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Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

The Aso Mountains Of Japan—cedar & sakura. Silent waters. Ancient spirits. Exploring our world is one of the greatest adventures. But there are others...
Marriage. Motherhood. Creative business. And traveling the world. These are my life’s adventures. What are yours?

With adventure comes peril and risk. But with great risk comes great reward. Nothing worthwhile was ever easy. And nothing easy ever made us better humans. Adventure is fuel and fire. It sharpens is, makes us stronger as we adapt and learn. Inspires us and broadens our minds. 🌾
May we each be as expansive as this beautiful world we live in. As diverse and inclusive. As vibrant and thriving. If you could adventure anywhere in the world...where would it be and why? #whpplanetearth #livemoremagic #nestingabroad


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

It’s morning in Japan. I’m sitting cross legged on the tatami mat floor, rice paper windows diffusing the early morning light. Water for tea is on to boil. The cherry blossoms may have gone but the memory remains.
While her most spectacular display has drifted away, pale pink petals on the canal, spring is far from gone. Last night we enjoyed a spring donabe of everything green— fresh fava to sweet peas to sansho leaf—with a light dashi & yuzu broth. And now I’m brewing a cup of sakura tea with preserved blossoms, which will also be used with spring bamboo and sansho in our rice this evening, a way to continue to enjoy and celebrate the sakura even after they are gone.
I’ll sip my tea before my morning meditation and then move on to the rest of my slow morning rituals including a run on the river before I bike to a quiet spot to work. Sacred deer and flowy dresses and flowers are magical...but so is the mundane and all the simple moments Mother Earth affords us! Even our morning tea. Click the link in my profile to learn the rest of my slow morning rituals to start your day calm, centered, focused, and nourished! 🌸🍵🌿 #whpplanetearth #livemoremagic #theartofslowliving #nestingabroad #nara #narapark


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

I was cycling through the streets of Kyoto at golden hour with a basket of garlic chives, maitake, bamboo shoots, Tokyo negi, mizuna, a bouquet of spring blossoms, and a bottle of natural orange wine. And I thought...
...this could be home. If you’ve been following along on stories, you know @matthewlud & I are *possibly* buying a 100 year old machiya, quite the fixer upper, in the quiet weaving district of Kyoto, Nishijin. I still don’t know if the deal will go through, but...we are taking the big step of putting down a deposit!
Over a year ago, I did my Dream Day Meditation. It’s a simple mediation where I walk through, in detail, my dream day. I saw morning, saw myself in a home that smelled of cedar with a cup of frothy matcha. I’d just come back from a run by a river. And now I believe, maybe just maybe, I was envisioning a life here.
Over six years, I’ve spent almost 12 months in Japan. I keep returning. Returning for the quiet. For the delicate beauty. For the flavors. For the people. For the collision of the world that is and one that was. For wabi sabi and perfect imperfection.

I don’t know what the future holds...but I hope it holds a life here. Whatever your dreams are, even if they’re vague whispers and unformed sketches, keep walking down the path. They will develop. Just do the footwork. And don’t forget to love every step of the journey! Because even if this particular dream or house doesn’t work out...that just means something even better is waiting! #livemoremagic #nestingabroad #theartofslowliving


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

When you wake up every morning, are you playing big? If no...why not? If you’re going to swing the bat, why not swing for the fences? What do you have to lose?

Are you gonna miss? Yes. Is everyone gonna like you? Decidedly not. But you have every right to play as big as anyone. Dreams aren’t for someone else. They are for you. The only person who needs to give you permission is yourself.
Step into who you are made to be. Stop letting old stories define you. Bloom. Climb.

If nothing stood in your way, including your own beliefs about yourself, what would you aim for? For me...I dreamed of a humble, minimalist haven of a home in Japan. And right now (in case you missed it!) we might be closing on a fixer upper in a quiet neighborhood in Kyoto...time will tell! But for now: dream, dream, dream!

