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Back-bending into the upper back is more deceiving than one would think. Many yoga teachers instruct their students to focus their backbend into the thoracic spine, which can lead to a lot of frustration as it is a near impossibility for normal people to backbend in the upper thoracic spine. .

To clarify, the thoracic spine rests in approximately 40° to 45° of flexion (kyphosis). While it can flex approximately 35° more (75° of total flexion), it can only move approx. 20° to 25° in extension, resulting in approximately 15-20° of kyphosis. When the term “extension” is used about the thoracic spine, the meaning is a reduction in relative flexion. (Neumann) T2-T9 has little to no movement in extension (Myers). The heart sits directly in front of our thoracic spine and true thoracic spinal extension would strain and damage the heart. .

When we see these beautiful perfectly arched upper backs, it is actually a result of the scapulae and the surrounding muscles. When the arms are in upward rotation, the shoulder blades create the visualization of thoracic extension, the spine rests much deeper maintaining its kyphotic shape. .

When we think about back-bending into the upper back, we should really think about back-bending from the shoulder blades. We also really want to focus specifically on the shoulder blades rather then the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint). This can be accomplished by creating more external humeral rotation. Of course we still want to decrease compression in the lumbar spine so thinking to bend into the upper back is not a bad thing, but you’ll see greater and safer results when you change your focus to the shoulder blades.


To be a teacher is the greatest honor. Teachers only have the privilege to fill this role because someone chooses to be their student. I just finished leading my first 300 hour advanced training with the most amazing group of yoga teachers that stepped into the role of student to allow me to share my knowledge and experience. Although, as any teacher knows, we learn the most from our students as they become the mirror to reflect our own inner teacher. Thank you for all you showed me and for the opportunity to impart my journey with you and congrats to you for completing my incredibly challenging and demanding teacher training.
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When you stir the bottom, things tend to rise to the top.

I think it’s normal not to want to stir. To leave the old stuff to settle deep down and just see the clear stuff on top. But as soon as the old stuff is disturbed, it quickly clouds the clarity we thought we had. Some people spend their lives avoiding any action that would aggravate dark parts of the past. But by avoiding it, it only brings more attention to what’s lurking below.

Sometimes you have to stir to get it to the surface. Because only at the surface are you able to skim it off, deal with it and let it go.

I think this analogy helps us realize that we’re not going to get ride of it all at once but the more your able to skim from the top the less you’ll carry around with you.

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Roots grow down, branches grow up, this is the place that I seem to be stuck.
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Beginner True Strength is the perfect starting point for your strength-building journey. Join me as I take you through various exercises using yoga-based postures. You will develop a greater understanding of your body, build strength and how to effectively use your muscles.

Beginner True Strength offers a safe and easy approach to building strength through yoga. You will finish this plan with increased strength and flexibility, and a strong foundation of good habits and proper alignment to build upon.

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Show us how you MOVE on your mat! Join us for our 7-day #AloMovesChallenge!! 3 winners get the chance to win $100 to AloYoga.com, a 3-month subscription to @alo.moves & our luxe matte-black Warrior Mat.
June 26 - July 2


1. Head to Instagram & follow @aloyoga & @alo.moves, our new om-azing yoga video platform.
2. Post a daily photo or video of yourself on Instagram with each theme below & follow along with the hosts of each day:

June 26 / Day 1: Strength

June 27 / Day 2: Studio

June 28 / Day 3: Street

June 29 / Day 4: Balanced

June 30 / Day 5: Playful

July 1 / Day 6: Stretch

July 2 / Day 7: Heart Openers

3. Include #alomoveschallenge on each post.

4. Tag the friends you want to try this with! ❤️
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Service is the expression of the highest form of spiritual understanding. Everything in nature gives its service to complete the eternal cycle; it is a perfect perpetuating system. Nature serves by placing the whole over the individual, and yet the whole is created so that the individual can unfold into its own place amongst this revolving cycle of life. Winter lays fall for spring. The inhale extinguishes to give way for the exhale, the exhale leaves to create space for the inhale. We surrender to grow; we grow to surrender.
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How we perceive life is how we receive life. If we see life as joyous, it will be joyous, if we see it as difficult, we will struggle, if we see it as suffering, we will see suffering everywhere. Because life contains all facets and aspects of experience, we can perceive the experiences we desire.
Happy International Yoga Day!
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Being a beginner doesn’t always mean you're going to be a beginner, but sometimes it’s getting started that can be the hardest part.
Beginner True Strength is the perfect starting point for your strength-building journey. This plan is systematically designed to create a foundation of strength and stability through safe, efficient, yoga-based exercises that effectively build your body at a challenging but very approachable level.
Ten unique classes comprise this plan. Five classes are instructional videos explain in detail each movement with modifications to meet your level of fitness and mobility. The additional five classes are 30-minute sessions that assist you in crafting your strength building routine and help you know when to rest and when to work. To help keep you on-track and motivated, this plan includes a training calendar that will guide your practice.
Try it free for 14-days on @alo.moves
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I feel so incredibly blessed for the opportunities that I have had as a yoga teacher.
Several years ago a small little start up approached me and asked me to create classes and teach on their platform. Since then I’ve been apart of an amazing online community with Codyapp.
Around the same time @aloyoga asked me if I would like to represent their brand and help them accomplish their goal of spreading yoga to the world.
I’ve been so grateful to be apart of both of these families and today I’m excited to announce that they’ve joined together and launched @alo.moves
Users will still have access to all the same classes and plans that were on Codyapp. Check out the new website and try out the hundreds of classes and training videos that I have on there as well as all the other amazing teachers!
Try it for free for 14 days. Link is in my bio!


This is a beautiful (and funny) poem that my student @kierstenjakobsen wrote last night and shared at Satsung about our 300 hour advanced teacher training. It was too amazing to not share.
“Day four and here we are.
Some from near and some from far.
We stood in a circle and called our names.
Quite amusing, this get-to-know game.
Everyone says it: This is a group of kind souls.
We are truly blessed there are no assholes.
We wake at dawn and on our mats meet.
We learn to point the toes of the feet.
We breathe love in and om it out.
Isn't this what life is all about?
We train hard, we laugh, we sweat for hours.
We steal away to take quick showers.
We walk in silence from house to clearing
Every step of the way nature, hearing.
At once we are small and so very large.
At once caretakers and destroyers through fields we barge.
We circle again, forming a ring with no end
Attracting every midgie from Germany to Scotland.
In time, we disperse and begin again.
We learn the ways of Zazen.
We are eternally grateful to Dylan (after Bob).
It is clear: For you, dear teacher, this is no mere job.
Thank you, Dylan, thank you all.
With arms around each other, no one of us will fall.
But perhaps the greatest lesson thus far is this:
A life without preferences is a life of bliss.” -@kierstenjakobsen 🙏


Time you take for yourself becomes time you can give to others.
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