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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

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Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

Being in front of the lens has taught me a lot about myself over the last few years. A lot about imbalances in my practice, habits with my body language, my facial expressions etc.
Sometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow and other times my smile melts my heart and I feel immense pride in my presence.
This image for instance.
Apparently this is how I naturally stand while getting something out of my eye 😹🤷🏽‍♀️💪🏼 I think, years ago I would have been insecure about my stance. Aggressive. Strong. “Too strong” Maybe I would have even classified it as manly... basically anything but positivity.
But this aubry looks at this image and feels proud. I smile at my unique way of being. I love my strength and confidence. I feel gratitude. And for that my god I am grateful.
Oh- and @johnonelio thanks for being a badass and always getting the best candids.


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

This platform never ceases to remind me how misunderstood we all are.
How when I speak, the words change from the time they leave my mouth to the time they hit another’s ear.
The shade of green I see is not the same as yours- or his or hers.
It makes me wonder- just how much of what we say is in fact “understood” the way we intended.
In fact- even this image looks different from screen to screen, phone to phone. I edited it on my iPhone 7+, air dropped it to my new iPhone and it was hyper saturated with an orange-ish tint 🤷🏽‍♀️ So what then?
Well- be the most bold and true-to-you version of yourself.
Those who it does not resonate with will fade away and those who internalize your presence and create beauty will grow even closer.
Thank you. I love you.

Photo by @johnonelio


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I’m not up on “pop culture” or who’s who in the world of pointless bullshit- but... I feel like l owe a thank you to the kardashians. They made having a curvy ass acceptable, no- “cool” NO- desired!
J Lo tried- but the world wasn’t ready.
When I was younger my thick eyebrows and big butt weren’t the “in thing” nope.
I was called Freida(kahlo) and “ghetto booty”

Yet. Here I am 20 years later and people are altering their natural state to get booty and eyebrow implants.

Here’s the thing though you guys- THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY IS EVIL AF and by “their” standards you’ll never be good enough.
It changes and changes and changes to keep you spending. Seeking.
What’s crazy though- is that if you watch the trends they flip flop and bounce back and forth and I bet- I FUCKING BET. If you’re patient enough- exactly who YOU are will be the IT thing before long.
Be your own damn influencer.
Own YOU. And all the things that make YOU YOU.

I’m just over here patiently waiting for that super flat upper lip to be “cool” again. #aliciasilverstone #JuliaRoberts #calistaflockhart #2030 #soclose #selfie


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You’ve heard someone successful attribute a portion of their success to luck right?
Well- that luck, in a big way stems from simply putting yourself in a space where luck can occur.
And that’s so much more simple than you’d think.
Connections are priceless- imagine- you could meet your future business partner, lover or best friend by simply taking a walk!
If you’re like me it’s SO FUCKING EASY to hibernate and label it “elevated”... “self care” or claiming “alone time is important”... while those things are true it’s all a BALANCE && I know in my heart when I’m settling for less.
Still learning to act on it quickly.
So. Today, join me. Get the fuck up. Get outside. Switch up the routine. Say hi to that person who catches your eye.
Thank you, I love you.
Wearing @aloyoga // photo by the epic @johnonelio


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We swing ropes and kettlebells making up for the stagnation.

Create diets to compensate.
Food- No, precious life packaged in styrofoam- one swipe away from the dinner table and probably the trash.
Lay, sit, stand- repeat.
Our neighbors aren’t our community or tribe- just strangers occupying one of the many identical boxes.
The facade of beauty and youth fuel an evil industry that drives us... lose your smile working for money to buy a cream that promises to remove the frown lines you picked up along the way?
All along we just needed to feel needed, loved.
Run, run the opposite direction, we are.
You’re enough. Always have been. You’re home.
You ARE home.
Connected. Needed.
Feeling down? Less than? Stagnant? Disconnected? Irrelevant?
Go find someone who needs YOU today. Give a hug, your time and energy, food, vulnerability.
Seek connection by means of service and feel your heart unravel.
Photo by @johnonelio


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

As requested- a video of me getting into my last post. Which was from October of last year and I’m pretty sure I’ve only done this pose 2 or 3 times since then. So, THANK YOU! Thank you for the never ending inspiration- I fucking love you guys. I often think about how far I’ve come because of this platform, because of you guys. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you I love you I love you.


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

You can have it all, everything- so much faster than you ever expected.
Start by adjusting your idea of everything.


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

I am love
I am loved
I am open to the infinite love and possibilities that are moments away.
I attract beautiful opportunities and connections.
I am a conduit for love and energy- the more I receive the more I give and the more I receive.
Find a quiet space, a moment for yourself. Repeat these words 3 times (preferably out loud) Say them with conviction. Say them with love. Say them with a smile. Say them like you know the universe is conspiring to help you make magic.
Now close your eyes and listen.


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

I(love)you ——————
only love exists between you and I


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

“Reflect upon this simple statement.
He who is of few needs and easy to serve swiftly finds peace, and is already close to happiness.
The more complicated we make ourselves,
the more complicated is our idea of ourselves.
The more we perceive our needs to be,
the more of a burden we will be to this planet,
while we spend our time here pursuing those needs.

The truth is: the only real needs are food, shelter and
Everything else is a bonus.
One who is content with food, shelter and companionship
treads lightly on this world, and swiftly gets to the point
where there is something to give back.
But one who is not content with that, and who feels they
need an extraordinarily elaborate array of things in their
life to feel their life is meaningful makes an awful ruckus in
their time upon this planet.

Somebody asked me, 'Do we all have inside us that pure
part, that pure consciousness?'
The answer is yes.” Words from Exit by @mtwolfofficial


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

Today I got my yoga and climbing in at the same time 😹🙊


Aubrymarie ✨ i (love) you

When I hear someone say “yea but that’s everyone’s dream” or “yea- but they are already doing it”

A- my heart breaks and B- my brain is so confused.

Are you not worthy of similar dreams?
And ok- THEY are already doing it hu? Well they are already living- eating, sleeping, playing, loving, blinking, laughing- should you stop doing those things too?
Fuck that.
It’s just another layer of excuses.
Drop it and thrive.
Yes, you too.
Photo by @lukewooden for @aloyoga holiday line w/ @findingmorgantyler