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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

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Mmmmm quickly falling in love with the slackline... does anyone have one and wanna play tomorrow?
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Personal motto: Safety third.
But only personally. Protect friends (@nadii_a )at all costs. 😹🤦🏻‍♀️ even if it means a face plant. audio on cause the sound my body makes hitting the ground is hilarious.
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What if on some dimension or form existence beyond our comprehension- “they speak” of earth like “hey- have you human’ed before?” And everything we know to be truth is simply just a blip. An experience. A game. How would you hope to play it? Me? I’d say- like a kid with a healthy balance of innocent passion and competition. Led by love- leaving little bursts of connection and love with each successful interaction. I’d be so much myself- that I would help others find the permission to do the same- to experience bliss and love. I(LOVE)YOU. It’s just a game. Play play play.
Song- eye in the sky by @handmademomentsmusic
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Whenever I have the opportunity to meet someone who performs I selfishly already have my main questions on deck.
I want their perspective on fear.
The answers are always worth writing down, but occasionally you meet someone who speaks your “language” and the answer hits home(heart). On fear, worthiness and mistakes @rabbicultjah gave me this “I stand for the possibility of _________” Fill in the blank and figure out what you need to do to live into that statement. You want to change the world by spreading peace (love & connection)? Put in the work, show up, be you- change even one life and the mistakes, fumbles, self doubt—they don’t matter. I fucked up plenty tonight, and you know what? No one noticed.” Thank you. I love you.
Oh and your acro game is aaaaalmost as strong as your saxophone game!


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Flying @iflysandiego gets better every damn time. But THIS time was exponentially better because of @j_noww and @eddiereiter thank you thank you thank you.
I fucking love you guys.
5th tandem down, 5 tunnel sessions under my belt. What do you guys think- should just go ahead and get my AFF license already?! 🙊☀️🐒😬


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So. If we can drop this idea of fragility, fear or even the desire to control- we see, all of a sudden you are (and always have been) LIMITLESS.
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My butt @zennikky -you were touching my butt. *audio on 😹🍑🐒


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Ok yea, I know it’s a cherry tomato but that hashtag would be too long and way less fun 😼😹🍒🍅 So. Do you even scapula bro?
Try it. Post it. Tag me and add the # to your post!! Xoxo


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Anyone else do the foot/ankle thing at the beginning when they were a kid?😹🤤 Here’s the flow from yesterday’s alien pose screenshots 👽 💚 except in this video I used some props to brace my wrists and get a little deeper.
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It doesn’t happen magically.
Nothing does really- it’s always the result of seemingly unnoticed hard work, intention, love, sweat and tears.
Even the miracles. So remember that next time you feel stuck. Down. Helpless. Unnoticed. A miracle IS in the works.
Start now, start again (or keep fucking going 😼) because you’re on the path! And one day- that shiny, unreachable thing so far in the distance? It’ll be long behind you 💎💪🏼 *top image is the first time my body went into this pose today and the bottom is about 40 minutes later. I did this pose yesterday (bottom) and over night I was back to the top image! Imagine what happens in your body after a month off or maybe even a lifetime? NOW imagine where you’ll be in a month 🔮✌🏼💚🤞🏼 #thankyouiloveyou


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Greys Anatomy, Survivor, Dexter.
What do these series have in common?
Well they are all long as fuck AND I watched them in their entirety over the course of about 3 months. Years ago, I was living in the tenderloin in San Francisco. It was rainy season and I was deeply depressed. I Netflixed and slept most of my days.
Some days- the only thing that would get me out of bed is to feed max.
I’m nowhere near that space now. Oh, thank god. BUT. I can still feel the pull, the lethargy and isolation that could so easily bring me back to the darkest places. That painbody that’s been with me as long as “I” can remember.
So. As a conscious human I know what my next steps are. I don’t know what 10 years down the road holds- but I do know what I need to do today. So peace out @netflix membership hello moments spent moving and breathing instead 💚🙏🏼☀️#joinme #thrive #thankyouiloveyou


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I recently made the decision to smash my bong. Cause A- I’m 30 and a bong is a solid commitment to being a stoner and B- I’m removing distractions from my life.
Today- I’m canceling my Netflix membership and donating that money instead (I urge you to consider the same.) Eckhart writes about the the painbody and how it cannot renew or strengthen when we are present.

And well. God damnit *EDIT* God blessed- (cause one of you amazing people called me out on that and I really liked it 💚🙏🏼thank you. I love you) I’m ready to lighten my painbody and evolve my soul, truly. For every bit we are present we effectively lessen the weight, brighten the darkness.
Will I ever smoke again? Watch another movie? Duh. But it’s the idea of reshaping habits day in and day out- who are you?
Are you happy with your current state? If not- switch it up baby- you’re the director of THIS movie.