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If I wrote on a black piece of paper with an identically black pen, you wouldn’t be able to understand what I wrote, I would need a white or different color paper for you to read it.

Life needs contrast to have meaning. The greater the contrast, the more apparent is its opposite. Yet to prefer one and deny the other limits our capacity for comprehension of the universe. Life is a spectrum to be experienced. We all have a favorite color, but we only came to that conclusion after seeing all the other colors.

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“I’m trying to find myself.” This is an interesting thought. If you lose your keys, you can find them, because you’re the one looking for them. (I actually lost my keys today 🤦‍♂️) But if your keys lose themselves, they can’t find themselves... nor can they lose themselves. You can’t find yourself, because you’re not lost. How can you look for you and be the one looking? Yogic philosophy teaches that fire can burn many things but can’t burn itself. Our problem is not finding ourselves because it’s impossible to be lost. We think we need to do, to search, to look, to find but this just reinforces the illusion that you’re not yourself. You can’t find you, but you can be you. Just like keys can not find themselves, they are keys. You are you. Stop looking, start being.


(a little poem I wrote today)
Some words. .
The less is said, the more is heard
the meaning of the spoken word
attractively decorated, can seem absurd
yet sensibly significant and magnificent
that the maleficent would understand the benevolence of tolerance
that resonates the relevance
to comprehending differences
is the only way to make sense of this
cosmic wave of experiences.
We speak in parable not prophesy
for the prophecies of history
were merely stories told in our infancy
to manipulate the society
but this is not the way words should be
used to tell lies and spread controversy
for the world can see
amongst the allegories
fable tales and poetic imagery
words are vehicles of visionaries
the chronicles of the philosophical
speak of the impossible,
allude to the probable
applaud the incredible,
tell of the inevitable
a moment on the lips
Whispered softly yet pierce so deeply
touch the heart ever so sweetly
chosen carefully, can mean everything
or nothing
or both
For what is said is not always heard
and what is heard is not always said
for all these words
are all in your head.


One arm handstands are actually a really small part of my practice. It’s a skill that takes years to master and most hand balancers practice for hours a day. My yoga practice isn’t nearly as focused on physical training as much as it is on meditation, philosophy and deepening my spiritual practice.

I am still a mover and will always work hard in my physical practice. This is the first time I’ve ever done these three different one arm handstand positions together, I’m very surprised I could with the my lack of one arm handstand practice. It just shows how working to find balance in one part of your life applies to all parts.

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Today is an amazing day, as I say congratulations to 20 new awesome yoga teachers who just finished my 200-hour yoga teacher training in the Czech Republic!
I will be in Europe teaching workshops for the next few weeks before my 300-hour advanced teacher training starts. .
May 25th-26th Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 1st-3rd Cologne, Germany
June 8th-10th Bruges, Belgium
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What is your diet like? (Part 4 of 4)
I quit drinking alcohol for all of 2017. Now, only on special occasions, I will have an alcoholic beverage, though I still prefer not drinking at all. Out of all the different diet choices that I've made over the years, from eating super healthy to eating garbage, the most significant physical change that I've noticed in my body from my diet has been giving up alcohol. I physically feel better, look better, sleep better, and my libido is stronger than it was before. Since I was 21, I have consumed alcohol. I was a big beer person and then a whiskey lover. I thought when I gave up drinking that I would miss it. I told myself I would do one year to see how it felt, and it feels so good that I can't see myself going back.
Diet is something that is so unique to each person, each body type, and all their history that goes with it. I would never suggest to anyone to eat every meal in a restaurant or likewise, change their diet to something that is so healthy that it is unenjoyable. Food should make you feel good. For some of us we just need to redefine what that good should feel like. Food is your fuel, but like fuel in your car, it doesn't do any good sitting in the tank. You have to burn it off. Whatever diet you take, it needs to be coupled with exercise to be effective, and exercising is more important than just eating healthy food. Diet is something as personal as religion. You need to find your own path. Someone else's way won't get you there.
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What is your diet like? (Part 3 of 4)

I had a very lousy diet for that year, but because of all the yoga I was doing; I actually saw an improvement in my body. I also attribute much of my body being able to handle almost any diet to the years of physical conditioning that I put it through. Fast forward to the past three years that I've been traveling and eating out nearly every meal; my diet is all over the place. However, it is much healthier than what it was that first year as a full-time struggling yoga teacher. For two years straight, I was averaging one country every week; I still live on the road, but I recently took a break to allow some time for stability and to teach my teacher trainings. I'm only traveling to a new country every 3 or 4 weeks, though that will change soon as I start touring again teaching workshops. I live in hotels and Airbnbs. When I had a clean and super healthy diet, I was cooking every meal; now I eat almost every meal in a restaurant. I am very picky about where I eat out, and I try to choose only healthy restaurants.

