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Spring in Oregon ✨🌷🌷🌷✨
Picture by ✨✨@neohumanity✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


Photo by @acacia.johnson | Sunset illuminates the frozen seascape outside the navigational bridge of an expedition ship in Svalbard. This arctic island archipelago, about halfway between Norway and the North Pole, is a haven for arctic wildlife that relies on a healthy sea ice ecosystem. Within the past decade, the sea ice on the west coast of the archipelago has begun to melt as early as March, a full two months earlier than historic standards. While this is bad news for the ecosystem, it means that the region can now be navigated by ship in the ethereal light of early spring, opening opportunities for exploration and photography that were never before possible. Follow me at @acacia.johnson for more photos from Svalbard and beyond. #Svalbard #seaice #expedition


Photo by @drewtrush | With spring right around the corner, it's hard not to get excited about warm-weather pursuits, like flying over the Snake River in Wyoming. To see more wild places, follow along with me @drewtrush. #flight #paramotor #commonground #publiclands


On the Hunt | Photograph by Rita Kluge (@kluge_photo)
#YourShotPhotographer Rita Kluge made this image on her last day in Antarctica of a leopard seal hunting a penguin. This photo was selected for the March 15, 2019 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“Wow, what a great sense of anticipation as this seal hunts the penguin as it exits the composition, Rita! Great thinking on your feet and instinctually going to make a photograph of this moment. It almost feels like the seal is looking at us for its next meal!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


“Best friends are hard to find because the very best one is already mine 💙” writes @love.a.bull_diesel


#followmeto Daniel Korkor church in Ethiopia with @natalyosmann. When I saw an image of the priest standing on the edge of the cliff right by the entrance to his church I immediately added this place to our bucket list, so you must understand how excited I was when realised that we are going to this location in Ethiopia. There is a small Orthodox community up here, led by a 82 year old monk, who has been here since he was a teenager. It is a very spiritual place. #Seetheunseen, @honorglobal, #HonorView20
#Следуйзамной в библейские церкви Тиграи с @natalyismann. В  северной Эфиопии в  Тиграе  среди библейских пейзажей в  горах притаилось  более 120 древних церквей 4-9 веков. Высеченные в монолитных скалах в труднодоступных местах,  щедро расписанные  гениальными мастерами, они тянутся к небу, заставляя пилигримов подниматься на головокружительную высоту. В этой церкви Даниел Коркор есть небольшая православная община во главе с 82-летним монахом, который находится тут с подросткового возраста. Это очень духовное место. #seetheunseen, @honorglobal


Streets of Tokyo, exploring some favorite neighborhoods and shooting some scenes on the street 🖤


Today is #StPatricksDay ☘️ and competitive Irish dancer Julia Sullivan (@julia.sullivann) is celebrating by performing around her hometown of Waterloo, Ontario. “Irish dance is an expression of our shared history,” Julia says. “When the Irish community gathers, music and dance are a vital part of the celebrations. It’s a distinctive signature of who we are.”
Currently, 19-year-old Julia is training for the 2019 World Irish Dancing Championships after winning fourth place last year in her age category. “Being an Irish dancer has connected me to my Irish family and heritage,” she adds.
Photo by @julia.sullivann


Montmartre Vibes, Paris 🎸 🎶


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