#livemoremagic #mountfuji #hoshinoyafuji #theartofslowliving #cherryblossoms


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

“Into the organpipes and steeples
Of the luminous cathedrals,
Into the weathercocks' molten mouths
Rippling in twelve-winded circles,
Into the dead clock burning the hour
Over the urn of sabbaths
Over the whirling ditch of daybreak
Over the sun's hovel and the slum of fire
And the golden pavements laid in requiems,
Into the bread in a wheatfield of flames,
Into the wine burning like brandy,
The masses of the sea
The masses of the sea under
The masses of the infant-bearing sea
Erupt, fountain, and enter to utter for ever
Glory glory glory
The sundering ultimate kingdom of genesis' thunder.”
- Dylan Thomas 💔
My broken heart is in Paris today. May she be a Phoenix. #notredame #paris


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

Warm, vintage, and smiling or cool, clean, and uhhh wtf am I doing with my mouth? Which new portrait do you vote for? 1 or 2?
And yeah yeah I know I got some duck mouth action going on but hey, whatcha gonna do? Sometimes a girl needs to pout in the sakura, OK?!
I digress. If you’ve been following along on stories you might know we submitted an LOI on a 100 year old machiya in a quiet neighborhood of Kyoto, a real fixer upper. I still don’t know if the deal will go through or what the inspection of the property will reveal...but I feel a little closer to living my dream of renovating a machiya in Kyoto!
If you’d told me 6 years ago I could even DARE to dream of renovating a home in Japan I would have laughed. But here we are. Will it happen? Only if it’s meant to. Everything in its time. ✨
Remember to dream big. And when it works out, give thanks. Share. Give back! And when it doesn’t, repeat it again and again: everything in its time. And give thanks that the universe has your back. Sometimes failure, heartbreak, and disappointment are the best thing that ever happened to us in hind site. Sometimes, they are just pain. But whatever they are: we can learn. And try again so long as we draw breath. #whpvibes #livemoremagic #theartofslowliving


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

Let’s go on an adventure into the beautiful unknown together. This is what you’ll need...

You’ll need to pack light. Don’t carry burdens with you & practice the sacred art of letting go. In this life, there is no past or future. Only now. So leave your regrets & fears at home.
Don’t forget your sense of humor. You’re going to need it. The beautiful unknown doesn’t always play to our expectations. Laughter takes the teeth out of inconvenience and disappointment. ✨
Pack your blessings. Take them out and count them daily. They will be your sustenance and the prism through which you see it all. 🌿
Bring your sense of wonder. Nothing will rob you of joy more than jaded eyes. Don’t be too cool for awe. Don’t get too tired, too stress, exhausted, or busy.
And never forget, it’s a journey. We don’t stop moving. We never know what’s coming next. But whether it’s the thorn or the rose, we can arm ourselves with mindfulness, gratitude, and joy. Go ahead, see the glass as half full and imagine what you could do if you did. #whpvibes #livemoremagic #theartofslowliving


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

Basking in Kyoto spring sunshine & sakura blossoms. Their petals fall like so much snow, a celebration of life in all its beautiful, fleeting glory.
In your time here: Choose joy. Choose love. Choose to let the positive vibes & love warm you. Leave the rest. See the beauty in the everyday. Celebrate imperfection and know this:

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are not your mistakes. You are a unique soul in a human body. Enjoy the miracle.
If you can smell jasmine blooming or a hot meal cooking, celebrate. If you can see the ocean lap the shore, see the face of someone you love, celebrate. If you can hear music and children laughing, celebrate. Taste fresh herbs or good wine. Hold someone’s hand. Walk. You are so blessed.
For every blessing we take for granted, there is someone less fortunate. Claim your joy so you can multiply and share it. Be the sun, the blossom, the radiant Rose Quartz, the warm loving energy someone else needs. #whpvibes 🌸

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Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

The magical Golden Temple of Kyoto, Kinkaku-Ji. Which image is your favorite? Don’t let these photos fool you...
...with throngs of tourists circling for selfies, it isn’t as serene as it looks. Which is why it took me 6 years to visit this Kyoto staple. There are far more peaceful hidden gardens & shrines to be had in the city.
And from a minimalist edit with one of my mobile Lightroom presets (#5) to #editgrams using multiple apps & effects (to be fair my magic crane *was* there...just not in my shot!), the original photo is far less surreal though still majestic! If you’re interested in a stand-alone course that teaches mobile editing (from simple to elaborate!) let me know in the comments & I might build it!

So what do you prefer: creativity or verisimilitude? Or both like me? I love the beauty of reality. But I also love creating inspiring images that captivate the imagination.

