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•Next Event: 24-27/05 Berlin, Germany @YogaKiooTurkiye
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💥🚀To celebrating our @yogakiooturkiye first year anniversary we are going to Berlin with all #YogaKiooTeam ! If you have any suggestion about Berlin, let me know ;) 💛🦄 .
.Flowing with my dear student @serrasagra .
💥🚀@yogakiooturkiye ‘nin birinci yilini erken kutlama icin tum #YogaKioo ekibi olarak yarin Berlin’e gidiyoruz! Pazartesi gunu gorusmek uzere ;) Biz yokken dersleri hangi hocalarin verecegini @yogakiooturkiye sayfasindan takip edebilirsiniz.
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Love is not inexpensive. The love between you and anyother can’t be over. After unexpected actions like betrayal you may think that your love has changed but in fact it stays same. One starts to act according to his/her mind’s patterns and therefore love can look like it is in a different dress. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. It is always there, always in you, and always in the person you have loved.
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The good is one thing; the pleasant, another. Both of these, serving different needs, bind a man. It goes well with
him who, of the two, takes the good; but he who chooses the
pleasant misses the end. -Katha Upanisad
İyi olan be zevk veren insana yaklasir. Arif kisi onlarin cevresinden dolasip ikisini ayirt eder. Bunlarin ikisi de baska ihtiyaclara hitap eder. Arif kisi iyiyi, zevkliye yegler; ama zevkliyi secen kisi, asil olani kacirir. -Katha Upanisad #yoga #upanishads


Different people see different things in us. Sometimes we like the things they see, sometimes we do not. But none of them is wrong. Because we are infinite and we can be anything. When you know that, when you know the potential and possibilities, then that can make a difference. Then you can control the things you do not want to become, or you can be the thing you want to be. “Control” is the word.

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Yarin sabah 10:00 da YogaKioo 300saat İleri Seviye Egitmenlik Egitimi’mizin kayitlari basliyor! Kimler heyecanli :) 💛

Tomorrow morning at 10:00am (IST) our next YogaKioo 300-hour Advanced Yoga TTC will start! 💛

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Bu yaz 2 inzivada bulusmak uzere! (ikisinde de son 4 kisilik yer, ama yedek listemiz mevcut).
. ⭕️”Gorulmeyeni Gormek” İnzivasi Cetin Cetintas ve Fatma Alkaya Cesme, İzmir 5-8 Temmuz 2018.
.⭕️Eylul Yoga Kampi Cetin Cetintas ve Devrim Akkaya Kocabahce Glamping Bozburun 30 Agustos-2 Eylul 2018

Kayit: info@cetincetintas.com
Detaylar profildeki linkde. .

See you at 2 retreats this summer! (Final 4 spots for both of them but there is a waiting list).
⭕️"To See the Unseen Retreat" with Cetin Cetintas and Fatma Alkaya at Cesme Izmir July 5-8 2018.
.⭕️September Yoga Camp with Cetin Cetintas and Devrim Akkaya at Kocabahce Glamping Bozburun August 30-September 2018

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Darkness hides, light reveals. In dark mysticism, practice focuses on the hidden objects which is carried through in the depth of the mind. But also practice focuses on the objects which are right in front of the eye (you stay in the shadow of that object). Mind’s depth carries objects which are not to be encounted yet. Thats why its called dark mysticism. That is what makes dark mysticism though and dark 🌒

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🌔🌒 Move like the moon, in 28 days make a round and round again (?!) 😅 #samsara

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Take my photo like i dont know 😄🧜🏻‍♂️
Haberim yokmus gibi cek adli calisma 😄🧜🏻‍♂️ #yoga #splits


Yoga asanas don’t heal the body all the time. Sometimes it hurts, it injures, it creates pain. Because it is destroying the energy body bondages which are created by mind. And sometimes when that bondages are destroyed, pain which is saved in that area from previous experiences can be released. In that way we can see those records. When we see those records it doesn't go away all the time, but it gives you a chance to change, to transform. When you transform it, that pain suddenly goes away. Sometimes very bad injuries can be healed in the same day. Because the healing is not happening in the body, but in the mind. Body is just mind’s reflection.

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#tb :) I just realised i didn’t share something on canes for a long time. Actually on these days i practice @yogakiooturkiye so i cannot practice with canes. I practice with all my students @yogakiooturkiye . When students practice with a teacher, they synchronous their system to a teacher. That’s why upanishad means sitting next to a teacher. Because It is a simple rule of the universe: you become who and what you surround yourself with. Choose your surrondings wisely. You are a direct result of your thoughts and that thoughts are shaped by the people that you spend time with.

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