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Buddy Boo Blue Benny

evening hangouts with the humans on our trip! many of you have noticed and been asking about my fur lately, and people have been mistaking me for buddy (and feeling very confused as a result haha). i have a condition where i lose my fur or it doesn’t grow much, but it will randomly grow back occasionally. the past couple years haven’t been great in the fur department, and we just accepted it as my new look. however the humans changed my diet several months ago, and my fur just sprouted up out of nowhere! this is literally the first time i’ve had fur on my tail in a couple years, and we’ve been keeping my fur long because we can’t ever be sure if it will grow back once we cut it. anyone an 80s/90s baby? human says i look like a popple now 😊


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

floof! on a road trip with the humans now! don’t worry, i am not loosey goosey in the front seat. this is from a little earlier. currently keeping baby sis company in the back of our super cool minivan. 🐶👧🏻🚗


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

puppy ❤️


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

little known fact: our human is anti-social so if you come knocking, this is what you’ll have to deal with. (also our mailman is terrified of us.)


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

back when buddy always made sure i knew who was boss, and i didn’t mind.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

happy halloween, friends! we normally don’t post any current photos of baby sis, but she is virtually unrecognizable here as her alter ego, super girl: world changer. for those having trouble recognizing her three sidekicks in costume, that’s bluebeary, benny, and me, sillies!


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

one more day until halloween! hope everyone has their costumes/disguises ready! hold your pups close tomorrow ... it can be a scary day for some furry friends.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

our dancing queens. coordination not required.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

we’ve been told that this photo is a little creepy. i didn’t know that creepy was another word for awesome. last weekend before halloween!! don’t be that family that gives out raisins! or those mystery gross things wrapped in black and orange paper!


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

hippity hopping ... after human discovered the dollar aisle at target a few years ago. it changed our lives and filled our junk drawer with endless treasures such as these.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

on tuesdays we wear tuxedos. buddy and i never needed a reason to be dapper. 👯‍♂️