not having a serious human-man relationship in five years looks like, NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW!!!!!


no more pencils! no more books! no more teacher's dirty looks! πŸ““


a barbie, a gingerbread man and a clown walk into a bar #vintageamytay #tbt


big love for these women and these dogs ❀️ 3/4 of which are tuesday’s 😎