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Scraped all the leftovers from the kids half-finished porridge bowls into the porridge pan and reheated them with a splash of milk as a second breakfast for myself. Covered it up with lots of topping. That’s my quick apple granola on top (it’s not a traditional granola but it’s been my favorite breakfast topping during apple season) and a healthier chocolate spread we’ve been developing for the new book. And a little peanut butter. And cinnamon. And foamy oat milk. 💥


David Frenkiel

These Spinach & Quinoa Patties have been a staple in our home for years. They are made with only five ingredients, can be used as burgers or in salad bowls and are perfect for meal prepping as they hold up well in the fridge. Give them a try if you haven’t already. Link in bio.


David Frenkiel

Hey, we just released the first episode of a new mini series we are doing on YouTube where we are traveling around Sweden, exploring local ingredients and cooking with friends. In this episode we are taking the train to Halmstad to pick apples at an apple farm together with cake queen @linda_lomelino and then she shows us how to bake this classic Swedish apple cake. There is a link in my bio. Go watch and let us know what you think. ❤️🍎


David Frenkiel

Check out our vegan mushroom, kale and lentil sandwich if you haven’t already. It’s super quick (if you don’t bake the bread yourself), easy and comforting and honestly one of the best things I can imagine on a piece of bread during the fall and winter. The recipe is up on the blog. Link in bio.


David Frenkiel

Have you tried making a baked rice tray? It’s basically a rice stew that you bake in the oven instead of in a pot and it is the bomb! You simply spread out whatever rice and vegetables you like on a baking tray, pour over broth, herbs and flavouring and bake until the rice is cooked with lots of gnarly and charred bits towards the edges. It works with curries or any rice based stew. We made a peanut butter stew tonight and this is how it looked before we poured over the broth. The full recipe is coming to our next book.


David Frenkiel

Thursdays are reserved for green pancakes/crêpes in our family 🌱🥞
This is our standard batter recipe: Mix 5 eggs, 2 cups plant milk, 1 cup rice flour (or spelt flour) and salt in a blender along with a large handful of spinach and basil. Fry thin pancakes in a hot non-stick pan. Serve with chickpeas, grated apple, sliced avo and greens. Don’t forget to leave room for a dessert pancake with jam, nut butter and yogurt or cream. 💥


David Frenkiel

Meal prep inspo! Swipe 👉🏻 for the full image. So much good stuff here. Pancakes, naked carrots, pumpkin purée, fizzy cucumbers, berry smoothie, tomato sauce, cooked lentils, flatbread, bliss balls, chia pudding, magic green sauce. We shot this spread for the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Hemlagat. Wish our fridge would be this packed every day. What is your favorite food to meal prep?


David Frenkiel

We call this a sandwich but it’s perhaps better described as a warm, vegan mushroom, lentil and kale salad on top of a freshly baked rye sourdough bread. With a BreOliv herb spread in between. It’s heavenly and so easy! Tap for sound! 📽🎶 The recipe and full video for both the sourdough bread and the topping is up on our blog. Link in bio.
We created this recipe in collaboration with @zeta.nu and their spreadable olive oil called BreOliv. It is a new vegan invention that you can use on sandwiches instead of butter and it only contains olive oil, shea oil, water and salt. If you would like the recipe in Swedish, it is up on their site. #breoliv


David Frenkiel

We are throwing a little cocktail party tomorrow evening for a few friends and have prepared ZERO 😬 Need some inspiration! What are your best party snacks, small bites and favorite drinks/cocktails that are fun, delicious and quick?!


David Frenkiel

Congrats to @ch_ecco from Italy! He is the winner of the #visitswedenfood competition that we arranged in collaboration with @visitsweden. The jury couldn’t resist his dreamy weekend breakfast with Swedish pancakes, fresh berries, rye bread, coffee and perfect looking home baked cinnamon buns. 😍🙌🏻


David Frenkiel

Pumpkins are peaking right now. One of our favorite party dishes is to stuff Hokkaido pumpkins with millet, mushrooms, almonds and feta cheese and bake until they are soft. We shot these as a cover for Swedish food magazine Hemlagat. The magazine is out now and has an interview with us and a couple of our favorite family recipes (in Swedish) in it. 🎃


David Frenkiel

Our No-Recipe Curry is a family classic and great now when days are getting shorter and it’s raining around the clock. The recipe is linked in my profile.