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Hey NYers. Have you been to @grupo.gitano for pork belly tacos with chicharron, purple cabbage and salsa verde? Go now while the weather is still tropical! 📷: @johnnyfogg


Painterly, right? 🎨 @barxo of @bosqaspen transformed our freshly-foraged porcini mushrooms into these positively pretty (and wildly addictive) snacks. This is @katieshewrote signing off from @aspenco. Thanks for letting me share my favorite bites this week! #frtakeover #aspenco


Went for a morning foraging session with @barxo of @bosqaspen, and scored some beautiful porcinis — which will be featured in dinner later. 🍄#frtakeover #aspenco


The best thing to eat at @matsuhisaaspen? Fried amaebi head. 🦐 #aspenco #matsuhisa #frtakeover


I’m not a huge salad person, but I’ll always get down with a classic, cool, crunchy wedge — especially when it’s hot and gnarly out. And @clarksaspen‘s version is 💯. #frtakeover #aspenco #clarksaspen


Hi there, @katieshewrote here! I’ll be sharing my favorite eats from @aspenco over the next few days. Up first: the happily overstuffed lobster roll from @thelittlenell’s Ajax Tavern. (Because what’s summer without lobster rolls?) #frtakeover #aspenco


Last night a pizza changed my life. 🍕 🍕 🍕

#fravorites #pizzagram #spicy #brooklyn #pizza


Lettuce wraps with chorizo, fennel and sofrito at Gitano NYC, the Tulum pop-up in the heart of Manhattan. #fravorites


This fish sure looks pretty. @reeshardmartin had a feeling that dining @king.newyork would be a wise move in the summer and he was right! #fravorites


Wow. It’s “Don’t Call Me Donut,” a dessert from TIAN, the Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Vienna. Part of the veggie in Vienna roundup, link in bio. #fravorites


Excellent burger execution at Clare’s Chicken and Wine. Double patties with 🧀 pickles shredded lettuce and special sauce. #fravorites


Wow. Now that’s a bacon cheeseburger! Thanks for tagging #fravorites @pigincity