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If you didn’t catch it in my last post- if I hadn’t fucked up and put the coolant in the windshield wiper reservoir it could have been even worse, causing damage to the engine.
Apparently, the wrong coolant in my VW is no good.
Makes me think of a Chinese proverb, it’s long but here’s a snippet.
Google it for the rest.
Absorb it. “One day, the horse ran away and their neighbors exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.” A few days later, the horse returned home, leading a few wild mares back to the farm as well. The neighbors shouted out, “Your horse has returned, and brought several horses home with him. What great luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.” Thank you. I love you.


Aubry Wiltcher

I woke up in San Diego- no coffee or almond milk in the house so I decided to spoil myself with coffee shop coffee.
The “check coolant light” comes on when I start my car.
My first stop was gas anyway so I asked about coolant (without doing any research, only trusting) I’m told all coolant is the same 😳🤷🏽‍♀️ buy the coolant, lift my hood and find the ball I was told to look for... the liquid doesn’t match and my eyes instinctively find the blue fluid... the windshield fluid 🤫🙊 fuck me. I poured about a 1/2 cup of coolant into the windshield fluid reservoir. I feel myself wanting to align with sadness or panic- thoughts like “you’ve broken your engine. That’s it” fill my head while another version of me simultaneously reassures me not to worry at all. That this happened for me- to stay optimistic and present.
So I counter those negative fantasies with wildly positive ones “you’re going to meet someone incredible. It’s going to change your life for the better” I let my mind run away with this happy version.

Next stop- mechanic to have it drained, I’m told the coolant reservoir is cracked and needs replacing as well. It’s going to take a few hours so I walk to the coffee shop. My jet lagged body feels like I’m moving through molasses.

At the coffee shop I run into an old coworker from @Apple. He tells me our old manager has passed away recently- sadness for her passing and immense gratitude for my health washes over me.
We continue to catch up- he works in Crypto and blows my mind. We talk about breathwork, life, psychology, marketing and synchronicity.

I left the coffee shop feeling grateful. Alive. Vibrant. Motivated. Awake. Energized... almost too much haha thanks espresso.

Hey life, I see you, thank you.
I love you. Thank you for the tests, adventures, connections and lessons, always.
Photo by the one of my new favorite humans and most talented @mterrisphoto // also pictured, one of my other new favorite humans @mariatreenyoga


Aubry Wiltcher

Morocco stole my heart in SO many ways.
But I’ve gotta say- I’m grateful to live in a country where I can wear, say and act however I want and it’s perceived as strength and self expression. #grateful


Aubry Wiltcher

30+ hours of travel?


Aubry Wiltcher

After a near death experience on what some San Diegan’s call “big Wednesday” I hadn’t surfed in probably 6 years.
It was like the ocean said “welcome home” 😭🙏🏽💚☀️🌴


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Everywhere I look my brain sees a photo. I see lines, texture, framing and composition, always. But here in Morocco its tenfold. Everything is so visually stimulating, the people are incredible and there’s a just a vibe here in Aourir. I’ve been a lot of places but, Morocco has QUICKLY moved its way to my top 5 favorites list.
Where’s one of your favorite places to travel and why?
Pictured @mariatreenyoga


Aubry Wiltcher

I’d say the “zen” in this photo is almost as fake as most of what you’ll find here on @instagram - moments later I broke to the surface gasping for air.
Looking at it sparks something in me and I’m called to talk about it.
When and WHY did fake/altered become what we want to keep up with or pretend to be?

You guys- you aren’t fooling anyone with your hyper smooth photos. Humans don’t look like that. Just stop.

I think it’s partly conditioning, almost like a game of telephone that’s gotten out of control. But also Hollywood and the shit show it’s created has always been fake as fuck and now everyday women and men feel pressure to be the images being shoved down our throats through beauty standards, TV, movies and advertisements... for fucks sake- WHY?! You guys NO ONE is paying us enough for all that bullshit. Let’s leave that to the movie stars who are at least being compensated to sell their soul.
Let’s take the internet back.
Uplift one another.
Maybe if you can be super brave and post the real you, a few of your friends will too and before we know we can all inspire one another to just drop the act.
Come on, let us see your wrinkles, your cellulite, your splotchy skin, your short eyelashes- not because they make you less than but because THATS THE REAL GOLD, the real art, the real beauty and freedom.
I love you and that’s not just a tag line or a cute way to end my rant.
Truly, I love you.
Because finally, I love me.
Won’t you love me back?


Aubry Wiltcher

Enlightenment today looks like- laughing at the me who used to play small while simultaneously laughing at the me who’s pretending that’s not still the case 👏🏽😅 #areyousettling #godknowsiam #wealldeservebetter photo by @_photobird_


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“Desire attained is in fact not desire at all” so enjoy this space- this moment right before everything works out.
Photo by one of my new favorite humans @_photobird_


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Obsessed with this start 🤤 v4/v5 also definitely on island time and not tired at all. Just a casual 12:05am post 😹😳


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Swipe through to see the various stages of editing- all on my iPhone.
You guys loved my IGtv photo capturing process and had quite a few questions.
I shoot with the @lumix GH4, I traded in my mkiii and expensive lenses for something I feel incredibly adventurous with. Meaning if I damage it, I’m not going to cry, lol.
You wanted to know how I get it to snap a time lapse- it’s an option on the GH4 and I think most other cameras.
Which apps do I use? Mostly- Snapseed, re_touch, VSCO and Lightroom- on my laptop.

Disclaimer- I *absolutely* photoshop my photos on occasion. But- ONLY in the instance there is something visually distracting that takes away from the image (a piece of trash, a pole that appears to be coming out of my butt, someone in the background etc) Never to make Me something I’m not, like make my waist smaller etc.

So- in this case I’d written this photo off because I accidentally left the frame (my bun) but today on my flight home I got bored and played- just to see if I could do it. Damn the iPhone is incredible.
I used @googlesnapseed to expand the photo, @touch_retouch to fix the distortion and clone my hair to create a bun and bun shadow, lastly- @vsco to edit the color etc.
Whatcha think?
What apps do you use that are a must download?


Aubry Wiltcher

Ever wondered what it looks like BTS of one of my solo photo shoots? Something like this.