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tried to tell y’all bout the God I serve!! won’t He do it tho???!
Congratulations to all the ladies and the entire team that was a part of this project from beginning to end! This makes me so happy and proud to be a woman! 🐱-💪🏿 Shout out to our amazing director, the great Gary Ross!!! #OCEANS🎱 @oceans8movie in theaters now!


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Majesty’s 4th.... -1. her 1st Halloween -2. when I tried to convince her I was her real mom 🤭
-3. mirror discovery
-4. first “I ❤️ u”
-5. always in my closet
-6. nobody’s safe. we dying to sleep, but....
-7. the bribe for my phone
-8. black girl magic -9. her 3rd birthday


👑 4️⃣🎉💝


my Lil oxtail is 4 today! #Majesty 👑


it’s Her Majesty’s birthday! 4 years old means I’m 4 years older! Where does time go? 💝😍🎂 🎉 love you ‘oxtail’ !! Hope today is the happiest yet! Also, hope your mom reads this to you! 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ P.S. first birthday I missed, so I’m spamming y’all idc idc idc


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