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I’ve been dreading writing this post for days. I’ve already felt more silent than usual on social media, and with what’s been going on recently I’ve been stuck in my head wondering what to say. Mostly, because I still don’t know what I am going to do.
I feel a little too closely involved, meaning that I know and have had relationships with all parties, to be making statements on social media. If you want to know what I think, call me (seriously though, if you really care and feel let down by my lack of response DM me and we can talk). I know social media is a powerful tool to initiate change, but we must be careful how we use our words and how quickly we jump to conclusions.
I admit that I don’t know what to do next. And I also realize that for many of you these words won’t be enough, and I understand if you feel that way.
What I have learned and what I can apply right away is that I am going to be more transparent with sponsored posts. I know that is only a small step, but please believe me when I tell you that I am struggling internally right now and the choice is not as simple as it seems.
I openly welcome comments, but please be constructive and kind, especially if we have different opinions ❤️
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I’m still learning how to be strong. Most days I don’t feel very strong physically, which is why showing up is the hardest part- and the only part that matters. Choosing to face the inner battle of not feeling good enough, and doing the hard work anyways. ❤️📷 @christianflorezyoga / @karmacaptures in @aloyoga


Rest day stretch + mayofascial release on my @prosourcefit foam roller. Now time for an Epsom salt bath 👌 what’s your favorite way to rest and recover? 📷 @milena.moon in @aloyoga
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My yoga practice taught me how to keep my peace. It started with the small stuff, learning to not panic in moments of discomfort in my physical body. Eventually it expanded into other areas of my life, learning how to stay relaxed in situations that would usually cause me to stress out. But now I am realizing that while it is important to stay chill, it is equally important for me to speak up. I am a peace keeper, I want everyone to be happy. And most of the time that means communicating through difficult emotions and not just “staying chill.” I’m still learning to navigate through this in all of my relationships, but it feels good to be moving away from identifying as a people pleaser and moving into the role of listening and communicating as well as standing my ground. #changeisgood 📷 @karmacaptures in @aloyoga

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Warming up with @christianflorezyoga/ @karmacaptures 👌
Tomorrow is the last day of the #embraceandbloom challenge! For the final day, show us your favorite heart opener. I love most backbends, but this shoulder stretch is definitely one of my favorites!
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I’m teaching tonight and tomorrow in San Diego at @trilogysanctuary ❤️ catch my all levels slow flow tonight at 6:30pm, and tomorrow I have a “back to basics” strength workshop at 12:30pm and an advanced flexibility workshop at 3:30pm!
Hope to see some of you there 😊
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Every now and then it’s good to feel it all. 💕
Post stair climber bending in my @aloyoga

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Diving into the weekend like... 🛁
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So much has been changing for me over the past few weeks that I’ve been having a hard time balancing real life with posting on Instagram. Between buying a condo and a new relationship I’ve found myself a bit overwhelmed in all the best ways. I haven’t felt as inspired to share, as I’ve been more focused on putting my phone down to soak it all in. ❤️ except I’ve also been ignoring all my emails 🙈
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This weekend in Columbus & Wooster OH
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I’m working to become more aware of the drama I create with the stories I tell myself. 📷 and inspiration @eleonorazampatti (love you)

Boulder, Colorado

Ohio, I’m heading your way this weekend!
Catch me Friday and Saturday in Columbus at the Arnold Sports Expo and Sunday in Wooster at @flexyogawooster! Most classes are for all levels, beginners welcome.
All the info is on my website, link in bio. ❤️
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I love this moment from yesterday’s practice with @samseesworld and @bodhiyogaacademy ❤️ Catch me in Ohio next weekend in Columbus and Wooster! 📷 @eleonorazampatti 👯‍♀️ @karey.evans_yoga

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