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at least I fit perfectly in the frame. #tallpeopleproblems


naptime for the “littles”.


birthday boy here! this was one of my last birthday hat celebration pics with buddy that i never shared so what better way to celebrate my 12th birthday than with a photo that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! it may be my first birthday without him next to me in dog form, but he is always with me in spirit. i reminded human that she needs to make me our usual birthday chicken dinner. benny is VERY good at eating chicken so he fits right into our pack. thank you for all the birthday love! i may be an old man, but you all make me feel forever young. ❤️ #boois12 #puppylove (📷: @thegracechon)


it’s been a little over 6 months since my buddy left us. since then we’ve made a donation in buddy’s name to @pawschicago. PAWS is an amazing no-kill shelter in chicago (where human is from!) and is doing amazing work to rescue animals as well as drive to transform chicago and the broader midwest to a no-kill region. we are so happy to have found out about them and the incredible work they do and couldn’t think of a better way to honor buddy. please follow them on IG to see all the happy stories, check out their website for more info, and donate if you can. ❤️ #buddyforever


hi, everyone! meet benny! he is about 8 months old, LOVES to wrestle, LOVES to steal and play with whatever bluebeary is playing with at the moment, and LOOOVES to pee in the house. he is always happy, very stubborn, and the sloppiest water drinker you’ll ever meet (imagine entire face soaked and leaving a trail across the entire house after every water break). he is no easy dog to train, but he is already bluebeary’s best friend and loves being with family more than anything else. plus he’s pretty cute so we’ll keep him 🙃


hi, friends! it’s been awhile since i posted, and it seems i’m due to give an update! thank you for all the notes asking how i’m doing. my heart is warm with all the love i continue to get from you guys ❤️. i’m turning 12 on friyay! i am officially an old man. i go to physical therapy every week, and i take a lovely cocktail of meds with each meal ... but my attitude is as strong as ever! these days i like to just lounge around, spend time with my humans, and sleep. it’s a good life. we have also added a furry friend to the family as bluebeary was getting lonely. he needed someone he could wrestle with as i’m not exactly a fair match ... since i would destroy him every time. let me know if you guys would like to meet him 🙂 that’s all for now! more later!


hope everyone is having a most wonderful holiday season! my Christmas was great as soon as the humans realized i was in the trash pile ... but who’s complaining?


when you realize that you’re the most mature person in the house.


this was 5 years ago today when human used to put me through neck and ear workout drills. totally normal.


hats for kisses. fyi she tried giving me her hat as well. i did not give her a kiss for it.


human can’t for the life of her keep a plant alive, but she’s great at growing a boo.


up to no good these two.