Guide to unique places to enjoy #mediterráneamente #mediterràniament
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🎬 "Álex y Julia”

On #CalóDesOli, a beach in #SantAntoni Bay, a mix of dunes, vegetation and rocks go right up to the water’s edge, giving this spot a wild look. Taken for us by @cedricdasesson


#LaBarceloneta is a seafaring quarter with a rich history that can be found in the #PortVell district. It’s the perfect spot for sitting on the sand and enjoying the sunset without leaving the city. Taken for us by @roadtowild


From #CalaSaona you can embark on various hikes along tree-lined paths and the coastline with its Mediterranean landscape filled with rock formations and pine trees.


This village on the shores of the #GulfOfSalerno is listed as a UNESCO Human Heritage Site and is one of the most picturesque spots on the #Amalfi coast. Taken for us by @cokebartrina


La #SpiaggiadelPrincipe can be found near the small village of #CalaDiVolpe, between the beaches of #Romazzino and #Capriccioli. It’s a perfect spot for scuba diving as many species of small fish inhabit its shallow waters. Taken for us by @maddiegreer and @ioegreer


L’Eixample is a neighbourhood in central #Barcelona that was designed by engineer Ildefons Cerdà according to a grid pattern. Some of the city's best examples of modernist architecture can be found here.


S’Espalmador, an islet to the north of #Formentera, has been part of the #SesSalines Natural Park since 1980 and is protected by strict regulations. Taken for us by @cedricdasesson


The protected marine area of #CapoCarbonara in the southeast of #Sardinia stretches from #CapoBoi to the island of Serpentara. It is characterised by its unique landscape and granite formations. Taken for us by @ioegreer & @maddiegreer


Thanks Pedro&Pauli (@moments_of_yugen) for sharing with us your very own view of the Mediterranean. Hope you all enjoyed #MediterraneanVibes!


#MediterraneanVibes by Pedro&Pauli (@moments_of_yugen)


#MediterraneanVibes by Pedro&Pauli (@moments_of_yugen)


#MediterraneanVibes is a collaborative project where we invite photographers from around the world to show us their vision of Mediterranean places and the lifestyles there. Over the week, we’ll post Pedro & Pauli's (@moments_of_yugen) pictures of the Mediterranean.