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✨Teacher Trainings @bodhiyogaacademy
☀️ Mexico Yoga Retreat in October
🏔️ Boulder Studio @bodhimovement

I know one day I will look back and be so grateful for the challenges I am facing right now. 📷 @axialcreative_


Working on my grip strength in between painting sessions at @bodhimovement 😻 we open in a week and a half!!! My first class is on June 2nd- but check the schedule for all the awesome teachers!!


This might sound random but there’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Birth control.
When I was a teenager I started taking hormonal birth control in an attempt to make my cramps more manageable. It was also an easy form of contraception once I became sexually active.
But now, having been off birth control for 8 years I don’t really know what to do, as there don’t seem to be any good options. My sister had the implanted birth control in her arm and it gave her blood clots in her lungs. I’ve also heard horror stories about IUDs. So what’s a girl to do?
I know it’s personal, but if you have a story to share or a method of birth control that you really believe in I would love to listen 🙏
📷 @brookemichellej in @mikayogawear


My next weekend of workshops is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! June 15-17 @oscillationyoga
These classes and workshops will all be catered to those who come, so even if you are not naturally strong or flexible you are welcome to come practice!
June 15 • hip openers, heart opening & twisting • liquid spine
June 16 • advanced flexibility (intermediate and advanced practitioners only) • inversions (beginners welcome)
June 17 • dynamic vinyasa master class
Beginners encouraged to come to liquid spine and the inversion workshop, as we will focus on refining our foundation as well as more complex techniques.
You can check my website to sign up ❤️ link in bio. 📷 @axialcreative_


@bodhimovement in Boulder is opening in less than two weeks! Join me and @samseesworld for our first classes on June 2 & 3 😍 $10 suggested donation. Check my website for details! 💙🧡 we are both wearing @girlfriendcollective use code “irene” for a discount 👌 (disclaimer- I do make commission on purchases made with my code, but check this company out because they are really awesome!) 📷 @brookemichellej


When life gets overwhelming I feel like I have two choices: give up or figure it out. I used to quit on myself whenever I could, that is what felt easiest for me. But in those moments I truly disliked myself and who I was. Now, even though I feel overwhelmed I’m figuring it out, and though it’s far from easy it’s showing me how much I’m growing to truly love and believe in myself. 📷 @axialcreative_


Almost forgot to do my favorite throat opener before working on my chest stand 😎
Poolside flexibility session with @samseesworld and @brookemichellej ❤️ getting ready for our Bali yoga teacher training @bodhiyogaacademy


Last chance to join us in Bali this summer for @bodhiyogaacademy’s 200hr teacher training!
@samseesworld and I will be teaching the majority of this training, along with our lovely guest teacher @gypsyon__ and our love @_minds_eye! If you have any questions please ask or click the link in my bio! 📷 @brookemichellej


Upcoming 200hr teacher trainings in Bali, New Jersey, and Boulder + 300hr in Boulder 2019 (50hr practice intensive in Mexico)
Come practice!
Check my website for all the details - link in my bio! 📷 @axialcreative_


Renovations and handstands at @bodhimovement ❤️
• all net profits from these @kiragraceyoga leggings go to help end human trafficking and sexual exploitation in India @yoga_medicine_seva #KiraGrace #OnyxForSeva


Playing with a new shape 😊
Disclaimer: be mindful when trying things you see on the internet.


That uphill jump though 😅
I’m teaching my first class at @bodhimovement in Boulder on June 2nd at 10:30am!!! We are soooo excited about opening this donation based studio. Suggested donation for my class is $10 ($5 minimum) but if you can give more we would so appreciate it.
Link in my bio to sign up! ❤️❤️


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