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I’m teaching a slow flow tonight at 6:30pm @bodhimovement in Boulder, Colorado! Donation based, pay what you can. Link in my bio to sign up! All levels welcome. 📷 @karmacaptures in @aloyoga #sponsored


If you live in or near Boulder, Colorado check out our class schedule @bodhimovement 💙
I’m teaching this Tuesday at 6:30pm! Link in my bio to sign up. (Pose inspired by @tditty2)


1st thought: ooh that’s artsy
2nd thought: my shoulders aren’t over my wrists
😂😭 only took me like 6 months to post it. 📷 @mavtoro #flashbackfriday


💙 Upcoming Yoga Retreats:
September 9-12 • DENVER 420 Retreat
October 21-27 • MEXICO 50hr Intensive
December 6-10 • HAWAII Tiny Village Retreat
January 10-14 • PUERTO RICO Volunteer Retreat for details! 📷 @karmacaptures


I’m teaching an all levels flexibility class tomorrow night at 6:30pm @bodhimovement in Boulder! Donation based, pay what you can. Link to sign up in my bio!
Love these blues from @aloyoga #sponsored 💙


Back in Boulder after spending 3 weeks in Bali with @bodhiyogaacademy ❤️ I couldn’t be more proud of this group!
Sam- I can’t imagine someone I would rather teach with. Your passion is unrivaled 🔥 and it’s so clear how much you actually care.
Victoria- you were literally our angel on this trip. Thank you endlessly.
To our students- thank you so much for choosing us as your teachers. We love and appreciate every single one of you, you inspire us to keep going.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Second photo by @brookemichellej)


Working on the strength and flexibility for wide legged headstand press! @bodhiyogaacademy @samseesworld
We have TWO partial scholarships available for our training in New Jersey that starts this July 23rd. It’s not too late to join us! DM me for details on how to apply.


When I first started practicing yoga asana I skipped a lot of steps. I used the natural flexibility in my joints to try to force my body into different advanced asana. I honestly didn’t even realize I was forcing it at the time, I thought it was part of the process. While this method worked for a little while, eventually my body rebelled, my joints and muscles not strong enough to support the range of motion I was asking them to go through.
While, I definitely don’t claim to have it all figured out I do know this:
If you are a yoga student, focus on building a strong foundation (think chaturanga, downward dog, plank pose etc) for the first few years of practice.
If you are a yoga teacher, constantly encourage your students (and yourself) to re-look at their foundational asana in order to build a stronger, safer, more well rounded practice.
@bodhiyogaacademy 📷 @brookemichellej in @aloyoga #sponsored


Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher?
Check out @bodhiyogaacademy’s upcoming 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings!
Summer 2018 - New Jersey 200hr
Summer 2019 - Colorado 200&300hr @bodhimovement
All the details are on my website. 💚 in @aloyoga on my @liforme travel mat (use code FITQUEENIRENE for a discount! #ad)


When did Instagram become a magazine for professional photos? Clearly I see my part in this 😂 but I get so bored looking at photos of myself in the same asana over and over again in a different pretty location. Every now and then I will get a picture like this one and feel like “okay, that one is cool,” though for the most part it feels pretty narcissistic 😝 #yoga ?
Photo by @brookemichellej 👈 she’s the best 👌


Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? Tag them so I can check them out!! The experience of getting my knee tattooed was a little rough but I do love how it healed. Thank you so much @briangeckleart 👈 he also did my thigh piece! 📷 @tomkingsford in @aloyoga #sponsored


Upcoming events:
New Jersey 200hr YTT July 23 - August 12
Denver 420 Retreat - September 9-12
Mexico 50hr Intensive - October 21-27
Hawaii Tiny Village Retreat - December 6-10
Join me and @bodhiyogaacademy 💚 check my website for all the details. 📷 @brookemichellej wearing some of my favorite @aloyoga pieces ❤️