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Back to #istanbul :) After a very long trip we just got home. See you next week @yogakiooturkiye ;) Come and hug me! 💛🔨 Photo by @basakduru
#Norbulingka #yoga #natarajasana #himalayas #dharamshala


2 days of Wood Carving workshop has finished at Norbulingka Institute :) First time i done wood carving, but for my hands somehow it is something very common 😄🗿 This is Tibetan style wood carving, and it’s still following traditional ways. You shape the wood by hitting it first to give gross shape🔨. Then you start to carve it. You can see my master piece by sliding left :) Also progress photos and videos on my story and highlight for a while ⏳. .
#woodcarving #tibetanarts #himalayas #yoga #yogakioo300TTC


Our last dinner at Norbulingka Institute with our YogaKioo 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) group 💛 a month with intense practice, tears, blood, laugh and LOVE is coming to an end... But the love between us will keep us yoga; unified as one. Practice will continue, until one has reach his/her true self 🙏💛 I will fly back to #Istanbul on saturday. See you soon at @yogakiooturkiye .
Turkcesi: Gidiyorum butun asklar uzerimde :) .

#yoga #yogakioo #himalayas #india #dhramshala

Himachal Pradesh

And the 3 days fasting in YogaKioo Advanced 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course has finished an hour ago. 10 hours meditation which has started 3:00am and 80 kumbhakas 4 times each day, and advanced asana practice.. All this journey just to see what we really are. After very intense 3 days many doors have opened for them.... We can save the world, at least from ourselves. .
#Yoga #YogaKioo300TTC #tibetanculture #himalayas #dharamshala #handstand #armbalance

Photo by @Serrasagra

Norbulingka Institute

Human easily miss the precious moments. Easily forget how much we love each other. And easily forget the moments which are once in a lifetime. Share your love whenever you can💛 tag someone to remind that person of your love 😌👩👦👨👦💛 .
Insan kolaylikla degerli anlari gozden kaciriyor. Kolaylikla birbirini ne kadar sevdigini unutuyor. Ve yasadigi o anlarin, omrunde bir kereligine yasaniyor oldugunu da... Sevgini paylasma firsati buldugun her anda, dusunmeden paylas 💛 Sevgini ona hatirlatmak icin birini tagle 😌🧝‍♂️🧝‍♀️💛 #yoga #love #shareyourlove #india #yogakioo300TTC #handstand #armbalance

Photo by @serrasagra

Himachal Pradesh

YogaKioo 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course’s last week is starting tomorrow! Another TTC is coming to an end with fulll of joy and love. This week there will be 3 days of fasting (just water for 3 days), 10-hour meditation a day, Tibetan Medicine, more philosophy, vayus and more... Then paragliding from the top of the #Himalayas ! It is so beautiful to watch how their practice is shifting 💛
Also i will start to learn wood carving from Tibetan Artist this weekend! Check my story to see how it will go 😄🗿💛🖋️ .
#Yogakioo @yogakiooturkiye #Love #Yoga #tibetanarts #handstand #armbalances #YogaKioo300TTC

Photo by @serrasagra

Dharmsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

Your differences might either unite or seperate.

#YogaKioo300TTC #Yoga #Himalayas #Dharamshala

Photo by dear @serrasagra

Norbulingka Institute

Throw back :) I didn’t have time to practice on canes for a long time since i am traveling a lot for teaching. But well, high buildings, stones and rocks are good substitutes 💥🗿⛩️ #yoga #scorpion #handstand

Himachal Pradesh

When you face situations which is difficult to show understanding, stop trying to show understanding to the situation, show to yourself. ⛩️
#YogaKioo300TTC #Himalayas #Yoga #Splits #Hanumanasana

Photo by Birthday girl @serrasagra 💛 Happy birthday beauty! :)🎈🎈👩🏼🚀👩🏻🚀