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#ad My first yoga hot experience was a Bikram class. I’ll never forget dragging my husband there and wondering if we’d make it out alive. They literally locked the doors and advised us not to leave the hot room. I thought it was crazy but I figured they must have their reasons. The class was intense to say the least and just
surviving the 90 minutes made us both feel like we could accomplish anything.

After listening to the ESPN’s
@30for30 podcast on the complicated world of Bikram Yoga, my first experience in a Bikram Hot Yoga class now makes perfect sense! I also didn’t know the full extent of the claims made against Bikram and was fascinated to hear the story of his rise to fame. I literally binge listened to the entire podcast series today!

Have you ever tried a Bikram class? What was your experience?
What are your thoughts on the allegations? .

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I was so weak in high school that the doctor wrote me a note for my ganglion cysts to not have to participate in Physical Exercise (otherwise know in the US as P.E.). Little did he realize that innocent gesture set in motion even more weakness and a pattern of lethargy. I gained 45 pounds and I had 42% body fat. I was so miserable that NOT ONE boy in all my 4 years of high school ever asked me to a dance. I didn’t even go to my senior Prom! I usually had to beg guy friends or take my girlfriends as dates but most of the time I just stayed home feeling sorry for myself. .
At 19, I got in a terrible car accident. A sleepy driver ran a red light and hit me at 1 AM in the morning crossing an intersection. He was going over 85 miles an hour and pushed my car into oncoming traffic. Luckily because of the hour, there weren’t many cars on the road and as he woke up he hit the breaks causing my car to spin and hit a brick wall. My air bag deployed and every inch of the car was smashed in except the tiny space I was sitting in. My angels were looking out for me. I had no broken bones but my right knee was badly bruised, my back ached and I had severe whiplash. I was rushed to the hospital and released the next day. The pain all over my body was so intense & I didn’t understand why I was hurting so bad if I didn’t break anything. .
This event triggered the #fibromyalgia as they later diagnosed me with and endless other issues that plagued me for many years to come. By the age of 24, I was in so much pain I could hardly wash my face in the sink at night. I was told the car accident caused a herniation of two discs in my low back and that I was most likely going to need surgery. Being young, I had no money and limited insurance so I decided there had to be another way. .
I began researching the mind-body connection and over the next 4 years studied the mind, began exercising and started a #yoga practice. Dr. Sarno’s books really helped me and I always encourage people to read them. .
I have so much more to say on this but, through God’s grace, prayer, meditation, education and refusing to believe that I was too broken, here I am today. 💕


No edit. No filter. I used my 👟 for a tripod. I wasn’t warmed up. Truth: I actually fell out of a handstand and landed this way but that is why I’m sharing. I’m so beyond grateful for this photo! .

17 years ago I thought I was too broken to ever change. I thought the car accident that left me with 2 herniated discs and neck issues was just my bad luck. My #fibromyalgia went into hyperdrive and my skin hurt when anyone tried to touched me - even if it was a hug. Doctors told me I needed back surgery and that most likely always live with pain. Life was miserable. .

I’m glad however those doctors were all wrong. I’m doing just fine ... in fact, probably the best I’ve ever been. I love this photo because it is a #miracle to me. I don’t compare myself to others here on the gram because honestly, I’m just so grateful for how far I’ve come. Life is a blessing and I’m not waisting what time I have left. .


