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Becoming more comfortable with our vulnerability is actually the way to feel more secure.


Lost in the bubbles > lost in the sauce. Chatting with @vitacoco tmrw at their pop up in #NYC w/ me + @katiedalebout + @jordanbach • come say what’s up at noon


"Now, I focus on the message. With everything I do I ask, “does this serve the work?” Or does it serve my ego, my low self-esteem, my need for external validation? I write my values and mission over and over as I affirm myself and the purpose of my work. I try to balance the confidence and intact self-worth. I share ways to help my audience with the negativity of social media landscapes. Sure, we still live in a world where we, as women, are taught from a very young age that our bodies are the most valuable parts of us. Not so much that other components aren’t valued, just that physically looking a certain way matters (and the specifics of that vary by time and place). To be something of substance in an otherwise potentially vapid space, feels far more empowering than taking the easy way out." me for @swaaymedia // What a full week. Talks with @thefinancialgym, business building, dinners, research papers, and more dope conversations than I can list. #fridaythoughts are the above, keep the focus on something real, move with integrity and don't be afraid of the meaningful work. #barefacegang


As a woman whose work is centered around the intersection of women, well being, bodies, and mental health; I’ve never been one to shy away from talking about everything that goes into health and wellness. We can’t talk about total health for women without talking about sex (or sexuality and sexual health.) So thankful that @lola believes candid conversations that matter drive change. They even created a hotline you can call to hear other dope women and my friend @glowmaven , Dr. Corina Dunlap and Shan Boodram, and @bethanycmeyers 🖤) talk about sex. Call 1-662-HEY-LOLA to listen in, or if you’re in NYC come check out this super cool mural by @eumiel in Brooklyn (N 10th / Wythe & Berry). It's up until July 24th. // For all other CB Sex and Lady chats, head over to @cbqualitytraining where I have a private page just for women, where we talk about sex, health, fitness, and more. #HEYLOLA


"Even with this deep self-analytical dive, we then have to assert self-compassion. We have to be good to ourselves even when we screw up. To continue to believe we are worthy just because we are, not because of what we do. By accepting we are humans (as is everyone we see on social media) we can start to repair our own inner dialogue, craft affirmations that actually help instead of hurt and live a more peaceful self-actualized life that is feels free and honest." // Wrote a piece on self worth for @swaaymedia · link in stories 🖤


Paying attention is the most basic and profound expression of love · #mentalhealthmonday Is about paying attention. It's a simple way of defining mindfulness but sometimes all it takes to be aware and present is to pay attention...to our insides (thoughts, feelings, sensations), to our outsides, to those around us (I always say there is truth in all jokes and a wish in all complaints) and on a macro level, paying attention to the world and our environment. // I've been refocusing on business, purpose and life these days by paying attention which means more grinding and less posting. Very excited for what I got in store for y'all + Ebooks + In person conversations + More panels + More info + More love (and maybe some style notes, too). 📷 @dianadaviscreative


Only person carrying their own skincare towelettes everywhere and getting caught using them. Sweat and dirt coupled with the drying effects of chlorine (and sun) no bueno for skin. @vitacoco towelettes (also fav for travel) + @aloeuniquesouthafrica sunscreen + water + hats my best summer lay up.


Summer · Finally getting motivated again and IG got a new questions feature. Seems y'all want an updated skin care report & finally some info on my style? I would not call myself fashionable but it's simple and it's me. 📷 @dianadaviscreative


If you watched my story, you already know I refuse to call attention to things I think just are. Happy to have a body that is with me on every adventure that comes my way. #cali #bestie #spain


#mentalhealthmonday. There's really no greater peace than living above the noise, and taking off all the worries, insecurities, comparisons, and petty frustrations while realizing you can do things your own way with compassion, integrity, peace and power. Forging a path that's rooted in awareness and truth instead of trends might not be the most popular (and you will make others feel uncomfortable) but it's fulfilling in ways innurmerable 🖤




All I want to write is KEKE DO YOU LOVE ME. ARE YOU RIDIN. but instead let's have a moment to think about what happens when you change your perspective. I'm just as guilty of focusing (whole heatedly at that) on what's going wrong instead of what's going right. I am capable of getting super low and lost in my head often. Tho it's not about washing positivity over everything it's far better to create a balanced space of radical acceptance of what's maybe not so great with a deliberate and solid nod to what is amazing coupled with a bunch of gratitude (which can help reframe even some super crappy moments from the inside out). // #mentalhealthmonday on a #friday 📷 @dianadaviscreative