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The recipe and video for this Savory Rye Sandwich Layer Cake (aka Smörgåstårta) is now up on our blog. Link in bio.


One weekly habit we have is to make a big jar of chia pudding and one jar of quick berry jam that we keep in the fridge for breakfasts and late night snacking. Thanks to those fridge staples, this little weekday dessert took no more than 4 minutes to make and was just as good as it looks. Chia pudding, yogurt, berry jam and nut butter. 💥
To make chia pudding: simply mix 3 tbsp chia seeds for every cup (250 ml) plant milk (preferably along with a little vanilla powder or lime zest). And to make the berry jam: tip one bag of frozen berries in a sauce pan with 1/2 cup water, a few dates and a couple tablespoons chia seeds. Bring to a boil while stirring then take it off the heat and let rest until thick. Add more chia seeds if it’s too runny.


We are cruising around Stockholm with a bike full of monkeys. 💚🐒🚲


Don’t forget to smash your cookies and mix with cream and strawberries this summer. Unsmashed cookies are so last year. Recipe is on our blog. Hugs and kisses for all your comments on my last post. The kids survived and actually liked the carrot patties so hooray for that.


Luise: ”I’m going out for an hour so can you PLEASE just heat something QUICK for the kids to eat.
Me: “No probs, we’ve got some potatoes so I’ll just cook them and serve with krauts”. 10 minutes later: “Hmm, they can’t just eat potatoes and krauts? I know, I’ll do a few quick carrot patties on the side”. 5 minutes later, while grating carrots: “Maybe I should try two different versions of this recipe while I’m at it, could be good for the book”. 20 minutes later: “I think I’ll test to bake half of them to see which turns out best.
15 minutes later: “The kids need more protein than this, I’ll open a can of beans.”
2 minutes later: “These beans are boring, I’m just going to mix a quick pesto to toss them in.”
10 minutes later: “This actually turned out quite good, if I just add some strawberries, this is a pretty instagrammable meal.
10 minutes later, Luise enters the door and finds the kids exhausted by hunger on the floor while their dad is standing on top of a table photographing this bowl. ✌🏻😎


This is Elsa mashing and smashing tomatoes for a pasta dish we made for dinner the other day. We spent the weekend in a summer house in the archipelago, combining work and holiday. Workoliday? Holiwork? Just arrived back home and are honestly pretty exhausted but also pretty stoked to show you the result in our next book. Lots of great new stuff! 👀


Don’t forget to hug your sushi rolls this weekend! 🌯


Have you tried our Rhubarb Ice Cream Sandwiches with raw wafers? I’ll leave a link in my bio if you want a fun and drool worthy little weekend project!


Hooked on pb&j since 1981 (almost). Danish rye bread, peanut butter, banana slices and chunky chia berry jam 💥


Did you know that you also can make awesome and quick pizzette with our rainbow flatbreads. Just top with pesto and thinly sliced mushrooms or mozzarella and tomatoes. Bake on high heat for a couple of minutes and dig in. Easy peasy! We also have an epic new idea for the flatbread that hopefully will come to the blog soon 😉. This recipe is from Green Kitchen at Home which currently is available in English (UK/US/AUS), German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. ❤️


Not easy photographing a monster shake like this when you are trembling after a late night workout. But that’s what you get for being a vain social media junkie. I promise you it was gone 20 seconds after I snapped this shot.
It’s filled with frozen blueberries, frozen cauliflower, a few frozen banana chunks, dates, pumpkin seeds, ginger, oat milk, chia seeds and some coconut yogurt and nut butter on top. 🔥 (but yet really ❄️)


Warm grilled sesame tofu and mushrooms with fresh avocado, crunchy carrots, cucumbers and radishes, sweet watermelon and sticky rice. A rainbow-ish pokè bowl. Looks good and tastes great. The key to make really tasty tofu is to not just pat it dry but really pressing out as much liquid as possible before marinating it. I usually use a mix of toasted sesame oil, apple cider vinegar and soy sauce in my marinade. Brush the mushrooms with the same marinade when they are on the grill.