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You’ve really got it all when your family understands you like a friend and your friends support you as family. #modernfamily #fucksocialnorms #nudeyoga #nudephotography #partneryoga 📸 @aloyoga’s yoga book


Structure is good but rigidity breeds stagnation. Even though a handstand looks effortless or stable, there is always so much going on mentally and physically. Learn to see things backwards, inside out, and upside down. Different perspectives give you experience... even if it’s bad, you learn from it. 📸 @fitflexjuli

Venice, California

I’ll admit, shooting nudes is a funny experience. Our first experience was with @jasperyoga and I remember thinking I would be laughing the whole time. But, once I was in it, I realized how incredibly liberating it was to be comfortable in my birthday suit. And as I ponder this concept, it makes me think about how liberating it is to be completely open,honest, and emotionally raw with someone while giving them the space to do the same. I guess you could say that this concept is a vital part to successful relationships because the more and more we do this for ourselves and eachother, the more comfortable and compassionate we fine our interactions. It’s not easy to shed the emotional habits we’ve accumulated from childhood and unhealthy relationships with ourselves and others, but you HAVE to start. Start taking responsibility for who and where you are in your life and stop blaming others. YOU hold the key to YOUR happiness and consider it a privilege to have someone to share it with! 📸 @aloyoga @aloyogastores Wearing nothing which is everything

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Over the course of that last year and a half, @diceyoga and I have struggled a lot with maintaining the type of co-parenting relationship that we envisioned from the beginning of our separation. Not just because we were individually working on our own resentment towards one another, but mainly because of our attachment to the ‘social norm’ and what “others” expect a ‘divorced or separated’ family to look like. Honestly, when people would tell us that what we were doing was weird or not normal, or when people would give us their “traditional” really pissed me off because it distracted me from my main goal, working on communicating better. No one knows what is best for a family except the people who are in it. And, I’ll tell you honestly, from personal experience, the traditional way of splitting up (lawyers etc) only builds more anger and resentment and doesn’t fix the real problem. Instead of fighting like exes, we have worked on actually trying to make the issues we had in our relationship better without the pressure of a romantic relationship. We have kids, so we HAVE to be in each other’s lives and thinking that the end of a relationship, means the end of trying doesn’t work when you have kiddos!
Yesterday was our wedding anniversary (we got married on 12/12/12) and although we aren’t romantically together right now, we brought the family together to celebrate our union. Because, our union, regardless of what happened or what it is now is what gave us both the beautiful kids and life we have in the present. Celebrating one another doesn’t have to be contingent on relationship status. Do social norms stress you out too?
#fuckthenorm #embraceyou #family #coparenting #coparentingdoneright 📸 @fitflexjuli

Santa Monica, California

How often are you grateful for the things you already have? The things we might label as the simple things in life are actually the most precious. What are you grateful for today? 📸 @actionhiro wearing @aloyoga


The infant/toddler stage can be tough on relationships. For us, it was tough because the attention that we gave to each other became less and less. We aren’t saying this is the solution for everyone. But when we removed our relationship issues from the priority list, we became better Co-parents as we are able to put our kids first...and when the kids are happy, well, it makes life easier! 📸 @actionhiro #yogifamily #coparenting


When you fall down, you can choose to be hard on yourself or just laugh and brush it off. Either way, try to learn from mistakes...on or off the mat...that’s how you get stronger physically and mentally! Happy Sunday!


Sometimes you need to getaway to refuel and sometimes, all you need to refuel is already right around you, you just need to open your eyes to it. 📸 @actionhiro


At our Yoga Teacher Trainings, we focus almost daily on the business of yoga and specifically on the different facets or avenues of opportunity open to yoga teachers today...which has basically doubled in the last decade. In the past and present, yoga teachers could teach public and private classes, workshops, retreats, festivals and trainings. Now, in addition to that, we can teach online, build a social media following, garner brand sponsorships, travel the world, and even work for large companies or brands to help spread the love for yoga. But the biggest challenge is accumulating the tools and experience to go after these opportunities... that’s why, in our trainings, we and other successful Yogis share our personal experience and advice to help guide new and experienced yoga teachers towards their dreams and fullest potential. Please share some helpful nuggets you’ve learned along the path of teaching yoga 🙏 and come find me for a class at @wanderlustfest Oahu, March 2018! 📸 @actionhiro


We found yoga 🧘‍♂️ for ourselves but it impacts everyone around us. By slowing down and focusing on the present, we actually get to choose the way we react to things...especially our kids. So, although it be a very solo practice, it can also be a family practice! Which is why our trainings are family friendly!! For more info, check out the bio link. How do you share your practice with your family? 📸 @actionhiro


How long will it take me to handstand?? This is one of the most common questions we get from Yogis on their handstand journey. The answer is always the same...time is irrelevant and varies from person to person. We are ALL different... body and mind. And although certain body types might have an easier time learning this skill, the way our mind works has a lot to do with it as well. Most often, when you let go of the result/destination and become more present in the journey...that handstand will present itself to you when you least need it. Come and learn those foundational handstand tips with us at any of our 2018 trainings! #handstandtips #bryceyoga 📸 @fitflexjuli


Allow your yoga practice to be a mirror for life. Then, allow it to help you gain the tools to grow. What we learn on the mat can sometimes feel trivial, but how we approach a pose, a Vinyasa, success, and failure on the mat can help us shift and mold the way we react to real life challenges. When I realized this, yoga became a part of my life and much more than just a physical practice. Not that I meditate all day or live an entirely Yogic life but we, as a family, try to live a conscious one. Conscious of our impact on eachother and others and responsibile for our own paths. #bryceyogatt 📸 @actionhiro Wearing @aloyoga