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Our kitchen has never looked cleaner than that time we styled it for a commercial shoot. Reality is that with three little monkeys around we have learned to accept a more chaotic approach than this. Not as organized but full of life (and stains and crumbles).🌪️🙊🙉🙈


We made savory beetroot pancakes / crêpes for dinner with some spreads, beans and avocado on the side. The crêpe recipe is from our latest book and I shared a screenshot of it in my insta story if you want to give it a try. You can replace use spinach or carrot (or nothing) in case you don’t like beetroot.


BBQ season 🔥 What’s your favorite vegetarian thing to put on the grill? We love switching it up with some romaine lettuce. You just brush them with oil and salt and leave them to char on high heat, cut side down, for a minute or so and it brings out really nice and smoky flavors. Serve with a rich dressing and some crunch. This was a runny vegan mayo dressing and the savory granola from our latest book. Chermoula would also be a great option for drizzling.


Here is a simple and fresh weekday dessert for (hopefully) warm spring days ahead. Rhubarb, ginger and strawberry soup (dusted with licorice powder 😱). We just posted the recipe along with a new video on our blog. Link in my profile.


PJs, bliss balls and Peppa Pig. Our Saturday night is lit 🔥🤣
We didn’t use a recipe but the ingredients were:
Soft dates
Butter (normally coconut oil but we didn’t have any)
Sunflower seeds
Chia seeds
Desiccated coconut
Cacao powder
Rolled oats

Rolled in coconut and chopped hazelnuts


Our dinner tonight. So good and simple. Kind of reminds me of my childhood (minus the halloumi because that wasn’t available in the 80s). Roasted potato slices, dill yogurt, cooked beetroot and more. Happy Friday!


If anything should be called SUPERFOOD, this is it. Lacto-fermented pickled vegetables. Tangy, crunchy, fizzy, gut-healthy and so so tasty. Even our kids love to snack on them - for real. Luise made four jars today and they will be ready in about 10 days. It’s the easiest thing and so cheap (basically you just put vegetables in a salt brine). Check out her insta story to see how it’s done 👉🏻 @luisegreenkitchenstories


The first thing I make every spring when the new potatoes arrive is this ridiculously simple vinaigrette with spring onion, melted butter and apple cider vinegar. Tossing warm new potatoes in that vinaigrette is SO GOOD and it becomes even better as a salad together with lentils, sugar peas, steamed asparagus, radishes and chives. I’ve linked to the recipe in my bio if you want to give it a go.


Congrats birthday babe and super woman @luisegreenkitchenstories! 🎈
Ten years and three kids since we met and you just keep getting hotter! 🔥❤️


This Spring Picnic Bread is fresh up on the blog! It’s a potato, asparagus, feta cheese, chive and pumpkin seed kind of bread. Click the link in my bio for the recipe. And thanks for all your name suggestions yesterday.


The recipe for this little picnic thing is coming to the tomorrow. It’s like a savory potato and asparagus muffin, baked as a tray cake and I’m not sure what to call it. Picnic bread? Savory Tray-Cake? Asparagus Cake? All suggestions are welcome.


Haven’t made our double chocolate rye muffins in ages but I’m making them tomorrow. I’ve linked the recipe in my profile in case you also want to try these (kind of) wholesome dark chocolate treats this weekend.


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