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India! Less then 2 months left 💛 Our next YogaKioo 300-hour Advanced Yoga TTC will take a place at Norbulingka Temple, Dharamshala as 32days retreat. It is already Fully Booked. But you can always follow my website for the upcoming TTCs.


Concentrating on the object during meditation is just like cluth gas relation. What is need is to practice enough, to be with the object.



Oslo 💛 I am coming your way once again 🙏 6th - 7th Jan 4 different workshops @osloyoga ! For more details and to register check www.osloyoga.no @annelimjoen 💛


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What do you really fight for?


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Bir sonraki YogaKioo Temel Swing Yoga Eğitmenlik Eğitimi 26-27-28 Ocakta! Kayıtlar yarın sabah başlıyor. Muazzam bir deneyim seni bekliyor :) Detaylar bio’daki linkte 👆🏻@yogakiooturkiye
YogaKioo next Fundamental Swing Yoga Teacher Training Course will take a place @yogakiooturkiye Beylikduzu on 26-27-28 Jan. Registration will start tomorrow! .
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Fear is just an idea.
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*Her pazartesi ve çarşamba 20:00‘da Raja Yoga dersimde @yogakiooturkiye ’de buluşalım.

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Pleasure is the blissful state of human mind. The perceiving subject experiences some worldly object she/he finds extremely desireable by obtaining it. Pain is the miserable state that arises if one fails to get it or, if the opposite happens. When neither of them arises, subjective awareness is affected by pleasure state or the opposite.


Last 2 days of YogaKioo 280-hour Fundamental Hatha Yoga TTC 2. modul. Today’s subject is “Pregnancy Yoga” They practice to show empathy toward pregnant students. And they have learned how to prepare class to make them comfortable during pregnancy and to keep their mind strong. We will continue with our next subject “Yoga for injuries” and then “Kids Yoga” Then they will be ready for the 3rd Module which will take place at #Istanbul on January 💛🧐 :)

YogaKioo 280-saat Hatha Yoga Eğitmenlik Eğitmi’nin 2. Modulunun son 2 gunundeyiz. Bugunun konusu “Hamile Yogasi”ydi. Hamile ogrencilere karsi empati kurmayi pratik ettiler ve Hamilelik sureci boyunca onlari konforlu tutacak ve zihinlerinin guclu kalmasini saglayacak dersler hazirlamayi ogrendiler. 2. Modulun son iki konusu ile bu modulu tamamlayacagiz; “Sakatliklarda Yoga” ve “Cocuk Yogasi”. Ardindan #Istanbul ‘da gerceklesecek 3. Modul inzivasi icin geri sayim baslayacak! 💛🧐 :) @yogakiooturkiye


(Makalenin tamamı Türkçe olarak websitemde “Meditasyon: Kar Küresi”)
Thoughts and modifications are the snow flakes of a shaken snow globe and after minutes the snow flakes settle down so you can be alone with the object in the middle. For a person with advanced meditation practice, this happens around 5 minutes, whereas for someone with beginning practice it may take over an hour. The reason I’ve given the snow globe example is; to have active thoughts is not something negative or disturbing, in contrary just a different state like in the snow globe. The first moment in the meditation when you start concentrating on the object, the snow globe has been shaken. Even for a yogi with advanced meditation practice who can concentrate on the subtle object 4-5 hours, it is the same. And by concentrating on the object adequately and with the right effort, the snow flakes of the globe settle down and the object can bee seen free from the thought patterns. The right effort is very important. Neither more nor less; just as needed.
Full article on my website.


“destroying” means you need to show reaction to action. Action which you can not understand the truth behind it, yet the experience from itself has many unanswered and unreturned waves of the mind. Those waves needs to be destroyed. Because of them, the clear state of mind which we call “samma” is disturbed. like stable like disturbed by throwed. Like throwing a stone to a still lake and creating waves. As you can not do anything other than wait to stabilize that lake; you need to digest, and witness the reactions of the actions. That lake chooses the way it to become stable again. It can not do anything it doesn’t have and neither can your Great Lake (mind). You can not do anything to the waves in you, except witnessing them. All you can do is to improve your mind’s potential and to make it’s nature pure as much as you can by practice. So the Great Lake will destroy the waves by itself in a way it can do. So, for “destroying” all you need to be a witness. And all you need to give time to yourself to digest. If you try another way, it will only make you supress; imagine, if you try to stop the waves of the lake with your hands, what will happen?

To be continued...

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