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Story time • Tho most know me as unconventional yoga, my work before was in sustainable food ways and conscious living, all the way back to 2000 before it was cool or we could post anything about it. I worked at a co op. I lived on a farm. I studied. I listened. I learned. A major part of what I do continues to be transparency and encouraging truth as a means to living an honest life that is thoughtful and full of care. A reflective life goes for mental health and self care but also it extends to what we allow into our lives and bodies. This extends to the food we eat and even the clothes we wear. I’m proud to know the people who are the true innovators in spaces were gimmicky food and fast fashion are king. Thank y’all for staying with me as I dig deeper and remaining curiosity to how to live a more informed and enlightened life.


A thought from your favorite mental health advocate · I was listening to a podcast today discussing how blurry "wellness culture" has become. My current writing is centered around how we can develop ourselves to be in a place where we can see through the BS and navigate socials in healthy ways. But what do we do when socials are actually more triggering than empowering? When it is hurting more than it is helping? So much of social media has a powerful subconscious effect on our mental state without us even realizing it · We are all responsible for taking care of ourselves and our process. Trained individuals can assist tho. Sometimes we just gotta do the work. And that's ok. Be good to yourself. 🖤


“I bought built and bendy 2.0 on Saturday and I started yesterday! The circuit is awesome, I was sweating like crazy and added a few weights in since I’ve been lifting for awhile. I love how you incorporated the mindfulness aspect because it’s something I tend to look over in my daily life.” @tatiannabfit • Did y’all know #builtandbendy 2.0 has a meditation guide + yoga recommendations + strength training? Available now on clairefountain.com (link in bio) 🖤 Ladies, hop over to @cbqualitytraining for a code for BB2.0 bc I love y'all


#mentalhealthmonday • Some IG story thoughts on empowerment. To be empowered is a heavily discussed topic these days, especially in the landscape of social media. Tho I’ve spoken on this many times, lately I think a great deal of empowerment comes when we stop the “either / or” thinking about ourselves. When we agree that as whole people (women) we can be any and all things at once and stop apologizing for our choices bc we were told we can only be one way or how we are perceived/judged/critiqued/etc. • Here’s to defining empowerment by yourself for yourself.


Sunday thoughts • I think a great deal about the attitudes and behaviors that we can cultivate that capture constructive and affirmative ways of living. Often much of this is how our beliefs shape how we view ourselves, judge ourselves, and how much happiness (or wellness) we really have. A shift in perspective (which is actually more in our control than we might think) might change everything. Challenging our beliefs that make us feel bad and editing thoughts that keep us feeling less than, is a proactive way to shift self-esteem to a far better place.


“The word “comfort” comes from the Latin words for “with” and “strength” and originally meant operating from a position of power” - Joseph Chilton Pearce • Current mood is heavy with meditation, finding the safe and calm within ourselves and really listening to the space between moments.


mood. (I post bc it makes me happy to be a happy woman in the sun. But. I just wait for all the gross men comments. Sigh.)


I'm learning to embrace perceived flaws as gifts. Maybe I get anxious and worry but it's always in direct proportion to how much I care. In that way, it's a blessing to feel things so deeply, and for that I am grateful.


Calm is a super power.


Many of us think devouring books and podcasts is the same as doing the work.
It's not.
#mentalhealthmonday is to look at how much you're being an observer vs actually doing the work. I posted this on stories but was asked to expand on it: When I say "doing the work" it's not typically pretty. It's looking at uncomfortable truths and facts/feelings, actions/behaviors, etc that keep us from our own peace and our best lives. We can easily think that if we just read enough, just get enough new ideas or eat the right foods, etc, we can fix all our problems. But it's really more about taking all the skills and methods we learn and applying them. Asking the questions. Making the connections. Listening and learning from (and through) experience not just acquiring the tools and notes along the way.


What a beautiful Sunday. Time changes and all. I always think: change is inevitable, growth is optional. • Having a lovely time with all my ladies on @cbqualitytraining talking about supplements and my #birthcontrol experiences. Having a safe space is super great. Tell a friend to tell a friend (if they got ovaries) and come follow. • In other news, working on the Business Workshop y’all wanted to see! 🖤


Oh we back. As per usual the CB travel + workout schedule has been a mess but when I can I always get to the gym and lift. If you have goals for strength, skipping extended amounts of time is not ideal but I'm in maintenance + build business + live a full life. All the #builtandbendy chat is on @cbqualitytraining now. Big Q&A second Monday of each month, give aways, and it's LADIES ONLY. come say hi.