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We used a dome on the beach yesterday for Ayla to chill under and she lovvved it. Off for round two today and see how we go! Babies are so unpredictable sooooo let’s see! 🍍🌴🌺🌞🐾 #beachbaby #aylarose


2 months today my Ayla Rose 🌹 #iloveyou


LOVE this tea! I’ve been trying to keep my energy up and feel well during this newborn stage so I don’t crumble into pieces 🤪🤗!! I’ve found this natural energy booster tea from @happywaytea to be my little saviour plus I’m obsessed with the taste! There’s a sweet concoction of lemongrass, papaya, ginger, cinnamon, and ginseng.. Droooool 🤤 You can use my 10% off discount code HAPPYDANI on the tea range as well as the protein I’ve been raving on about! I love how natural they are. I want to feel my absolute best for Ayla! (And Charlie boy too 🐶☺️ he needs his daily walks)! #superfoods #supermum #haha #happyway #teablends #organictea #vegan


My little love 🌸 ~ I’m not sorry for the baby spam! I am just too proud and in love! #thismorning #mygirl


Sunday’s never looked so good 🤗 Ayla is getting so chatty and smiley! Her face lights up when I talk to her then my heart melts all over again! #ifeelsolucky #chatsabouthiccups


Can’t deal 😍


Anyone lacking greens in their diet? I would be if I didn’t get my hands on @happywayau super greens powder. The only greens powder I’ve found that doesn’t taste like dirt. 🤢 Obviously I’m looking for quick and easy at the moment so this is perfect, makes me feel great, & I’m barely lifting a finger (water & powder and off I go 👉!) Use my code HAPPYDANI for 10% discount if you’re keen to try, your welcome 😉🍃🌾🌱 #vegan #supergreens #greenspowder #7weekspostpartum


Oh Ayla 💓🌸 ~ you kept me up A LOT last night but the morning smiles and cute chatter make all the exhaustion disappear and my heart melts even more... she already knows how to work me 😂 My man asked if I was crying this morning I’m like nope my eyes are burning but I totally could cry especially if you don’t take the bins out for me!🤪 #AylaRose #cheekygirl #ineedcoffee


7 weeks with my little poppet! Motherhood has already taught me so many things about myself. Childbirth for one, has taught me about my own strength and that women are powerful beyond measure!
I’ve come to realise how patient I am.. (This I’m sure, could definitely change- keep you posted lol). 🙏
I’ve realised sleep is a beautiful beautiful thing.. 😂 I miss you sleep. You will return one day. Hahaha.
It has taught me the meaning of living in the moment just as our littles ones do and not to sweat the small stuff!
I’ve learnt that everything else can wait. People, emails, messages, washing, cleaning etc.
Breastfeeding is a whole other story! No one can prepare you for feeding! (Maybe another post on this topic ha!). I already love cuddles but honestly cuddles from little newborn arms are quite possibly the BEST cuddles in the world. I do not want this part to ever end! I could happily snuggle on the couch for hours!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH MY HEART COULD BURST!! ❤️
Lastly, to never have expectations! Every day is just so completely different to the next so just let it “be” and enjoy every second!
And I know it’s only early days and I have so much more to learn and go through, but right now these points have stood out for me! What has motherhood taught you ladies?


Patiently waiting for daddy to come home from the airport! 3 nights apart is just too long! 🎀👨‍👩‍👧🐶


Miss Ayla lovvvvvves the bath! Fresh as can be tonight ready for an 8hr sleep (yeah right I’m dreamin’ 😂) but you never know! Ha! Could she be any cuter! #happybaby #fresh #newborn #AylaRose 🛀🏽💕🙌


Mumma’s dressing up for the first time in 6 weeks ☺️ In love with this jumpsuit from @ginghamandheels 🙌 I’ve worn the most beautiful pieces from this online boutique during and post pregnancy! #onlineboutique #fashion #jumpsuit #ootd