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Dylan Werner

Life is a cycle; it's not a repetition.
For the end of every cycle, asks for a moment of reflection.
I've been here before, but this time it's different.
Or the same and I'm inconsistent?
Circling back, I've seen this line.
Is this the beginning? Or the end this time?
I feel so lost, although I've been here before.
It's not the first time I've walked through this door.
I know this pattern, and how it's repeated.
If I do it again, will I still be defeated?
Yet here I go digging ruts and grooves.
Rhythm is a repetition; I know how it moves.
Carefully rehearsed; this cadence creates future.
Marching along imitating past era's stupor.
But history is singular.
It feels so familiar.
Telling of times that seemed much simpler.
Looking back, can I really see forward?
Even that direction looks a little bit altered.
Life is a cycle, but it's not a repetition.
For the end of every cycle, asks for a moment of decision.
Is this the life I want to be living?
Is this life, or am I merely existing?


Dylan Werner

I'm not going to lie; this made me a little nervous. Even though I watched the ocean for a while to see what would happen if a massive swell came in, I knew that I would be safe. I still felt the power of the ocean on that rock. I had to focus to calm my energy in the immense presence of a force so much greater than myself.
Now. .

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Dylan Werner

I’ve been in serious need of sun and vitamin D.
I've spent the past few winters somewhere warm and sunny, and being from Southern California; I'm not used to cold dark winters or their effects. This winter, I've really felt the lack of sun and my low vitamin D levels. It's a weird thing to be sad over nothing.
Now, even though I am super jet lagged with only a few hours of sleep and can barely hold my eyes open enough to type this post, I am so grateful to be here in Maui with the sun on my skin, soaking in the happiness.

Wearing my new @aloyoga board shorts.


Dylan Werner

Handstands are more fun with friends!

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Dylan Werner

Life is a forward journey that moves from the known into the unknown. .

Fear is always some result of the unknown which at least at a subconscious level keeps us from being present. It makes sense for us to want to live in the past. Good or bad, the past is known, maybe not always understood but we don’t fear where we’ve come from. You might think this idea of the unknown would keep us more present but the opposite happens. .

We create a continuous projection of the future, and fantasize a false reality that hasn’t yet happened. Even though it’s fantasy we feel better forming our reality around it because it’s less unknown, even though this is also completely false. .

When we understand our tendencies and reasons for them we can bring conscious awareness to our true reality of existence. .

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Dylan Werner

Life is not complicated on its own. I need to remind myself of this every so often as I venture into the convoluted narrative that I've created around my life's story. .

Like most good stories, We focus on what's interesting and exciting. We love drama because it's dramatic! There's movement, emotion, stress, trauma, laughter; the more up and down it goes, the more interesting it is. Nothing is interesting about a story where everything is okay, easy, simple and happy. Stories need conflict: some stress, something to overcome. If my story doesn't have any conflict in it, then I tend to create it. I like to invent problems that aren't there. Misinterpret situations. Read between the lines and create a new more dramatic reality.

The only thing is that this isn't a story. It's my life, and I want an experience that is good, easy, simple and happy. It doesn't need the unnecessary drama to be enjoyed. It's a lot more fun without it.

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Dylan Werner

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Dylan Werner

Starting the year off right! Let’s see where I’m at in a year.

How are you starting your year?
Video x2
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Dylan Werner

Being your best isn’t a goal, it’s a practice. .

If you think you can be better, you never will be, because better is always going to be in the future and the future will never come. But if you think you can be you be your best, you can live daily being your best self, because your best is what you can do now. Giving your best daily is the hardest practice of them all, but can you imagine what your life would be like if you gave your best self to everything you do and everyone in your life? That's an every day New Year's goal!

If you're looking to start giving your best every day, come practice with me on @alo.moves. I have hundreds of classes, and I teach with tons of other amazing teachers. Right now annual memberships are 30% off. $12 a month! #alomoves

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Dylan Werner

I am overwhelmed with gratitude, and joy, and also a bit of sadness. I came from competitive sports. While competing, I was always trying to be being better than everyone else, to set myself apart and create separation between me and my competition. What I love about yoga, is it's about connection, unity, and inclusion. No competition (or at least I don't think there should be) and no exclusion. This is one of the many things that pulled me into yoga and away from other sports.
I always want to include as many people as possible. I'd rather my workshops and classes be overly packed than have to turn anyone away. If you’ve taken my workshop before, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I don't think that it is best when it comes to teacher trainings. I think smaller groups are better for this type of setting, so I keep my teacher trainings smaller. I also put all my effort and energy into these trainings, and to keep it in a way that I am continually giving my best to the students, so I only teach one 200-hour and one 300-hour a year.

Yesterday I sent out an email to announce sign-ups for my 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings. I am filled with gratitude, that my 300-hour training sold out in less than 2.5 hours. While I am so excited for the 24 people that are going to join me on the 300-hour training, I have been reading and responding to dozens of emails from people that have been waiting and wanting to participate. It breaks my heart to turn anyone away. I want yoga to be inclusive, and I definitely don't want to be one that is creating exclusivity. There are so many amazing 300-hour trainings out there, and I am only one teacher sharing my unique journey with yoga.
For those that missed out on my 2019 training, I hope to see you in my 2020 course, or you find another training with another amazing teacher. .

Thankfully I still have space in my 200-hour teacher training, which my former 200-hour students would tell you that it feels more like a 300 than a 200. (Whatever that means!) So please don’t miss out. If you want to learn how to teach from me, go to my website and sign up! .

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Dylan Werner

If we look at a string of different colored Christmas lights, we can see them all as uniquely beautiful and different. And if I were to unplug the lights from the outlet, all the lights will go out. Even though they are each different, each light is illuminated by the same source as it is connected to the source. So does the light come from the source or from the individual? It's only the connection that makes them shine. As soon as I separate a bulb from the strand, that bulb loses its light.

Different does not mean separate. It ok to see yourself as different, but it's better to see yourself as the source, because what is a light if it cannot shine? And if we all identified with the source rather than what makes us different, we would see that what makes us all beautiful is essential the same.
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Dylan Werner

We think life is about being happy, but life isn’t about ALWAYS being happy. To always be happy is an impossible goal. Life is an ocean of waves that moves us up and down through with the oscillation of the natural world. We think that we can choose to be happy, but we can only choose how we see and understand our situation. Meditation helps us see things as they are and the better we get at understanding true reality, the better we are about removing our subjective experience to understand the truth. Things don’t happen “to” us, things happen. You’re where you're at in life because that's where you are. The only meaning you'll find there is the meaning you give it.

Our lives are not predetermined by fate, and the future doesn’t have something to teach us.

Life is a bunch of empty boats in a river, carried by the current and occasionally crashing into us. We get upset if we think there is someone in the boat or the river has an intention to cause harm. Find clarity, and this will calm the waves and create less distance between the peaks and the troughs.

Give life love, and this will create meaning. When you’re ready to change your situation, you find a way. And if you don’t, placing judgment upon it doesn’t help anything.
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