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πŸ‘‡On the Burton Blog: Inside Rider Roundtable


A big part of being rider-driven is getting our product in front of the #BurtonTeam. Rider Round Table is our chance to get together with our men's and women's teams to see if we can push the progression a little further, find more sustainable solutions and improve both comfort and function. Read more on the Burton blog - link in bio.


To all the #RadDads out there, just think: What would @chocorompe do? Today's your day, go have fun. #HappyFathersDay


When there's no snow left, a good portion of Burton employees start hitting the skate park instead, which brings us to today's #burtonregram. "I had been trying this trick for probably at least 2-3 weeks every day after work, and on this day @cirilliphoto showed up, I finally landed it," says designer @crustycuts. "Also, I have a really bad sweet tooth, and coincidentally this trick is called a sugarcane. I have a feeling that had something to do with it."


Nature's color palette isn't black and white, so why should yours be? Brighten up your next hike with bags, sweatshirts, tanks and more with Canvas Iris Stripe print. Link in bio.


If you've ever called us, you've heard the friendly voice of a Burton Guide. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be on the other side of the phone? As our busiest season approaches, we're expanding our team of customer service all-stars by adding several seasonal positions. Want to join the team? Read more on the Burton blog, link in bio.


@grilo @clemensmillauer @sepplramsbacher flipping out on the last little patch of snow. πŸ“½οΈ: @denisjanezic #RidingIsTheReason


@carterojarvis going top to bottom at @woodwardcopper. Just wrapped Burton Week there with the #kilroycrew. πŸ“½οΈ: @iantmacy


Home video from our trip to Shasta. Stay tuned for more. #dadcam


When @ben_ferguson closes his eyes, what do you think he sees? We think it might be something like this. #RidingIsTheReason


New men's and women's shorts at the link in our bio. Don't think twice, just dive right in.


There are all kinds of ways to break a backpack buckle, but luckily, repairing them is pretty easy. You can DIY repair a broken buckle in about 15-30 minutes using the steps below. #BurtonQuickFix
Step 1: Get a backpack buckle. If you reach out to us, we can gladly send you one. If you want to buy your own, just measure the width to figure out the size.
Step 2: Using a seam ripper, pull out the existing seam a few threads at a time. You can find a seam ripper online or at any fabric store.
Step 3: Pull out the old stitching. Slide off the damaged buckle.
Step 4: Loop the buckle strap through the top hole of the replacement. Using a sewing machine, we recommend stitching a minimum of three passes. If you don't have a sewing machine, borrow a friend's.
Step 5: After the top part is attached, slide the strap from behind the buckle through the middle part, then send it back through the bottom part of the buckle. If you're confused, use the buckle on another strap as a guideline.
Step 6: You're done! Give yourself a pat on the back for learning a new trick and prolonging the life of your bag.
Ps. If this is over your head, that's cool, you can always send it in to us to repair for you.


All those hand-drawn squiggles add up to what we call Bambara Print. Grab a bag, tee, or a pair of shorts in this bold flavor and spice things up. Link in bio.


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