I was a vegetarian, but I began to develop some problems I had with my connective tissues healing and additional mild cardiac issues. I had a shoulder injury for almost a year that wouldn't heal, and I felt my body didn't recover how it did when I was younger. I also developed heart palpitations, a condition where the heart stops momentarily. This would happen so often (100+ times a day) that I would get dizzy, headaches and ringing in my ears, not to mention it is an awful feeling when your heart decides to quit beating for a few seconds. After doing a lot of research and trying almost everything, I decided to start eating fish again. After a few months of introducing fish into my diet, my heart palpations completely went away, and my shoulder injury repaired itself. I'm not suggesting people give up the vegetarian or vegan lifestyles; I'm only saying that this worked for me.

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What is your diet like? (Part 2 of 4)

Now to talk about me and my diet and lifestyle. As I said, this is a very common question for me, but I've never answered it quite like this. My diet in my earlier years was never that healthy. I grew up in the microwave dinner era, so most meals that I ate as a child were nuked in the silver box. But on the other hand, physical fitness had been something that I was passionate about at a very early age. I started lifting weights and working out at 5-years-old. By the time I was 8 I had a six-pack. I am now 37, and I still have six-pack abs, though my body has changed quite a bit from my 5-year-old self.

Between the ages of 12 and 22, I was in the gym every day, running, swimming, cycling, wrestling, martial arts and extreme sports. At 20 I started doing yoga alongside my martial arts practice, though I took a break for a few years from it before I became serious in my yoga practice at 29. At 16 years old, I started to eat very clean and healthy mostly because of my focus on wrestling. I became even more serious about my diet when I turned 30. I was obsessed with nutrition, where my food came from, and what I ate. I followed a lot of what Dr. Mercola said when it came to eating and nutrition. I ate only organic food; I cut all grain out of my diet, there was a period where I was a raw vegan, I tried different diets like this to see how they’d effect me. Then at 33, I lost my well-paying job as a firefighter/paramedic, and I became a full time, very poor, yoga teacher. Eating healthy is expensive, and I couldn't even afford cheap food at that time, plus I was teaching so much, that I didn't have time to cook. So 3 or 4 nights a week it was cheap pizza from across the street or pre-made pasta from Trader Joes. I still didn't eat fast food (unless you count pizza as fast food), but it wasn't very healthy either.

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What is your diet like? (Part 1 of 4) .

First off, I would like to say that this is a very common question that I get asked. I couldn't fit my answer into one post, so here's a 4 part series where I do my best to explain my diet, why I eat as I do and how that can help you.

I believe people are always looking for the right formula when they see someone else and get the idea that if they do what that person does or eat what that person eats than in turn, they will be to have the stomach or arms or whatever physic that they want to emulate. While good eating habits and exercise will improve your body regardless, results will vary based on several different factors. Age, gender, ethnicity, medical history, dietary history, physical history, metabolism, basically everything that you have done your entire life plays a roll on how your body will respond to a new diet.

Since we were born and accounting for our genetic predispositions, we have been creating patterns and adapting our lives and body to a specific condition. The longer we have conditioned the body through these trends, the harder it will be to change. So in knowing this, when we look at someone and want to know what their diet is like and their physical routine, it is not only what they are doing now which is important, but how they have been conditioning themselves since childhood. If we want the same results as that person, we need to factor in how we've conditioned ourselves and how long we've maintained these patterns.
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Let go of yourself to find yourself.
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(WARNING, reading this may cause anal leakage) What if all our actions came with a warning? When I was taking pharmacology in school, my professor would say that drugs have effects, but they are marketed to say they have effects and side effects as a way to make people think that these side effects are less common than the desired effects for which people take the drug. A drug doesn’t discriminate between positive and adverse; it just has action. These drugs are often passed by the FDA because the benefit of the positive effects outweighs the adverse effects. My professor's point was when you administer a medication you should expect to see the negative results of the drug as much as the positive.

Every action has an effect. If we take an action that has the possibility of creating a positive and negative reaction, then we should expect both those effects as a result of our action, not just the result we desire. If you are trying to live an ahimsa (non-harming) life, then every action that you take should be mindfully understood for all possible effects, not just the positive ones. The actions we take don't come with warning signs, but mindfulness and conscious living helps us see the possibilities before we take action. If negativity is a possibility of the results of our actions, then we should consciously seek new actions.
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If I look through my house trying to find my keys, it doesn't matter how many drawers I open, I'll never find them if the whole time my keys were in my pocket. Same goes, if I search the world looking for peace, I'll always be eluded because peace is only within. It can't be found anywhere else.

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