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One of the most beautiful, breathtaking years of my life. I’ll forever cherish being 22. Traveling around the world, eating bomb food, meeting some of the most enchanting souls, and getting paid to be my selffff. Can’t knock me off this high 😏 **couple of more days in London, then back to Cali continuing the hustle** // photo by: @brandonalmengo


Boolin’ in London and having the best time of my life. ❤️Where you all at in the world right now? Drop ya📍// photo by: @chelsey_mae #london #uk


I HAVE WAITED 14 LONG YEARS FOR INCREDIBLES 2. I’m jumping every kid in line, I’m front row and center. This is for me. Not the children. Sorry, not sorry. 😆 #incredibles #incredibles2


Oh how I adore you London. 🇬🇧❤️ #londonfashionweek #lfw


I’m back in London!!! February 2018 was my first time ever in Europe and I would have never thought months down the line I’d be traveling this much and being able to move so freely in what I love doing. S/O to my agent @jeffklein9 & my manager @nelsonbtbmgr for holding it down and supporting me and my crazy ass ideas. Just the beginning 😎 // photo by: @brandonalmengo // custom kicks by: @leahkirsch


You Sometimes I’m moving so fast that I don’t take the time to sit with all of the beautiful Divine energy that I’m engulfed in. It’s overwhelming to say the least. To you all....don’t feel obligated to “prove yourself”. Your work and spirit speaks for itself. Honor your breath and just chillll. Everything ain’t that damn serious. You got one life to live so just have fun with it. I just designed a shoe in Germany so I’m hype, shook, and ecstatic all in one 😆❤️ // photo by: @brandonalmengo


I remember 2 years ago me & the homies back in Atlanta were plottin’ on how we could all come up with some money just so we could take a lil bus to New York for fashion week & figure things out. Lol we LEGIT were talking about cutting people’s grass and other lil moves to stack up. Fast forward to now and I just landed in Germanyyy! 🇩🇪 Locking in for the next couple of days designing then off to London for fashion week. Anything is possible. // photo by: @brandonalmengo


This year has been one of the most fruitful and exciting years of my life. So honored to be in this body & being able to do this work in the world. Went from designing in a lil room in Decatur, Georgia to now flying over to Germany to create some more. ✌🏼🇩🇪This is everything we ever talked about @23lobo_noche...hope I’m making you proud 👼🏼 // photo by: @knyex


Timing & space be so crazy. Ran into the homie @joebudden out here in LA. So refreshing to see you & to hear you’re doing big things. To many more years of growth and prosperity 💎


Good lookin out @YouTube TV. Chillin' on the court and I can still watch Game 1 today of the #NBAFinals #howitv #YTSponsored


I used to second guess myself. Used to walk in fear. Always doubted my intuition. Listened to those around me always telling me to have a “plan B” or a backup plan. After I unlearned to stop moving so linear and “strategic”...and just simply flow within myself, God & the Universe, that’s when everything started to make sense. Been liberating myself in all forms. Giving my all creatively. Not afraid to love. Just being present with self & my surroundings and it’s beyond stimulating. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself. // photo by: @knyex


I’m heading to Germany in 6 days to design. My parents fell in love over there 30 years ago while stationed in the army and I think it’s so beautiful that the seed they planted is now coming full circle and is beginning to blossom. There’s no such thing as self-made. Honor your ancestors. Praise your loved ones and the decisions they made in their past lives. Embracing the fact that not only my hard work is paying off, but everyone preceding me and their paths contributed to this very moment as well. Here’s to another chapter of me walking through humility and being a student to the environment around me to grow even more. ❤️🌹 // photo by: @nateshuls


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