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Walking around Santa Monica yesterday, and look who I found! My first yoga man-crush, @diceyoga. If you don’t know Dice, get your shit together and go give him a follow. He’s strong, smart, kind, a badass teacher, and a good golfer! See why I had (have) a crush on him?!
It’s our last day in LA today, so we’re heading to the Acro Green soon. Who else is coming??
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About last night...
So I’m sitting at dinner and this guy asks if he can rub my shoulders. At first I’m like, uh, weeeeird. But then I figure, ah what the hell, free massage, right?
When he stopped I was kinda disappointed in the massage quality, but apparently he was doing a handstand on my shoulders?! WTF @moderntarzan, you crazy bruh.
Shoutout the whole dinner crew, good times last night with @acrowithjon @acrojames @acrosprout @onthecountofthree.
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Backbends are something I’ve neglected in my practice for a while now. Especially drop backs. I don’t remember the last time I dropped back into wheel. Now I do!
Bendy friends: Do you have any good strategies for opening up the hip flexors? Straightening my legs feels impossible here.
I appreciate any and all advice!
Sweats: @aloyoga.
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I’m going to Costa Rica in February 2018 to teach yoga at Envision Festival! Uvita is the most beautiful place in the world. You want to come. Plus I’ll be teaching some workshops in San Jose before the festival. .
Check out the @envisionfestival lineup, some of our favorite humans will be there ❤️ And also you can win TWO 4-Day VIP ‘Casa de Luz’ Passes to Envision Festival 2018 (Valued at $2000!)🤸🏽‍♀🏝️
To Enter: Follow the HIVE contest (✨link in bio✨)
Winner Receives:
- Two 4-Day VIP ‘Casa de Luz’ Passes
- 24hr Access to Solo Bueno VIP Lounge
- Plus a lot MORE VIP access and special gifts!
Who’s in?? Pura Vida!
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When you get bored, do you play with your balls??
If you have access to an exercise ball, try these:
The backbends feel amazing.
The figure four hands-free game is a fun challenge.
The ball bounce/catch game is quite tricky.
If you give them a try, tag me @carsonclaycalhoun and #CCCmademedoit so I don’t miss you 🙃.
Sweats from @aloyoga.
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Do YOU want to practice with me in 2018?
You’re in luck, I’m probably coming to your city. Seattle, Costa Rica, Europe, Texas, Florida, and Boston are all on the calendar for the first half of next year.
Do YOU live somewhere else and have a studio YOU want me to come to? PLEASE send me a direct message here or email to to book one of the remaining weekends in 2018.
Bonus points for messages from studio managers.
Can’t wait to hear from YOU!


Quick question:
I’m filming online classes & workshops soon. What kind of content would YOU like to see?
Let me know in the comments below!
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LA friends!
IF I come to Los Angeles next week, THEN would you be down to hang out? Maybe even come to a pop-up yoga class somewhere? What ELSE?
Bonus points if you tag my girlfriend in a comment and tell her to come with me!

Santa Monica, California

Some “Figa” work from today.
I googled “what does Figa mean?” and it says it means “fanny” in Italian. The idea is that when you lift your off-hand, you put it in your fanny. True story. 🤷‍♂️
After a frustrating morning of cartwheeling out handstands, for this fall, I was determined not to cartwheel. ...not the most graceful exit. 🐋🐳
Who wants to go back to the gym today? 🤸‍♂️🤾‍♀️ @benthetravelcoach? @onthecountofthree? @fitqueenirene? @samseesworld? . .
🙏 @aloyoga for the sweats 🕺
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Boulder, Colorado

3 weeks vegan!
I want to take a second to thank every one of you who has been a healthy influence on me.
Big thanks to my girlfriend @onthecountofthree who made me this delicious vegan oatmeal bowl for lunch today.
Vegan friends! What are your favorite vegan dishes?

Boulder, Colorado

Barcelona Ashtanga!
I’m planning a Euro-trip in April, and Barcelona is my first stop. Lots of Ashtanga and Rocket classes!
From there, I’m heading to London (@indabayoga). Then it’s up in the air. Do YOU have a European studio you practice at? Tag a friend who’s in charge, and I’ll come practice with you! -
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