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It’s not going to get any better for me🙏🏼♥️ I can’t believe the mind blowing experiences I’m having on this trip! Thank you @tiffanyandco #tiffanysavethewild @elephantcrisisfund #knotonmyplanet


Catching a flight! Picture by @sean_dundas #amboseli #tiffanysavethewild #knotonmyplanet


I had the pleasure of meeting @paula_kahumbu who is the ceo of @wildlifedirect She is a true activist fighting for wildlife in Kenya and all across Africa I’m honored that we support her and her team through the @elephantcrisisfund #handsoffourelephants #knotonmyplanet #tiffanysavethewild


Hyena casually passing by... #amboseli #kenya


The plains of Amboseli in Kenya 🇰🇪 ♥️


TAKE OVER ALLERT!! Tomorrow I’m taking over @portermagazine to take you on a trip to Kenya where @tiffanyandco is taking me to show some of the projects that the @elephantcrisisfund is supporting! It is a mindblowing trip that you don’t want to miss out on! Thank you for following and your support!! #tiffanysavethewild @knotonmyplanet #knotonmyplanet @savetheelephants #elephants


Nice to meet you Tim! Tim is one of the largest remaining big tuskers in Africa and I can not explain how it felt to spend time with him and being in his presence. So grateful for this moment and for @tiffanyandco to bring me here to see all the amazing work of the @elephantcrisisfund #tiffanysavethewild #knotonmyplanet ♥️🐘♥️


Yesterday we ran into big Craig from @biglifeafrica he and his team do incredible work for the elephants and other wild life in Kenya. He travels everywhere with his amazing dog Drogo and he barely fits in his plane! Thank you @craig.millar for all you do ♥️ @tiffanyandco #tiffanysavethewild @knotonmyplanet @elephantcrisisfund


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are a true inspiration!!! @iamnaomicampbell 🖤💥🖤💥🖤💥🖤 💥


With Dipo an incredible woman who I adore at @elephantwatchcamp ♥️


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