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Cara Delevingne

#MYECORESOLUTION is to give up plastic bottles and plastic straws!

Even though I may never be “perfect,” I am making the resolution to start making positive changes to the way I live in order to help prevent climate change, environmental destruction and mental illness.

I nominate @kendalljenner @mileycyrus @jaredleto @ritaora to make their own Eco Resolution!

Let’s not forget our power. Let’s support, inspire and empower each other to spread awareness and start acting.

To join, follow the format above (selfie + sign), add the text + your Eco Resolution and tag @myecoresolution.


Cara Delevingne

I’ve teamed up with @advayainitiative @christabel_rose to create @myecoresolution. Climate change, environmental destruction and mental illness are connected crises telling us that our way of life is neither working for us or the planet.

It can be difficult to talk about environmental destruction when so much of the way we live is unsustainable. But this guilt, shame and fear is not serving us or our Earth. It prevents action, awareness raising and conversation - the three things that we really need right now.

#MyEcoResolution is not about being ‘perfect’ but about going in the right direction. Through awareness we can take action and make positive changes to our daily lives in order to help prevent climate change and mental illness.

Join me to make an Eco Resolution and follow the instructions above. The effects of our actions create ripples that turn into waves. Let’s not forget our power. Let’s embrace a sea of change. Tag us and we will post our favorites xxx


Cara Delevingne

This is me realizing I lost more than 50,000 followers yesterday after posting about @rkelly Every time I say something real, something I truly believe, something others may think of as controversial, something that makes people think and ask questions, I lose followers. The followers I lose clearly don’t agree with what I have to say, people that support the ideas and actions of others who are moving backwards and not forwards. In 2019, I want to be more confrontational. Confrontation IS NOT VIOLENCE btw, it’s communication. Something I still struggle with. I have always been taught to avoid confrontation at all costs, which caused me to be silent most of my life, silence causes suppression and suppression causes sickness. Not anymore! Goodbye silence and backwards followers, hello confrontation and forward thinkers. It’s going to be a loud year xxx #MuteRKelly


Cara Delevingne

Forgiveness is more than saying sorry #namethatquote


Cara Delevingne

I finished the Surviving R Kelly documentary last night and I am so shocked and outraged at how long this has gone on. My heart goes out to all the victims of his emotional and physical abuse and their families. This man is a predator that feeds of power and in my opinion is far worse than Harvey Weinstein and needs to be held accountable. I am not trying to compare the two, my point is, Harvey is being investigated and R Kelly is not. We have ourselves to blame in this situation, I knew of the allegations but failed to try and understand the severity of the situation. I still continued to listen to his music. Stop separating art from the artist, just because he sings like an angel, doesn’t mean he is one. I still want to applaud @johnlegend @keke @vincestaples @chancetherapper @jadapinkettsmith @ladygaga for continuing the conversation. I really hope that more musicians stand up against this monster #MuteRKelly #MeToo #blackgirlslivesmatter


Cara Delevingne

Had the most incredible time at @finolhu_maldives this holiday. Thank you @gentlemonster for hooking me up with the shades 🕶 📸 by @james_suckling


Cara Delevingne

Playtime. #RSX #ad @pumasportstyle


Cara Delevingne

Had a whale of a time @natural_history_museum 🐳 it was over-whale-ming


Cara Delevingne

Just want to remind everyone the importance of crying. Even if tears don’t fall from your eyes, we all have to feel at some point. We are not robots, we are not meant to be okay all the time. I am proud of my emotions, good or bad. I want to share something I wrote whilst crying ‘You don’t have to cry with your eyes closed,
If you open them, you will see the courage it takes to swim alone in the ocean’ ❤️💦❤️


Cara Delevingne

Only two more days ... ❤️