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We all need a good tortilla recipe in our repertoire. This one with potatoes, kale, mushroom and parsley ticks all the boxes. Eat it warm or cut in triangles and store in the fridge. Recipe in our blog archive.


In our attempt to become better at meal planning we’re also trying to plan our grocery shopping more. So today I bought everything we’ll need for the coming week (hopefully). When I came to the freezer section it dawned on me that it could be helpful to share some of our favorite frozen ingredients. So here are all the berries, and vegetables that we have in our freezer at the moment. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, black currants, blueberries, lingonberries, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach and sweet peas. Many people seem to look down on frozen vegetables, but living in a country with a very long and dark winter, we need them and love the freezer section. Frozen fruit and vegetables are great for so many reasons. They are cheaper. They last forever (almost) and therefore you can buy a lot so you always have some vegetables at home. They are picked when they are at their ripest and often immediately frozen so lots of nutrients are preserved. They are great in smoothies, soups and all other food when their texture isn’t important. You can of course freeze these ingredients yourself but buying frozen organic big-packs is the easiest solution for us at the moment. Of course complemented with fresh greens as well.
I’ve shared more details over on my insta stories.
What’s in your freezer? ❄️


Tray-bakes are one of my favorite comfort meals and will probably always be. Easy, adaptable and good. The kids prefer their veggies like this too. We usually add fresh vegetables like spinach, avo, cucumber spirals or lettuce after the tray is out of the oven for some textural contrast. This Mediterranean version is from our Green Kitchen at Home book with charred lemon wedges, olives and halloumi chunks. Easy dinners ftw. What are your favorite easy dinner ideas? Lemme know! Happy weekend! ✌🏻


This was our lunch today. Last batch of the Carrot, Lentil & Orange Soup that Luise prepped during the weekend. Topped generously with fresh spinach, sauerkraut (tangy toppings are essential in sweet tasting soups), fried egg and more. Check out my insta story for more topping details. Hands up if you want us to share the soup recipe ✋🏻. This version is without coconut milk since “everything-with-coconut” is the latest addition on our daughter’s list of “hate food”. 📋😷😂


Starting the year right. Black bean brownie bites with chocolate avocado frosting. I’ve left a link to the recipe in my bio if you haven’t tried them already. They are lit 🔥👌🏻


We have decided that 2018 is going to be the year that we slay weekend meal prepping. We have been preaching big batch cooking but feel like we want to step things up an become more organized. Like proper adults. So this past Saturday we started with some simple things that have already made our lives easier this week. I made seed+nut butter, energy bars and chia pudding and @luisegreenkitchenstories made flatbread, nut bread, cooked quinoa, carrot soup and tomato sauce (I know, she is 3x more effective than me ⚡️). We also peeled carrot sticks that we store in bottles with water as quick snacks for the kids (and us). It took maybe 2 hours and will save many more throughout the week. We prepped this while seriously jetlagged and with three kids running around. So if we can manage that, anyone can. We’ll be sharing more stuff like this (here and on stories) along with short recipes, tips and hacks, so follow along if you want to learn with us. This meal prep flatlay was shamelessly inspired by @leefromamerica. Btw, did I use ‘slay’ correctly? /grandpa 👴🏻


Porridge on fire this morning. All my faves on top. Quick berry jam, nut+seed butter (from my stories), chia pudding, bananas and cinnamon.


We are back in our kitchen prepping food for the week and I’ve just shared how we make our Nut+Seed Butter on instagram stories so go check it out. You only need some sunflower seeds + nuts, sea salt, a good food processor and 30 minutes to achieve a super lush butter that is great on top of porridge, yogurt, bread, carrot sticks, dates and more.


Bling bling, beads and tassels. Finding any favorites in this color explosion? Elsa brought home some tassel bracelets for her friends. ✨

Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Last day in Bali. Soon back to real life again. Closing strong with lots of smoothies and good food. Left one with banana, cashew and cacao and right one with dragonfruit 🐲

Genius Cafe- Home to the Entrepreneur Beach Club

Grilled baby corn skewers with peanut sauce. This was a great pre-dinner snack for the kids. They didn’t touch the sauce though. Their loss.

Genius Cafe- Home to the Entrepreneur Beach Club

Frozen banana on a stick, dipped in chocolate and covered in nut crumble. Picked up a couple of these brilliant little treats from a street vendor after beach today. 🍌🍫🥜