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Now fostering Camille and the Camillionaires, born 9/26, for Purrfect Pals.

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Cindy in Seattle

This is what happens when you use ‘Drama Mode’ on your camera.


Cindy in Seattle

When the DNA test isn’t necessary.


Cindy in Seattle

Eloise hasn’t seen me in hours and hours, and is ready for some attentions.


Cindy in Seattle

Nobody has ever looked back on their life and wished they'd spent less time watching their kitties play.


Cindy in Seattle

Honey has the best smile, a favorite blanket, a best toy, and lots of hands to pet her.

She mostly stays in the bathtub for now, although I hear her running around and playing with balls on the bathroom floor at night.

If I walk in while she’s looking out the window or playing, she scurries back into the bathtub, then purrs and flips while I pet her. I’m really pleased with her progress!

And sorry that the ticking clock in the background makes this seem like a horror movie.

If you’ve missed Honey’s story, press #honeysprogress to catch up.


Cindy in Seattle

Camille is remembering how to play.

These girls (Camille included) will all be spayed next Tuesday, 12/18. Purrfect Pals will begin accepting adoption applications that day. I’ll post a link to the application, and an email to send it to, on Tuesday evening.

Purrfect Pals only allows in-state adoptions to Washington state residents. Priority goes to those adopting two kittens together. Indoor only, no declawing allowed.


Cindy in Seattle

“Have fun storming the castle!” I said. But this storm seems more like a drizzle.


Cindy in Seattle

A pretty good representation of a kitten’s attention span.


Cindy in Seattle

Trying on different sizes #justright #goldilockskitten


Cindy in Seattle

Changing the sheets tonight was so action-packed that I had to speed up the video to get it all in.

Charlotte creeping back and forth on the footboard made me laugh so hard I sprained my uvula.


Cindy in Seattle

I’m going LIVE with Honey for the first time tonight at 7:30 PM Pacific Time on @prettylittercats account. I’ll do 15-20 minutes with Honey, then switch over to the Camillionaires.

If you missed yesterday’s posts about Honey, use the hashtag #honeysprogress to catch up.

To watch tonight’s live video, go to @prettylittercats account and tap on the large circle on the upper left side of their account. We’ll save it for 24 hours in case your time zone makes it difficult to watch it.


Cindy in Seattle

On a scale of 1 to more than breathing, how badly do you want to pet Elizabeth’s white chin?