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Babak Tafreshi

Cold by crystal clear. Moonlight reflects on the fresh snow in the Alborz Mountains of Iran, revealing signs of a wild life. In this single-exposure photograph from Feb 2017 stars of constellations Cassiopeia and Andromeda are in the sky. The little elongated halo at top-left is in fact Andromeda Galaxy, our neighboring cosmic island of one trillion stars, visible to the naked eye similar to this image, when you are far enough from city light.
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Babak Tafreshi

Known as the Balanced Rock near Moab in Utah, the exotic formation sits under the rising crescent moon in this single-exposure photograph. Note the Earthshine light also known as Da Vinci Glow. About 500 years ago he described it as sunlight reflected from the Earth shining on the night side of the moon.
Swipe left to see the rock in daytime. At 128 feet (39 m) height, it’s the size of a 12-story building.
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Babak Tafreshi

A brief winter day ends with this magnificent sunset over a fjord in the Norwegian Sea near Tromso, northern Norway (March 2013).
Typical for cold air is an atmospheric phenomenon known as the 22-degree halo around the sun (or the moon), caused by light refraction through small ice particles high in atmosphere. Also visible here is Sun Pillar, another optical effect in form of a vertical ray of light near sunrise or sunset.
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Babak Tafreshi

The next total lunar eclipse comes soon on Jan 20/21. Interested to plan for the best sky events to see and photograph during 2019 in the US and world-wide, starting with this great eclipse, join me in the next live webinar tomorrow Jan 10 at 1:00pm Eastern Time (10:00 am PT or 6:00 pm GMT). The recorded video will be delivered, if you are not available for the live show. I will also answer participant questions. (direct link in the profile)
Organized by Sky&Telescope, the world’s most respected astronomy magazine, I started these webinars 2 years ago and they answer some of the numerous questions I receive on how to photograph the night sky.
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Babak Tafreshi

A crown is forming. This is the most fantastic form of aurora, appearing overhead with fast moving rays and shapes. Typical green light is caused by solar particles colliding oxygen in Earth outer atmosphere, 100-300km above us. The purple is by particles that reach lower where nitrogen exist.
Join me in the Sep2019 Aurora Photo Tour to Iceland:

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Babak Tafreshi

The creatures of the night! Moonrise & silhouette of bizarre rock formations in Pinnacles, Western Australia. Walking between these amazing limestone formations at dark many patterns and face profiles show up which are invisible in bright daylight.
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Babak Tafreshi

The Milky Way’s bright core rises over salt production ponds next to the ocean. In May I will return to La Palma, Canary Islands, on my annual Astromaster night sky photography workshop. You are welcome to join me in this European paradise for stargazers and nature lovers. Both pro and beginners attend from around the world. For May 2019 two spots are now available: (or click the profile link)
Find more photos of the program on my featured story “Astromaster”.
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Babak Tafreshi

A stormy night above the Gulf of Oman and the city of Muscat, a few winters ago.
Enjoy the phone wallpaper on my today story. Hold your finger on the image until the icons disappear, then screenshot and save the fullscreen view.
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Babak Tafreshi

Where will you be this New Year’s Eve? This was a few years ago in Berlin. One of Europe’s largest celebration brings over a million people to Brandenburg Gate for a grand Silvester (German word for NYE). The third slide, sky on fire, is a long exposure image of the midnight fireworks.
With my warmest regards from Boston wish you a #happy2019, a year for more peace & understanding between us.


Babak Tafreshi

Swipe left to see this panoramic desert nightscape. I was waiting for this surreal moment, the last rays of the setting moon shining on the dunes. The sky became darker and filled with stars as the moon was approaching the horizon.
The Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park is a high elevation desert, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, and has the tallest sand dunes in the North America. Over tens of thousands of years since lakes in the valley receded, exposed sand was blown by mountain winds to form these unusually placed dunes.
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Babak Tafreshi

When the sun sets the crescent moon leads the celestial show in this evening at 10,000 ft (~ 3000m) on top of Haleakala Crater, the highest point in Maui, Hawaii. It is a popular spot to watch sunset and sunrise, also to enjoy spectacular night sky. Photographed in Aug 2015.
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Babak Tafreshi

Some views at night feel like an Impressionism painting. Nature is a master artist when you see it in the right time. A peaceful remote lake of northern Maine, New England, appears here in moonlight. The fast motion of low-altitude clouds in this 20-sec exposure elegantly painted the frame. Photographed in Oct 2012.
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