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• Buddy + Boo + Bluebeary Pie + Benny + Baby Girl • ❤️🐶🌈🐶🐶🐶👧🏻❤️ ✉️:[email protected]


synchronized chomping. #b5familyfbf


dog life. no complaints here. 🐶😴




we’re convinced that until recently, she thought she was one of us. much to her disappointment she’s since realized that she’s just another human. #b5familyfbf


today can be a scary day for us pups. please keep us safe and hold us close when the fireworks start! hope everyone has a fun day of festivities! (📷: @larissaclevelandphoto)


even though we are career unemployed, we still appreciate a good holiday. happy early birthday, America! here’s to endless birthday wishes of a contagious wave of love, kindness, and empathy across our country ❤️


another family flashback friday! welcome to our zoo. #b5familyfbf


one more from the other day. guess which of us 3 is the goofiest? bluebeary and I can’t get a wink of sleep with him around.


a little boowich for your monday brought to you by my “little” brothers with no respect. usually you love your siblings for who they are, but sometimes you just love them because you have no choice.


family friday! we never show our humans’ faces, but our sister has one of those faces that changes constantly and she looks nothing like this anymore. so here is an old glimpse from a couple years ago of the sibling you rarely see. she’s the least furry of us all, and, therefore, probably the least awesome. but we love her anyway, because we are so nice. #family #b5familyfbf


today would have been my best buddy’s 15th birthday. we miss him everyday but know he is prancing around doggy heaven and smiling down on us. ❤️


Mid day nap with the baby sis.