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for anyone who really knows me knows that this is a DREAM of mine! Being 5’2 & an athlete for forever I’m so excited to know that @si_swimsuit is opening up this opportunity to women all around the global of all shapes and sizes! Women supporting women is the theme for lifeeee and #sportsillustratedswimsuit has NAILED IT time & time again! Let’s seeeeee how this goes 🤞🏽💕🙌🏽🙏🏼 👙 🌊 i look so damn ratchet right now with this top knot & no make up but you better believe if your girl gets this, she’s about to showwww out on that beach shoot! Ayeeeee #siswimsearch #sportsillustratedswimsuit @alyraisman #alyraisman @mj_day


God damn it


Strive for progress not perfection!
My tip to you: Take progress pictures. Please don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing any changes. I’m constantly referring back to photos to see how far I’ve come! Consistency (my bed head is pretty consistent too 😂) hard work, and dedication is what’s going to propel you to the next level ! Keep working hard! It’s a marathon, not a sprint guys! You’ll get there I promise 💕


‪I owe it to myself to love myself.. ‪take it personal 🌼


‪seein’ so many blessings, shit don’t make no sense 🌴


I swear my soul is so happy here 🌞

A few days ago I had a mental breakdown - cried my eyes out for 5 hours straight with out even knowing why. So many things I’ve talked about are actually happening and i wasn’t sure if i was scared, anxious, excited, happy or a combination of everything.. Change will do that to you, this is all part of the process that i definitely have to have a little more trust in. Gods timing is better than ours and change is inevitable. Has anyone really grown in their comfortable zones? I think not... stay on your path and try not to be discouraged if you’re not where you want to be yet, shit lord knows I’m definitely not. BUT... Ya girl is flourishing either way because I’m learning so much about myself and i need to remember that Gods always got me through all! Have an amazing day my loves! We got this!


Do you travel a lot ? Is your gym small/crammed & there isn’t space to do much? Don’t belong to a gym but want to work out & achieve your goals? Try these exercises... don’t need much space which is awesome & you’ll still get a real good sweat on! My legs are still shaking!! 🛑25 SQUAT JACKS 🛑20 (EACH LEG) SLIDE LUNGES
🛑🛑🛑REPEAT 3x🛑🛑🛑 PS. I tried uploading it as a swipe and it wouldn’t upload for 3 days no matter what i tried. Sorry!!


Main Squeeze 🍋💚


Sweating through my clothes is my kind of Sunday Funday.. Work out for the day✅ & now it’s time to chill. What are you guys doing today?


My booty guide & site will be here VERYYYYY soon!!! I cannot wait to share this with you!!!! 😍🍑😊


Cardio/HIIT= 1 Giuliana = 0 ❌WOULD YOU TRY THIS?❌
✖️6 miles on the bike after each mile i got off and did 15 burpees & got right back on
✖️incline sprint on treadmill at a 9.5 speed on for 20 off for 15 for a mile
✖️20 jump squats 20 RDLs 20 box jumps REST repeat 3x ✖️ 30 secs each - Russian twist - leg lifts - 7 inches - penguin heel taps - side planks - regular plank!


I know you guys wanted me to post my videos so they swipe!! I promise next one i will 💙 i challenge you to try this circuit! Trust me.. it’s harder than it looks! 30 seconds each no breaks!!! 1 minute break between rounds.. 4 rounds