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Dreaming of warm spring days and #fitlato 🌷🍧 Find this recipe inside our #fitgirldetox guide, a weeklong meal plan with deliciously refreshing recipes! πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Other popular recipes from Fit Girl Detox include #brekkiecookies and #brunchfordinner πŸ˜‹ Scroll down our page to find videos for those recipes & click the link in our profile to browse our guides!


Go to Sara’s (AKA @finnegetfit) page to check out her amazingly undeniable before/after VIDEO that goes along with this pic: β€œHaterz will say it’s fake.. lol jk there’s really no denying this one. Here’s my #goaloutfit for @beyoutifulgetsfit 😜 progress happens when you put your whole heart into making it happen. Even with one entire week in the challenge I stuck to my guns and turned up the nutrition and was able to stay on track the whole challenge πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ’—β€ - @finnegetfit
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β€œI’m not gonna lie, the #pbproteincookies from #fitgirlscookbook are officially my go to recipe for company. So easy and never cease to impress! (Also, if I make them when people are over, then I’m forced to share and not hog the whole batch 🐷)” - @tarrah.the.fittie.foodie
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In preparation for the March 26th Group Challenge we wanted to start sharing some community activities this week so we can all bond and make some new friends before we SLAYYY the Challenge together! So screenshot the image above and share the answers in your caption, or leave an answer below, and start up some conversations! Be inspired, be inspiring. Spread some MAD LOVE #FitGirlVarsity #FitGirlNewbie #FitGirlCommunity #FitGirlFollow


β€œMy very first time making #cinnafitbun and I love it 😍 I have been missing out. It's so yummy πŸ’•πŸ’•β€ - @fitgirl_karenm
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CHEER ON our girl Becky!! And click the in our profile to join the March 26th Group Challenge: β€œWhen your old clothes literally fall off of you 😱 And to be honest I was so happy how this dress looked on me when I got it. Three bags of clothes off to donation land! Size 18➑️Size 8” - @becky_finding_balance


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πŸ‘‰ Click link in bio @fitgirls @fitgirls to sign up! The 28 Day Jumpstart includes ...
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🍴 Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options For All Recipes! πŸ”— Website:


LAST DAY to get your coupon from our website for the next Group Challenge that starts March 26th!! Check out Melissa’s awesome results from the last challenge: β€œHoly COW! I wasnt going to take an after picture because I feel like I wasn’t going to see much progress after ONE round but HOT DOG, I’m amazed! Down 9lbs, running my mile in 14mins and back in my size 8s. I’m blessed for my fellow #FitGirlGang!” - @momma_getting_fit_


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