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Kerri Verna

Caption this! 😆

This is @beachyogadog’s new favorite place to sleep. I mean, if I could sleep in my shower (or tub), I probably would. 🚿😂🛁 ⠀
PS: Phineas is doing a lot better. We are still figuring out his diabetes but he definitely is a lot better than he was.🙏🏻

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Kerri Verna

Here is a clip from my practice today. My shoulders and hamstrings are a little sore from filming this week for my Playbook app, but #yoga always makes everything feel better.
To practice yoga, #Pilates or learn to #handstand with me, download my Playbook app. $99 for the entire year!


Kerri Verna

Do you find yourself exhausted by the end of the day and have no time for a #Yoga practice? Busy mom’s know exactly what I mean! By the time you get off work, dinner made, chores done, and kids in bed, who has time for yoga? I feel you ... so I filmed a new class to help you decompress and relax for bedtime! This class made me feel SO GOOD! Honestly, I think I might just retire handstands for bedtime yoga.😆

New 👉🏻 Bedtime🛌Yoga For Good Sleep just published to my Playbook app!

Download my Playbook app today for a free 7 day trial. Get 45% off when you subscribe for the annual pass or join month to month for $14.99.

For all my amazing Playbook subscribers... don’t forget to send me suggestions on classes you want me to make for you. Bedtime yoga was a subscriber request!
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Kerri Verna

OMG! We have a woodpecker family living in the #birdhouse my husband made in the backyard!!😱 We’ve been hearing him peck on the box for a while (it’s loud) but I haven’t gotten this close to really see just how gorgeous she/he is! In one of these videos you can see that she/he is feeding her babies!😍Don’t mind my obnoxious voice freaking out on the video about how beautiful this bird was! I was really excited!! 😂

Birds are really special to me and I’m hoping to one day open a bird sanctuary and aquaponic ranch where I can also have yoga, pottery, and art classes. This just gave me a little sliver of hope. Thanks for watching!❤️

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Kerri Verna

Which one are you?🤔🙃💪🏻👉🏻Train handstands with me on my Playbook! I have TWO training programs that give you the step by step guid to developing this fun skill. ANYONE can learn how to do this with the proper training. I’m a 44 year old mom of two who never had ANY gymnastics training. I started when I was 37 years old never even doing a headstand before.

I have suffered with carpal tunnel, ganglion cysts in both wrists, chronic back pain from a car accident, and fibromyalgia most of my life. If I can learn this skill, so can you!

Proper training is really the key. Save yourself all the time and energy of just throwing your legs up hoping to land a handstand and invest in yourself. Playbook is an amazing training app that allows me to be your virtual trainer. Ask me questions and request classes! If you are ready to learn, I’m here to help.

I have over 150 videos on Playbook (from yoga & Pilates to learning handstands) and I upload 6 new classes or workouts every month.

Limited time offer👈🏻of $99 for the entire year won’t be here long. Join now ~risk free~ and take the free 7 day trial.

Send me a message inside the app and let me know you’ve joined!

Let’s do this! #handstandpractice


Kerri Verna

SWIPE ⬅️ for 3 amazing core moves. TAG a friend!
⠀ ⠀
#FlexFriday or #FridayFlow moves for you to try over the weekend! These need to be done with your breath. Exhaling on exertion with sound!

I’ve been creating a new Summer Core Program for y’all!! I’m LOVING how amazing my body is feeling from creating all these fun #core #workouts for you. I still haven’t decided on the name, but I’m getting closer. Thank you for all your suggestions yesterday.

1. The prone exercise (first video) is a #Pilates movement that I use frequently on my Playbook app. Think V to W and draw the belly off the mat as you do it. It REALLY works your back muscles, but what I love most is how the entire body is involved. ⠀
2. The second exercise is great for your entire core as well as your mind 🧠. You will need to focus to stay centered. Squeeze and engage your pelvic floor muscles here for max result.

3. The last was inspired by @bradterrellyoga - it is a great shoulder and core strengthener. Check out his page. He has some great drills.

