Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

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I’m so fucking stoked to see and feel strength and flexibility in all things hips. It’s always been an area for tremendous growth and a big goal of mine- yet time and time again, 12 years worth of yoga asana and I would find myself falling back on my natural abilities, the easy (for my body) shit.
Splits class hurts. A lot. Like I’m somewhere between anger, tears and nausea the entire time. Except for frog pose, for the first time in my life it feels like coming home 🤤🙏🏽💚



A few days ago I was making eyes at this cute boy. Now... keep in mind I have pretty bad vision and never wear my glasses so I couldn’t tell he was holding a cigarette. So, I’m scoping the scene- he stands up, takes one last drag of his cigarette... as if that wasn’t gross enough, HE THROWS IT ON THE GROUND.
And casually walks away.
HE WAS STANDING 10ft from a trash can.
I went from wanting his number to wanting to bitch slap him.
Before I went to Bali I must have had some rosy tinted glasses on because I never thought the USA had problems with litter. Since returning home last March it’s all I see.
Today I went on a run with the intention of picking up every piece of trash I saw. Well- I could have filled up a full size kitchen trash bag on my three mile run. 😷😥
WTF you guys?
We all consume and we all hurt this earth a little- why be outright dick-ish about it?
Hold on to your trash until you can throw it away. Pick up others trash when you can. Maybe even consume a little less.
It’s so, super fucking simple. 😭😫😤



Like bodies of water that just haven’t met yet- we are all one.
The same, but different.
Yet- connected by our very nature.
Photo by @johnonelio



(It’s starting to seem like) “my back” gives out once a year.
It seizes up and forward folds are impossible. Any amount of compression is completely inaccessible while backbends are no problem.
It’s in those 2-5 weeks that I REALLY miss compression.
When I truly see the power, stability and strength that comes from compression.
When my back clears up the simplest things feel sooo good, like sitting in a ball and resting my chest against my thighs 🤤 it’s like coming home. *edit* My back is currently feeling great, I was referring to early November when poses like this one were simply impossible. Thank you for all of the love and suggestions!
Do me a favor- try some compression work right now. Sit down and prep for bent knee boat pose, hug your knees into your chest w/ feet floating. Release your arms but keep your knees in by driving your chest to knees, knees to chest. Not passively either- I like to imagine I’m trying to crush a grape between my nipple and knee 🙊😻 if the flexibility isn’t quite there add a prop between knee/chest to create sensation aaaand *maybe* you integrate the intention of compression next time you practice!
Photo by @johnonelio
Wearing @aloyoga



So it’s mid January and your New Years resolutions aren’t going as planned.

You’ve eaten the sugar, smoked the cigarette, skipped the workout, texted the fuck boy or wasted the time.
Guess what? That’s ok. Quite alright in fact. You are human and failure is only real if you stop trying.
And guess what?
As much as The First Of The Year is such a nice “line in the sand” every single breath, every moment is a new you- it’s through lack of awareness, conditioning, complacency/laziness and fear, we continue the same act again and again.
So wtf can you do about it now? Binge watch tv and fuck off for 350 days waiting for next year?
No. Start right now.
Sit in silence for 10 minutes and try this to start.
Big, full breaths.
Begin to grin.
Allow the grin to grow into a smile SO big your eyes squint.
Close your eyes.
Focus on the thought “only now is real” feel the smile relax into whatever emotion needs to surface- maybe you need a good fucking cry. Maybe you need to laugh. Maybe you need silence.
Now use THAT moment as your line in the sand. Get up, get off Instagram and take ONE step towards your goals.
I love you.



10 years ago 😹🙊🤦🏽‍♀️ 🍎



When I model for @aloyoga I often don’t see the images for months and months, until the new lines comes out- which is TOMORROW btw!

And. Every shoot one or two of the images makes me smile big. Fills me with pride. Shows me just how much hard work has gone into my physical practice.
For this shoot- this is one of the photos.
@aloyoga thank you for the never ending challenges, experiences and opportunities. @lukewooden thanks for the beautiful capture.
Thank you, I love you.



Just about time to get this touched up (ok its long overdue, the “you” is almost entirely gone)

You guys always ask- what does I(love)you mean?
Well I’m an artist and I’m very visual and almost always dreaming, imagining and for me- it creates a play on words visually/spatially.
By adding the ( ) to love it now says “only LOVE exists between YOU and I”

Only love is real.
We are one.
Love is all you need.
Love and all is coming.
Love will change the world.
More love.

Ps- would you get a tattoo in a living-room in Bali? 🙊😹🤷🏽‍♀️



you too, are miraculous ✨



Slightly different angles so it’s hard to compare really, but if you take some time you can see the shifts, the gained strength and the openings.
Look- every now and again I laugh at myself... wearing spandex, doing yoga for photos 😹🤷🏽‍♀️ *most of the time though I’m wildly passionate and proud*
But- I can say with 100% confidence my physical practice wouldn’t be anything like it is without the constant inspiration and motivation from this thing we call @instagram
Or without having images to SEE the progress. #grateful #letskeepgoing
Standing splits from 2015-Yesterday



I often ask students “why did you come to this class?
To get more flexible? Don’t waste your time- go to a contortion class.
Did you come here to build abs or a booty? Don’t waste your time- go lift some weights.
Or did you come to experience entropy and peace, movement and stillness all guided by your breath? Cool- you’re in the right place.” So I finally took my own advice and signed up for some flexibility/contortion classes at @sdcircuscenter 😻🙏🏽😈🤩🤤 So far I’ve fixed my low back pain, got my standing split back, got into THE deepest chin stand and frog pose ever. And oh yea, I’ve got goals. Hello center splits in 2019.
Oh, also- if you’re an early access kind of gal @aloyoga’s spring line is available early if you sign up for their email list.
Photo by @johnonelio



Where are we going in 2019?
No really- Kayla and I have a few spaces left in our Morocco retreat and I’m planning one, maybe two more for 2019.
So where are we going and what are we doing?
Climbing? Meditation? Yoga all day er’ day, Less yoga more play/adventure? Creativity?
I’m so excited to hear your ideas, inspirations and wanderlusts ✨🌈