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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

You’ve been my best friend, love and inspiration for years now.
And now you’re my partner. Life’s a trip.
Let’s always play, challenge, love and even fight with our whole hearts. @matthewdilorenzo


Meditation, for me seems to leave this... cliche taste in my mouth almost before I begin talking about it. We’ve got one group acting holier than-thou touting their practice about. Another group acting as if it’s this mystical practice with confines, steps and way too many dos and don’ts. We’ve got those who try it on as an accessory- but really only wear it when it looks good. And let’s not forget “influencers” on @instagram who just discovered meditation 3 years and won’t shut the fuck up about it- even post silly photos of myself... I mean herself 🙊😬 pretending to meditate.
Cause you know, content.
I fucking love it. All of it.
Because you know what?
It means we are on the path, we are going somewhere.
So yea- talking about meditation can feel cliche. Fuck- sometimes even doing it can feel silly.
But that doesn’t make it any less vital To our happiness. To our evolution.

I love you.
Photo by @lukewooden // wearing @aloyoga


I am not afraid to be your villain
I am not afraid to show you
the darkness
you have inside of yourself.
Tag someone who reminds you- it’s better to be real than perfect 🌈🖤💚
The truest words by @jannerobinson
Wearing @aloyoga
Photo by @matthewdilorenzo


I think the ocean is trying to tell me something (wait for it) 🤣🌊


Just over here enjoying the rain- patiently waiting for the rainbow 🌈 ☔️


I just want to be @stefaniemillinger when I grow up 🤣🤯💚 but really tho- go have your mind blown, she’s incredible.


My best friend and lover took this photo a few days ago.
We’ve been trying for years to figure out our communication with everyday tasks, let alone clear and productive communication during a creative collaboration... If I’m really honest, I think EVERY single attempted photoshoot resulted in a fight, bruised egos and hurt feelings.
Our story is a long, long one with all the love, drama, passion, breaks, other partners- you name it (I’ll cover that- another time when the words flow a little easier)
Anyway- It turns out- we simply didn’t speak each others language yet. It makes me think of a quote “I hope you find someone who speaks your language so you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your soul.” I guess I’m not sure if now we speak each other’s language or if after all this time we created one just for us.
Photo by @matthewdilorenzo
Wearing @aloyoga


“Your value of self worth reminds me its acceptable to view myself as a queen”

Well g’damn. Thank you. I love you.
I needed that reminder, I think we all do. Because those words created an immediate imprint on my brain and I believe, soul.

Girl, you ARE a fucking queen. So am I.
And so are YOU, you who is reading these words (ok maybe you see yourself as more of a king, but you get it)

Now- I know, it can sound cliche and worn out- but read and re read it with compassion, try to hear it with naive ears... you’re an actual miracle! Right now. Your cells... lungs, abs or rolls, your unique perspective- ALL OF IT.
An actual, literal miracle.
Live like it, unapologetically.

If you’re curious, I’m wearing the cage legging by @aloyoga UNDER my denim. Thank you music festivals for showing me that dressing “normal” is boring AF.
#imintospiritualshit #beagoddess #aloyoga
Photos by @matthewdilorenzo


Do you guys notice how sometimes it seems like “I have all the answers” as if my page is a place for wisdom with a touch of grace while at other times I’m silent? I’m twerking or even writing about my depression?
Well, first of all- hello human experience 👋🏼 *and anyone who pretends otherwise is feeding you (and more than likely themselves) a bunch of bullshit 🤷🏻‍♀️ FEEL that full spectrum. Happy? Sad? Pissed off? Go there. Learn what you can and come back to home base a more well rounded human being.

Next. Take as much time as you need to fill your cup up- you’ll know when what you want to share is ready to be shared- making the 3 gates of speech part of my subconscious has helped immensely.

Anyway- thank you to those of you who have checked in- I’m good. So good. Just riding the wave that is life and allowing my words to build up until they form something beautiful enough for you guys 💚☀️🙏🏼 Thank you, I love you.


Show us how you MOVE on your mat! Join us for our 7-day #AloMovesChallenge!! 3 winners get the chance to win $100 to, a 3-month subscription to @alo.moves & our luxe matte-black Warrior Mat. 
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On your mat, get set, FLOW!


My 2018 (life) yoga goals?
Continue to expand the moment between stimuli and response.
Familiarize the silence and try to understand the power within nothing at all.
#aloyoga #yogagoals


Are you a yoga teacher or athlete? Maybe an artist or a blogger? Do you need photos or a video?
Keep reading 💚☀️
Long before the reality of creating for @instagram I taught at @apple. I mostly taught older people how to reset passwords 🙄🙅🏻‍♀️ BUT my passion was video editing and photography. After Apple my passion turned to video- specifically creating music videos 🤤. Even as a kid- one time use film cameras mesmerized me. I guess you could say, I’ve always considered myself to be an artist. Somewhere along the way though- its become fairly routine, its become work... I don’t even remember the last time I went out with my camera just to capture.
Aside from diving back into my creativity- I also really want to give back and to connect. So. If you’re in San Diego and you need a little creative ninja to help out in any way- hit your girl up. Don’t be shy, please 💚☀️ and also let’s do email this time because DM’s are actually impossible to keep up with.
Photo by the super talented @johnonelio