Let me know if you try these! 👉🏻👉🏻New #QuickCore Pilates classes EVERY Monday! You may just see a few of these moves.😉

If you are not subscribed to Playbook, you’ll get a free week by clicking the link in my profile. Limited offer right now $99 for the ENTIRE year - 12 months of workouts, classes and programs for all levels! #letsdothis💪


Kerri Verna

😂 But, seriously, PARENTING IS HARD!! No one hands you a manual when you have a baby and explains to you what “good” parenting is. It is 100% on the job training.

We are all just doing the best we can with what we have. Some of us really need support. Check in on your friends who have kids this week. Be a listening ear or offer to babysit because the truth is, we are all REALLY BUSY pretending that we have it together when in fact, we haven’t a CLUE WHAT WE ARE DOING.😆

And, don’t worry parents... When they are older it will all be your fault anyway, so don’t stress so much now, ok?😜

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Kerri Verna

Sound🔊on! This is an amazing core exercise that, when done with breath, will work the entire #core... not just your #abs.
⠀ •Downward Dog
•Exhale Bear Pose (hover knees)
to leg extension with flexed foot. Keep hips stable here and don’t arch the back. The exhale will help you draw navel in.
•Inhale #DownwardDog and switch. •Repeat for 60 seconds.😅

This is one of the exercises in my new Core Program coming out in a few weeks. 15 minute intense, but doable, #workouts for those looking for effective (and quick) #training.

I do need your help though... I put up a story this morning asking for names for this program. I’ve been calling it “Summer Core” but I want people to do it all year round not just to “look good” in a bathing suit 👙. 👉🏻👉🏻The core muscles house our central nervous system and protect all our vital organs (beside the 🧠) so developing a strong core can help with anxiety, depression, stress reduction, and also help those who are like me, at risk for #osteoporosis. Gaining more muscle tone helps protect the bones from fractures.

All the exercises in this new program are with your own body weight and timed intervals, so you work at your own pace. #alllevels!!

What should I call it?

Some ideas but I don’t love any of them:
Intelligent Core
Core Control 15
Core Curriculum


PS: TRY THIS exercise and tag a friend!😘😘


Kerri Verna

Anyone else?😆☕️🙋🏼‍♀️🤳🏻😴
⠀ ⠀
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Kerri Verna

Curious about Amazon’s new Core10 line of affordable yoga clothes? I just reviewed them on my stories. Not sponsored ... I bought them all with my own money and give a 100% honest review.🤗 Check it out! If you have specific questions about any of it, send me a DM and ask! 👉🏻It is also pinned in my highlights!

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Kerri Verna

#Vegan is an ethical stance about the abuse, exploitation and murder of innocent animals. #PlantBased just means you eat plants. I started off plant based, but I am now 100% VEGAN ... for the animals.🙌🏻

Yes, I still have my leather couches (from before I was vegan) and leather shoes and no, I’m not throwing them out. The animal already suffered and died for them, so why waste it? I only buy vegan products now and you know what, they are better! Vegan for me means if I can choose not to harm animals now then I choose not to harm animals. It’s pretty simple.

When people ask me tips on how to “stay vegan”, I usually tell them to figure out why they want to be vegan in the first place. If your motivation is to not harm animals, it will be easy to stay vegan. Realizing you have a choice, in most cases, not to harm an animal makes it about them and not “health”. We don’t always want to eat “healthy” do we? For me, I don’t ever want to harm an animal. Once my mind shifted, I could never go back.

Yes, I care about the awesome health & environmental benefits of veganism, but that isn’t why I’m vegan. A dog is no different than a pig and a turkey no different than a blue jay. It is just perception.


PS: where are my fellow vegans at? Drop me a comment ... let’s connect!
#veganfriends 👯‍♀️


Kerri Verna

Dog props for the win! 😆 🐶 Just uploaded a new Pinchamayurasana class on my Playbook app. Sorry to say, we don’t use our dog props to press into #forearmbalance but it is still an awesome class - ALL LEVELS.

Link in bio to download!

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