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"And I asked myself about the present: How wide it was, how deep it was, how much of it was mine to keep." #kurtvonnegut · Happy friday loves. #justbe // this week's themes have been honesty, presence, where respect lies, and what (if anything) is worth the pain. Weigh in below whatever comes to mind xx


#TBT pic for present work. How do you define self worth? What does feeling worthy mean to you? How has it played out in your life? Comment and let me know your thoughts. Might just end up in my next piece of work. ((Let me edit this. These are legit questions I want to ask as I make my way through a collection of writing I'm compiling. I am not beautiful bc I can stand in a sports bra on a beach. I just am. I like the pic. I care more about answers to my questions. Continue on.))


"What would it take to desensitive ourselves so that we could contain rather than be possessed by our feelings? We would have to work, usually in therapy, on building our inner resources. This includes an unconditional yes of acceptance of ourselves as being just as fragile as we are. How hard something hits us is directly proportional to how much control we are trying to exert over it. This paradoxical and humbling practice of an unconditional yes to how limited we are is a path to healing. It is a long road, but it does not have to be a discouraging one. We should never be ashamed of being sensitive." · Wednesday book notes from my reading. #CBbooklist #womenthatread


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It's time to check in on #myhandstory! I've been putting a lot of love towards my natural nails the past 4 weeks and am happy to report, with the help of @sally_hansen Nailgrowth Miracle treatment my nails are stronger and more smooth than ever. I also learned that our nails don't just grow out they also grow 'up' meaning they can become stronger and thicker. Tho I still broke one (I'm hard on nails and my hands) having this protective strengthening layer on them has definitely made a difference and saved all the rest. Taking back years of nail damage!


Sundays are for reflecting (and school work but that's just me.) The past few weeks I've been working on my 'financial fitness' with @thefinancialgym · So much I knew about but didn't know how to do it or even what I needed to do in certain areas. I think many women don't even know where to go for financial guidance, have shame around money, or think the only reasons you go is to manage debt or large purchases. Not so. As a small business owner, I had to get real about stuff I didn't want to think about along with dropping the outta sight, outta mind mentality around money. Y'all really all should give this process a shot. Mental health is even better when you're at ease with your financial health. Who has questions about financial literacy for women? Or anyone* · Comment below, working on hosting a session together for y'all ;) #knowyourworth #morelife #financialfreedom #moneymoves #sandalgamestrong


How my overly dramatic ass stays hydrated. Gloomy weekend calls for writing (and listing more stuff on the @cbqualitytraining page for ladies) · Still got my coconut water on deck tho. Who wants a blog on why I care so much about proper hydration? Bc it's not just water but also about minerals, salts, and some sugar. Fancy that.


Ok had to add some more pix :) lovely morning class with @adidasnyc + me + @heyokreal and @theubc · Yoga, community and chatting about trusting ourselves. Thanks to this great class. Who wants a follow up blog post on the topic, and another class with us?? ;) 🖤 please note this deltoid coupled with my mic, channeling @cholofitcreeper, just need a bandana.


“Beneath each question, even under an idle curiosity, lies an emotional need, and under that lies a feeling of incompleteness." Finished a blog a few weeks back by request on broken hearts. A subject I'm far too familiar with. Link in bio.


Got to speak up about "5 Empowering Reasons You Should Stop Weighing Yourself Daily" for @byrdiebeauty · Important messages Im passionate about. Give it a read, link in bio and comment thoughts 🖤 "Diet culture has become so pervasive, it is part of who we are as women and how we navigate the world," Fountain brings up. "Part of that is a preoccupation with body and weight, as we are 'taught' that value lies in physical attributes and only certain bodies, shapes, and weights are valuable. These habits become normalized. It is not uncommon for women to weigh themselves daily and see that as okay. Entire moods can be run or ruined by a number on a scale, which is heartbreaking, as weight can be temperamental at best. It is also not indicative of how else you are doing in life. Are you content? Do you sleep well? Do you have healthy relationships? Do you love easily and often? Do you feel loved and accepted for things that aren't your body? These are more impactful things to be asking.”


Sign up is here NYC! Peep the link in my bio get a spot, space is limited! • Join me and @heyokreal as we link forces with @adidasnyc to go thru a signature flow with yours truly along with an open discussion about Trusting Yourself. Will include bra+tights fitting, dialogue, community, yoga with me, and breakfast. Come bright and early with me. Don’t wanna miss this playlist either ;)


Guess who’s teaching this week NYC?? Back on the mat for a special class. Keep your eyes posted for announcement and how you can sign up. Currently making my playlist + thinking on our theme #trustyourself. #mentalhealthmonday can also be about what Trusting Yourself means to you and why it’s important. Self awareness is a key component of developing trust for oneself. What do y’all struggle with when it comes to trusting yourself (or if it comes with ease, what supports that ease?)?


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