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I’m starting a #comfypants revolution... who’s in?🙋🏼‍♀️ Can we make loose, comfortable, cute sweat pants a thing... please🙏🏻?
_ 👖:Genie Sweat Pants made by me. Most comfortable thing I think I’ve ever worn.... Link in bio.
PS: If you guys like them, I’ll make them in a bunch of different prints! 🕺🏽#smallbusiness #entrepreneurship

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I’ve been diving deeper into functional mobility movement as opposed to conventional “yoga poses” because well, it’s better for you. Nothing wrong with yoga poses as long as you work within your active and passive ranges of movement. Hyper flexibility is not a gift yet it seems to be praised here on the gram. I know this video is boring and won’t get a lot of likes and comments but these movements (although I need to refine them) are better for overall health both physically and neurologically.
Try this! Get on a flat surface, put socks on and just start sliding around in your typical “yoga pose” ... your body will thank you. Here is a high lunge slide and a pigeon pose slide. Keep hips neutral and use your core and hip flexors to move the legs. Follow #bygcoredrills for more drills.
Thanks for your support with my new clothing line. Here are my new shorts Paisley Perfection. To check them out go to the link in my bio. 🙏🏻


If you could have one super power what would it be? Leave it in the comments.
Mine would be to fly since I can’t stand to sit for more than 5 minutes at a time!😆
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OMG I have to share this hamstring/core exercise with you! If you don’t have a @yogaprowheel you can use anything that rolls (ball or foam roller). I have the @yogaprowheel wedge under my right foot so you’ll need to get creative with something soft and slanted to really feel this but ... this is so hard yet so good!
•Keep hips elevated and squared. •Use hamstring to pull and push you forward and back. •Keep core and glutes activated as you move. •Move very slow. Try to control the movement.
If you have tight hamstrings THIS IS FOR YOU. If you have weak core/hamstrings THIS IS FOR YOU. Basically, this is for everyone.😉
Live demo over on @yogaprowheel - go check it out. Use “beachyogagirl” for $10 if you want to snag the final few we have in inventory!
TAG or CHALLENGE someone to try this. How many can you do?
👖: link in bio #jetsetter
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Don’t be too distracted by my puppy because this is a great core drill for anyone working on pressing into handstand as well as just plain ol’ core strength. My head is not resting on the ground but rather it is cradled by my hands. The goal is to press the ground away as you tap the floor with your toes creating a tight compression with the core. Try it and let me know!
Follow #bygcoredrills so you don’t miss my core training posts! Use this tag and I’ll see your posts too!
PS: My NEW #Palazzo #Yogi Pant is now available on my website. I am only making small quantities right now so grab them if you like them. They are very soft and made from a 2-way stretch brushed blend. They also have a front pocket. Check out my stories to see up close. 😍
Next workshop: Arkansas 1/20


🤣This dog’s face is👌🏼
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Speak the truth even if people are embarrassed by it. I was shamed by a family member for sharing my #metoo story last year on Instagram. No one should EVER shame you for speaking out about abuse, rape or sexual misconduct. We need to end shame and end abuse. We need to stop trying to “pretend” our lives are “perfect”. No one is perfect and we all have skeletons. The truth will set you free.
I just wrote the full blog about my experience being shamed and rejected by my family. Link in my bio.❤️


Just booked my flight! Headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas next! If you live in the area and want to come, go to the link in my bio to sign up! I’m teaching two classes on Saturday, Jan 20th - Open to ALL LEVELS!
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100% Accurate. 😂
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When I meet people at my workshops, they never say to me “I’m so inspired by your handstands, please post more”. They say “thank you for sharing more than handstands and could you please keep sharing”. I realize handstands are exciting but honestly, does anyone really care anymore? I post handstand tips and drills because I teach handstands for a living but it is really last on my “can’t wait to share this” list.
I know my deeper more heartfelt posts don’t seem to be as “popular” but I know people are reading them. The most common way people start a sentence when they meet me is “I never ‘like’ or ‘comment’ but ....”😊
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Off to Charlotte today! I hardly ever do selfies but I’m having a good hair day so why not? Lol
I heard it was going to snow😱? Is this true? I’m only bringing a sweatshirt so I hope I don’t freeze but maybe I’ll get some #snowga pics?😁🤞🏻🤸‍♀️ If you are in the area, stop by @charlotteyoga tonight or tomorrow and come say hi!
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When I was 9 I had my first spiritual experience with a power greater than myself. I hadn’t been taught anything about religion or God but I knew this thing, this power, this presence, this peace I felt had to be God.
At 16, I “gave my life to Jesus” because I had some friends that were Christian and I wanted to be part of their group. I really didn’t even know what that meant but I liked my friends and wanted to belong. I wasn’t sure about the whole “Jesus thing” but I liked going and hanging out with my friends. After high school, I never went back to church and questioned Christianity.
At 21, I began searching for the “truth” about the God I met when I was 9 because I knew it was real. I was so lost and confused and just wanted that feeling of peace again. Those years were filled with drugs, spiritual healers and “enlightened” individuals who ended up taking advantage of me and leading me down some very dark paths.
At 30, I was so sick of my life that I begged God to reveal the truth to me. It was then I had my second spiritual experience. All I can say is my questions about the truth and Jesus were answered but my feelings of emptiness and of incompleteness stayed with me. I understood yet, I didn’t understand if that makes sense.
At 33, I was in a very dark place in my marriage and life. I felt so alone and scared. I cried out one night to God “please help me” and at that moment of despair I finally heard His voice. It was loud, very clear, and very surreal. I was given Divine information about something I couldn’t have otherwise known. That information helped me make a very hard, life altering decision. That was when my search for God really began because for me, it was now something tangible.
At 38, a girl I met in a yoga class who invited me to this “Tuesday night experience” service. Sounded weird but hey, I like weird. She told me “they let God lead” which seemed really scary yet really interesting so I began going. It was there, one night that I was so overwhelmed with the presence of God that I fell to the ground unable to move. I had finally found what I spent my whole life searching for.🙏🏻
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