I met some really amazing people while teaching this weekend in Charleston. I’m always so humbled by the people that come to my classes. The students (now, friends) that come to my workshops bless me beyond words. I can’t even begin to explain the impact they have on me. I wouldn’t be where I am in my career or even in my own practice if it wasn’t for them. I know a lot of you hardly ever comment and may not even “like” all my posts but I have found that it is my #silentfollowers that show up to my workshops and impact me most. It is YOU who make me realize the truth about this little app. When you share with me how you relate to me or my struggles, I’m always blown away. I smile when people start a sentence “I never comment but....”. The words that follow always stay with me and remind me of why I’m here.
Likes and comments do not equal success. Social media can make us feel inadequate if people aren’t constantly “liking” what we are sharing but, in my experience, this perception is an illusion. Success for me, is measured by these moments of true human connection. Nothing else matters and nothing else compares.
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If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do differently with your life? Would it stay the same? Do you think money would make your life better or worse? .
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Chalk + puppies + handstands + thunderstorms = 👌🏼#perfectmorning .
If you have been following me for awhile, you might know that wherever I go I try to find murals (especially wings) to photograph. I usually can never find them so I decided to paint myself my own. 🦋 🎨 😊
Charleston, SC (this weekend)
Houston workshops 5/26 only 7 more spots! .
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Have you ever wondered why you attract the same kind of person or problem into your life over and over again? I believe that Patanjali is correct here in saying that this is bondage however for me, “solving it” isn’t always so easy. I’m just not that smart. I love to examine everything and confront things head on but there are certain issues that just can’t be solved ... at least not for me. In those instances, my only relief comes from surrender. .

Have you ever heard the saying “let go and let God?” Many people disagree and say that the power is always in our hands or that God is not real but that hasn’t been my experience. Each and every time I have surrendered my problems to God, He has solved them. ⠀
Surrender to win. ⠀ ⠀
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I don’t post much of my children because well, I’m a little over protective I suppose🙅🏼‍♀️, and I feel it may embarrass them at school🤦🏼‍♀️ but it’s Mother’s Day so here goes😊. .
I was scrolling through FB memories last night and I was thinking about what an honor and a blessing it is to be a mother. I never knew what love really was until I held my sons in my arms. I remember the first 6 months of my 1st sons life I was IN LOVE 😍 beyond words. Totally consumed with love. Although it is the hardest job I’ve ever had, I’m so humbled to be able to do it. It changed me forever. My life stopped being about me and became about them. I no longer could be selfish and just think about what I wanted, I had a children that depended on me for everything. It turned my life upside down in the best way possible. ❤️ .

I typically don’t love these kinds of Hallmark holidays but today, I am feeling so blessed. I’m just so grateful for my boys and how much I love them. They are everything I could ever want in children and more. They have the biggest hearts and I know they are going to fantastic men one day. Although I want to take all the credit 😆, I’m also so thankful to be married to a man who shows them what it means to love God, love their mother, take responsibility when they are wrong, say sorry we they mess up, and simply put, to just be good people. 🙏🏻
. .
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Only 4 more on-site inclusive spots left for my @spiritledyoga 200 Hour Teacher Training! This training isn’t just a yoga teacher training. Spirit Led Yoga combines the traditional 8 limb Yoga Path with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to equip students how to hear the Spirit on and off the yoga mat. Yes, you will receive your 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification, but we hope you come away from this training with a better understanding of God’s plan and purpose for your life. .

Teachers: @beachyogagirl & @stoked_yogi
Where: Delray Beach, FL
When: July 16th - Aug 2nd
Cost: Prices vary for those wanting to stay on campus, included meals or are local and want the commuter rate. Please click the link in my profile to inquire. .
We are so excited to share this amazing practice with you! This training is open to anyone who is interesting in learning more about Yoga, Jesus and how to be led by the Spirit. . (link in profile)

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ABS OF FIRE 🔥 Core/Hip Flexor Mobility Drill! ⠀
Try this:
1. Come from Downward Dog into Bear Pose (knees hover).
2. Stay in Bear Pose and try and bring your foot to the outside of your hand in an awkward Lizard Pose.
3. Stay one breath and return back to Bear Pose.
4. Do both sides as many times as you can. ⠀ .

If you turn the sound on you can hear my hip flexors (probably actually my Psoas) popping.😝
. ⠀
MAY workshops:
Charleston, SC (this weekend)3/18 & 19
Houston, TX 5/26
. for info!
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Feeling blissful.🙏🏻
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