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Sometimes we can be our hardest critic. Don’t be so serious all the damn time. Lighten up, be playful, have a good time while you can. Sit in gratitude. Acknowledge and own what has been accomplished & know more will manifest in due time. Don’t sweat the future. Live for now


me: ok. I’m going to stop spending money & save it .... bank account: bish please 😂


Constant check-ins with myself knowing that my creative pace is just fine and I need to trust in my time, no one else’s 🧡 #cozumel #mexico


Life in Mexico. Blessed. 🇲🇽🖤 #cozumel #mexico


A very much needed trip to Cozumel, Mexico to listen to my body, be present with family, rest, & drink a lot of tequilaaa 🌴🇲🇽 Travel the world!! Treat yourself. Expand your horizon. Embrace different cultures. You have one life to live. #cozumel #mexico


Been taking the time out to make sure my spirit is calm. Sometimes we feel obligated—especially in the digital age—to keep “leveling up” and climbing up this socioeconomic ladder to show the world that we’re continuously hustlin’. Realizing my work speaks for itself and it’s okay to chill & be present with loved ones...& most importantly myself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Find balance. 🖤 // photo by: @baz


This day was full of joy & laughter and I'm honored that @Adidas x @FinishLineWomen allowed me to flow & do Me. Basketball is what started everything for me and It will always be my first love. Hoopin' has been my "sanctuary" and a medium to express myself freely, and that fluidity & skill has since transcended into my creative field as a designer, stylist, model, etc. As womxn, we are more than the societal norms we've been confined to. We are more than just flesh. We are more than accessories to visually stimulate the masses. We're innovative, talented, and have stories that need to be shared to inspire all of the beautiful souls around us. Shoutout to the amazing team that helped put this together @annalaurenlove (producer) / @lowehelzer (director) / @paulhelzer (DP) / @skyestewartshort (@wardrobe) / @whitneyschield (hair) / @amystrozzi (makeup) + more #WeAreMore #ad #adidas #finishline


Honor the cues of your body. When you’re tired, listen to Don’t view it as a luxury. Practice it and make It a sacred duty. Be intentional in the way you move, sit in gratitude, repeat. // photo by: @baz


There’s a 2nd shoe on the way with @adidas @adidasoriginals 😏. This is me recently in the Adidas headquarters in Germany searching through fabrics that I felt could tell the story + pay homage to my hometown, ATL, and my homeboy Patrick that passed away. This trip was so divine because I got assigned to work alongside this amazing senior footwear designer, whose name ironically, was also.....Patrick (@patstarr23). I told him how my first tattoo was the Nike swoosh at 14 years old (lol trash basement tatt) & his oddly enough was the Jumpman. No such thing as coincidences and the Universe never fails to connect beautiful souls at the right time. Can’t wait to share this shoe when it’s done! 🍑💙 // photo by: @jones_photo


My 1st shoe with @adidas. I’ve been drawing shoes since I was a little girl back in it still feels surreal that I was granted an opportunity like this. I’m just the visionary & have taste for certain textures, color palettes, etc. but this shoe wouldn’t have been able to manifest if I didn’t have the amazing people around me to sew, glue, & put all of the pieces to the puzzle together. I got this done in a hour in a half. @adidas gave me access to materials in a factory in London and was like “do you” so I said “bet 😈” lol. [The upper body is black neoprene. The tongue is from the 1984 Micropacer. Suede toe frontal, tongue trimming, & back heel. Also threw the plastic accent from the Zedex to add more of the futuristic vibes. Python pull tab in the back & splatter paint on the front for a little fun] •gentle reminder to all of you: you can do whatever you put your mind too. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Let loose and endlessly create. Anything is possible• **Just the Beginning** 💎 #adidas #adidasoriginals


Still taken aback that Adidas flew me out to their headquarters in Herzo, Germany to give me creative freedom on a shoe that meant a lot to me, interact with other beautifully talented creatives, and peep their massive archive. I’ll forever cherish this moment. ❤️ #adidas #adidasoriginals // photo by: @jones_photo


Treat all life as sacred...because it is. Be generous in the giving of yourself. Even if it’s just for a moment. You could be the person who makes all the difference. 🌹// photo by: @brandonalmengo