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I am enjoying editing images for my new book AMAZE which will be published by TeNeus later this year. On my series about children, I have so many favourites and some that have never been published before, like this one of a girl along the Karawari River. It has been waiting for years to be scanned and now that she is Digital, she is one of my favourites. I love the smiles and the colors! Thanks to @ryantidman for help scanning.
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East Sepik Province

The painted face of a man from the highlands of Papua New Guinea looks at my camera and his eyes tell me: I am not “the others”, I am just like you. That’s what I want to say with my photographs: even though we look different, we are all the same.

La cara pintada de un hombre del altiplano de Papúa Nueva Guinea mira a la cámara y sus ojos me dicen: No soy “los otros” soy igual que tú”. Eso es lo que quiero que mis fotografías digan : aunque parezcamos diferentes, todos somos iguales. *
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Mount Hagen

What experiences have impacted your life? Today I am reflecting on the kinds of experiences that have changed my life. For some of us, they are the rites of passage that come with being a human: giving birth, weddings, the departure of loved ones. For me, being in the water at sunset, surrounded by Silky sharks and not feeling an ounce of fear, has redefined my relationship with the ocean. In Jardines de la Reina, Cuba I jumped in the water to photograph these majestic animals, I felt the thrill of their presence, and I felt alive, humbled and immensely happy to be a part of the vast oceanic community for a few precious minutes. These are the moments that drive me to protect our oceans and coastal communities. #TurningTheTide with @sea_legacy
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Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

This feisty Madagascar Freshwater crab, is one of my favorite photos. Check out the video of how it was done on my feed.
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Diégo-Suarez, Antsiranana, Madagascar

You think you are going to get me!!! I found this very large Madagascar freshwater crab on a remote rural road in Madagascar. My driver wanted to run it over it but I persuaded him to stop instead so I could take a photo. I will post the photo from this shoot tomorrow!

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Diégo-Suarez, Antsiranana, Madagascar

Traveling by dog sled across the frozen sea ice highways of northern Greenland is one of those experiences that will always stay with me. If you close your eyes, all you hear is the swoosh of the wind and the conversation between the dogs and the musher. It is like riding on a magic carpet.

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Thule, Greenland

Children are some of my favourite subjects to photograph. Young and full of promise they remind me of the need to work faster, more urgently to leave a better planet for the next generation. This girl from the Merino tribe of central Madagascar was super shy and gave me the faintest of smiles. It never gets old to spend time with people that still have a connection to the land!

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Today we have reason to celebrate. The Canadian government just announced more than $12 million in new funding for research aimed at protecting B.C.'s endangered southern resident killer whales. Their numbers have been declining, from 89 whales in 2000 to a mere 76 today. Their future is uncertain as the lower coast of BC continues to industrialize. Projects like the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline will increase noise and ship traffic and the overfishing of foundation fish, like herring, has had an impact on salmon populations on which marine life, including orcas depend.

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Salish Sea Orcas

What does a healthy ocean look like to you?
There is a common misconception that protecting our oceans, keeping them healthy and vibrant, means destroying our economy; that it's either, or. In reality, what we are working towards is showing the world that acknowledging the vitality and of our seas isn't about sacrificing economy, but rather, it's about creating a new paradigm for what drives our economy. ⠀
My partner, @paulnicklen and I are at the GLOBE series in Vancouver. This year’s theme is "Disrupting Business as Usual, with a sub-theme of "The State of our Oceans.”
I am honored to be here and speaking on my vision on behalf of @sea_legacy and how we can protect it for both our planet’s health and a sustainable future.

Vancouver, British Columbia

An American crocodile says “hello” to me in the Garden of the Queens, Cuba. This crocodile is one of the many predators that inhabit Cuba’s mangrove forests. His nonaggressive behavior and seeing many of these predators in this area is an indication of a healthy and abundant ecosystem. Today, I am talking at the Loggerhead Marine Life Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida to help share my experiences in the field and conservation so that we can continue to protect all our tropical waters for generations to come. #TurningTheTide with @sea_legacy
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This past New Year’s day I was able to visit a Maasai village outside of Masai Mara National Reserve and met these two beautiful girls peering out the door of their home. Maasai women are tasked with building the Inkajijik, the Maasai word for home, for their family. Their houses are usually loaf-shaped and made from mud, sticks, grass, and cow dung and have to be rebuilt every eight months. One day, these girls will learn how to build their own homes from their mothers and take their rightful place in the community. Leadership comes from knowing where and who you belong with and girls who are raised in the certainty of their culture, like these Maasai girls, often go on to become great matriarchs. It is worth investing in making sure girls have the tools to become leaders.
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Masai Mara National Reserve

I am getting ready to speak to my friends and neighbours in Nanoose Bay about the magical spot we live in. The Salish Sea is a jewel of marine resources where life thrives in the rich waters of the Pacific. We are lucky to call this place “home”. A pink anemone holds on to a rock while kelp fronds sway in the currents of the Salish Sea.

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Nanoose Bay, British Columbia