In the end would I recommend visiting the Golden Temple, Kinkaku-Ji? Once in a lifetime or for some beautiful photographs, certainly. And despite the tourists I carved out a sacred moment to honor this place and lit a candle for serenity at the shrine up the hill. #livemoremagic #localmilkjapan #theartofslowliving #beautifuldestinations #iamatraveler


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

“Fiction is the truth inside the lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough: the magic exists.” - @stephenking .
It doesn’t exist in curated squares, fractions of seconds frozen in time. It isn’t the highlight reel. These images can only whisper about the magic. The magic exists in the real.

In old rooms. In the mess. In one too many or none at all. In inventions born of necessity. It’s in ugly tears and snort laughs. It’s blind new love. And all seeing old. It’s patina. It’s everything that doesn’t last forever.
It’s spring in Kyoto, shivering, exploding, and gone. Hot bowls of hand-cut noodles. Tangled power lines and temples. Rainbow vending machines, milk tea, and sakura blossoms. Cranes and canals. Rice paper.
Tell me, what is the magic for you? #livemoremagic #theartofslowliving


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

Did you miss the big news? The 2020 Mastermind is officially happening and accepting applications soon!
I‘ll be taking a hand picked group of 25 applicants for an exclusive 1 year long program designed to give you the tools to take your business, blog, or platform to the next level in terms of impact and income. We’ll be gathering at 3 retreats around the world in some of my most coveted locations from retreats past—Japan, Morocco, and one more surprise destination to learn the ins and outs of monetizing your expertise, skills, and products online to help leverage your hard won experience to scale your business up & reclaim your time. If you‘re an established entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger, or influencer that is still trading time for money or new to creating and selling your own products, this is the program for you.

I’ll be walking my mastermind inner circle through the exact system and strategies I used to triple our revenue while cutting my working hours back to focus on what matters most: health, family, and life.
If you’re ready to claim your seat at the table and join an intrepid group of heart centered entrepreneurs & creatives on a journey that has the potential to transform your business and life, email and let us know you’re interested to be one of the first to receive the application when we open our doors! I’ll be curating a special group that will be as valuable as the leadership. The idea of a mastermind is that our resources combined as a group are more powerful than going it alone and this will be a community of free sharing, no secrets, and rising tides lift all. I can’t wait to meet you all and invest an entire year into coaching and leading what I know will be an amazing group!
We ask that applicants already be making 100k revenue or more or have a well established platform (like email list or social media) to get the most out of the program as it’s our most advanced program specifically designed to take established businesses to the next level. If you aren’t there yet...don’t worry! We have lots of other programs and resources (even free) for every step of the way! #bethkirbymastermind2020


Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog

Mastermind info below! Yesterday @thedenizenco, a talented graphic designer & photographer (that you should follow now if you don’t!) & my partner for the Japan retreats, and I wrapped our 6th retreat at @ryokan_sanga—a traditional Japanese inn in the Aso mountains with natural healing hot springs.
I woke this morning with a cup of matcha & a trip to the outdoor onsen to reflect on my goals for the second half of the year & next. I decided in that stillness that I‘m more than ready to lead a mastermind in 2020! And no group program of mine would be complete without a trip to this beautiful destination. The mastermind will have 3 retreats around the world in 2020. Read on to learn what this group will be about & who it would be a good fit for! Accepting applications soon!
What will this mastermind be about? It will be specifically tailored to teach creatives & entrepreneurs systems & strategies to leverage their expertise & share their hard won knowledge & skills through online education products, creating an offer ladder of products + services at various price points to better serve your customers & clients, and events, retreats, and coaching. The main focus will be on learning how to create “passive” revenue streams & team build so that you can scale your business up without losing your life & the things that really matter (like health, self-care, relationships, and experiences outside of work!)
Who is this for? It is a program specifically designed to take established creatives & businesses to the next level with email list building, funnel & launch strategies, and team building skills. We will be looking for people who are already generating at least $100k revenue in their business or have a well established platform (like a strong email list or social media presence.) The beauty of a mastermind is not only the leadership but the group itself. It’s my goal to curate a powerhouse group of entrepreneurs to help each other and form a community that shares business information freely. If you are interested email to get the application first!