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SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

My family and I wanted to share our deepest condolences to @buddyboowaggytails and fam. We are so sad to hear of Boo’s passing. Before I came along my ma was obsessed with Boo on Facebook. Truly the OG famous pup whom we all look up to. RIP’ve lived an amazing life. Thank you for making us smile! We will miss you!
#flashbackfriday #babybarkley age 2 months


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Why can’t I play with lil sissy’s toys? #notfair #sharingiscaring #kuyabarkley


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Thank you everyone for all the donations! Because of you we met our goal to help our friend @bonjournino ! For anymore updates on our friend, please check out their IG. We love how supportive and caring this community is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Update: Ooh we. First and foremost: WE LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! Tearing up as we type this. For reals. All the love, and messages, and pawsitive vibes, sage buring, crystals, meditation, etc. must have worked because your boy IS COMING HOME! Yes, it is true. I will live to fart another day, and I most definitely will on this new "healthy heart, healthy farts" diet that I'm gonna be on. So here's the deal upon my discharge: I still got the #pulmonaryhypertension, this is SECONDARY. What could be causing it? Either primary lung disease, or embolic disease (peep the pics.) This isn't something that can be cured, and I've got my meds that will help manage it. This is something that I'll have to live with and #FLAF against, but I'm up for the challenge, and I know I've got all of you out there pulling for me, and hopefully that's gonna keep me around for some more adventures with my homies. Special shout out to all the staff at Tufts that took care of me, and pretty much saved my butt. We are lucky to have you here in MA, and not just for us dogs, but for lil hedgehogs and big ol horses too! So love and hugs and farts and all that good stuff to you all, y'all the real MVPs! I'm home now, chillin' on @creativedexterity ‘s lap, and catching up The Office for the millionth time...seriously lady the "Kevin's chili" episode again? I'll be back with more updates, since I'm on #CHILLMODE for a bit to see how I handle being at home.

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SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Since the vet put me on a low fat diet, I’ve become a picky eater. We started adding @stellaandchewys to my meals for a couple years now and I just gobble it all up! Thank you #stellaandchewys for making my meals delicious and nutritious! #ad


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

We are raising money for our friend Nino (@bonjournino ) who is not feeling too well right now. Nino and family have been so active in raising money for FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network) and helping the Boston Frenchie Crew that we wanted to pay it forward. We all know how expensive vet bills can be, so anything you can donate will help. Link in our bio.


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

We’re sad the seasons over but little sis and I had fun watching our first playoff game together! We love you @seahawks! #gohawks #12thdog #12thbaby #kuyabarkley


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Baby sis and I partied too hard last night. #hungover #treatwasted #milkwasted #nye


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Looking for that mistletoe to give you a big wet kiss! Merry Christmas Eve!


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

5 more days until Christmas! Can you tell I’m excited!?


SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

Don’t you dare call my Christmas sweater ugly. #itscalledstyle #turtlenecksareback