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2010 All-Star Game in Dallas. This is the face you make when ur named All-Star MVP. Thx to all my fans for ur votes and support thru the years and this season. The love is real! #WadeBackWednesday #OneLastDance


Dwyane Wade

We thank you @marquette.basketball for this day! #DwadeDay #onelastdance


Dwyane Wade

Walking out of the @chicagobulls arena tonite with this beauty by my side. The love in that building was so freaking dope. Thank you to everyone who made my last game in the United Center special!!! #OneLastDance


Dwyane Wade

As i turned 37 today my mind started to become clear and as i was strolling thru my photo album trying to pick a photo to post for my birthday i came across this one...I started thinking to myself what did it take to get these?!. The answer that i came up with is...I have always been able to adapt and have a willingness to do whatever is needed for the better of everyone’s success around me. It donned on me that that’s my greatest strength and my greatest talent. Today is the last birthday that I’ll celebrate as a active NBA basketball player...and as i move into the next phase of my life I’ll go into it with the confidence of being an expert in adapting! Happy Birthday to the kid from 59th and prairie/ Robbins IL!!!! #onelastdance


Dwyane Wade

Kicking off my #WadeBackWednesday with this one. The moment that changed everything. A dream come true. #OneLastDance


Dwyane Wade

@kaaviajames looking at me when i walk in the house after losing by 38 points tonite.


Dwyane Wade

1999/ 2019


Dwyane Wade

The face you make when you thought you and your brother was on the same page when it came to the lies y’all were gonna tell your parents and as soon as your parents asked who did it? He starts singingggggggg!!!! #captionthisphoto


Dwyane Wade

Got the dub! #onelastdance


Dwyane Wade

Here’s a better view... Happy birthday to my brother and fellow Capricorn @lewishamilton always a good time when we link up!!!!


Dwyane Wade

Name her debut album!?? #ShadyBabyRecords


Dwyane Wade

2018 thank you! 2019 I’m ready for you! #Wadecounty