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One more of #GoodSirGary


Came across this BEAUTIFUL Sea Lion, and laid quietly with him there... until this happened... #GoodSirGary the #sealion


Best sleep I’ve ever had


Heartbreaking... I don’t understand it... heartbreaking... Thank you for everything you’ve given the world....
Goodbye Mr. Bourdain 😔



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The one who gave me life, and then showed me how to laugh through it. I am eternally grateful, beautiful woman. (And the finest green screen actor I’ve ever seen!)❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#happymumsday


We set out on our kayaking journey to the islands full of confidence... nay... full of arrogance. "Be there and back in an hour" we chortled. But the gods immediately denied our claims and the great ocean that guarded the twin peaks, instantly capsized our vessel as we barely set off. And then capsized us again... and again... and again it tipped us into the murky drink. And as some of our luggage sank to the sandy white bottom of the pacific, our hopes of ever reaching the islands went with it. Those “Mokes” as the locals refer to them, that only moments before felt so close, suddenly never felt further away.
So we returned to the sand to regroup and we all, if being honest, quietly thought to ourselves about abandoning this foolish pursuit through shark corridor.... but not one of us dare utter it aloud. Instead we bowed to the great islands and the mother ocean, and gave thanks for the lesson of humility.
We rose to our feet humbled and with full hearts. We abandoned our nonessential belongings on shore and boarded our vessel. With gentle determination we buried our oars, two at a time, into the mildly raging waters, again and again and again until... finally... by god as my witness... we proudly set foot on the warm sand of the beautiful #NaMokulua islands. It was a lesson I will not soon forget it. And ALSO one of the most hilarious experiences of my life. #mahalo! 🙏🏼🤙🏼 #DAMNoceankayakingisharderthanithought #natureisawesome #ilovehawaiisomuch @tisbazil


all the birthday messages! Feeling the love! mahalo