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If you haven’t already, I recommend that you submit an entry for the “fika moment” competition we arrange together with @visitsweden. First prize is a trip to Stockholm, Sweden for two! (And a fika with us 👋🏻). The competition is open worldwide so anyone can enter. Simply post a photo of a Fika moment, using the hashtag #visitswedenfood and mention “fika” in the caption. It’s that easy! The winner will be chosen on 1 June. Fika reflects the Swedish ideal of slowing down to appreciate life’s small joys. It's a cherished break to chat with friends or colleagues over a coffee or tea and a sweet treat. Read more about the competition and get the recipe for our rhubarb crumble cake on the blog. Link in my bio.


David Frenkiel

What’s your pick? Smoothies are and will always be one of the easiest ways for us to get some extra vegetables and an energy boost into our kids (and ourselves). Quick to make, easy to drink, fresh and good! And an easy way to transition into normal after having eaten gelato everyday for the past week. 😆
From the top:
🥤Fresh greens (🥦 and 🌱)
🥤Beetroot and raspberry
🥤Cauliflower and blueberries
The recipes are on page 142 in our Little Green Kitchen book.
Frozen vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peas, zucchini, avocado...) work perfectly in smoothies. They are low cost and easy to always keep at home.
A funny little side note is that Luise worked so hard and patiently to balance all the smoothies and then this photo didn’t even make it into the book. We went for another one with all the kids hands instead.
#littlegreenkitchen #smoothie


David Frenkiel

Thank god for bad internet reception so we got to spend this week with the family instead of our phones 😆 And happy 70th birthday dad! You have taught me how to eat the entire apple with seeds and all, how to bend every obstacle into something positive, that Heinz chili sauce can go on top of any food (not really 🤢), and that we shouldn’t worry so damn much what everyone else is thinking. What a good week we’ve had. ❤️


David Frenkiel

We are on a family holiday in Sicilia celebrating my dad’s birthday, discovering pistachio pesto, trying to remember how to speak Italian, picking lemons from our backyard and eating lots and lots of gelato. ❤️🇮🇹


David Frenkiel

You know the @fafelle restaurant project that I told you about last week. This is our take on a Greek falafel bowl. A nourishing, healthy and creamy flavor bomb. We are currently looking for staff for our soon-to-open restaurant in Täby Centrum. So if you are a plant-loving and service minded person that like to spread positive vibes while slinging falafels and bowls, click the link in @fafelle’s profile to read more about the position and apply. (The apply form is currently only in Swedish but we do also accept English speaking applicants.)


David Frenkiel

Here is an outtake from a fun little shoot we had with @grandpastore yesterday. They have always sold our books and asked if they could do a story on us. A fun break from our ordinary food-centric life as Luise and I got to pretend that we were models for a day. Well, she didn’t have to pretend much as she is always looking radiant. 😍
The interview and photos will be out in a few weeks.


David Frenkiel

Little Green Kitchen is now officially out in the US and Canada! 🎉🎉🎉
More than just a recipe book, we also hope that you can use it as a conversation starter between you and your child/children. Talk about vegetables, fruit, fast food, school meals, how carrots taste and how they grow. Help them understand why you want them to try new food and let them tell you what flavors or textures they don’t like. Don’t focus on good or bad food. Describe food as something that will help their bodies grow, give them energy, make them stronger, happier, faster, smarter.
To get you started, we have listed a few questions in all chapter openers about vegetables and food. Our questions don’t really have a right or wrong answer, but instead will get them (and you) thinking.
Let’s try one question:
“Can you think of a vegetable that starts with the same letter as your name? Have you ever eaten it?”
David - Daikon radish (took me some time to come up with that 😆) And yes I have eaten, thinly sliced pickled daikon radish - it’s delish!
Book link in my bio.


David Frenkiel

Potato, Pea and Spinach Tortilla (thick spanish potato omelette) is arguably one of the best things you can pack in a lunchbox. It is good cold, is easy to make and you can eat the triangles with your hands. We have a little trick in our latest book that makes them even quicker to cook. You can find the recipe on page 126 in the lunchbox chapter of Little Green Kitchen which officially is out in the US tomorrow 👋🏻🇺🇸. If you haven’t ordered it yet, there is a link in my profile.
I love following along what you (and your kids) are cooking from it. So keep tagging me in your photos and I’ll repost some of them in my stories.
What is your favorite lunchbox food? 🥞🥪🌯


David Frenkiel

The only late night treat/snack that matters. If you have these five ingredients at home and about 30 seconds to spare, go make this for yourself. Frozen blueberries, puffed quinoa (or rice), crunchy nut butter, a tiny drizzle of date syrup (or maple) and a dash of cream or oat milk.


David Frenkiel

Vegan pasta pesto - family style. A life saving dish since ... well, the day I moved into my first apartment. This was our dinner tonight. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes and was one of the best meals this week. A good little adult upgrade trick is to toss chopped kale in the pesto along with the cooked pasta. The kale softens just slightly from the warm pasta and tastes awesome dressed with creamy pesto. If you are not nine years old and hate kale you don’t have any excuse for not trying this next time you make pesto.
I didn’t measure the ingredients for the pesto but here is a hint of a recipe. Lots of basil, a handful spinach, a handful walnuts, 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp capers, lemon juice from 1/2 lemon, a few raisins to balance the sweetness, some nutritional yeast for cheesiness, salt and pepper and a few glugs of olive oil. Mix in a food processor until smooth, taste and adjust the flavor.
Cook pasta, drain it and toss it back into the sauce pan. Add pesto (and kale for adults). Toss toss toss. Serve in bowls topped with nutritional yeast, hemp seeds and black pepper.
We tested two different versions of chickpea pasta tonight and both were great. The kids preferred penne and I really liked the casarecce. As much as I love good ol’ traditional pasta, bean flour pastas are truly getting tastier and tastier. And if you eat lots of pasta, they are a great way to mix things up and get extra protein and fibers into your meals.
PS. Thanks for all your cheering comments about @fafelle. So fueled to see where it leads and to learn lots of new things every day.


David Frenkiel

Oh no biggie, just a Michelin star chef (hi @joelahlin 👋🏻) playing around in the green kitchen, testing recipes for an exciting new falafel restaurant we are opening 💥💥💥 together with a few other friends. We call it @fafelle and it’s our take on healthy fast-food with inspiration from our favorite places around the world. We open our first restaurant in @tabycentrum in a month 😱😱😱. If you live in Stockholm and want to come by and help us test the menu in the next few weeks, follow @fafelle and send us a DM and we will select a few people that can come by during lunch hours. 🎉
PS. Luise and I are continuing with all our Green Kitchen stuff as usual. This is a side project that I’m pursuing with Luise’s blessing. We will keep sharing recipes on the blog and on here. I just need to grow a few more arms. 😆


David Frenkiel

Win a trip to Stockholm, Sweden for two persons and a fika together with us!
In collaboration with @visitsweden we are arranging a fika competition on instagram. Fika is an important part of Swedish culture. It's a cherished break to chat with friends or colleagues over a coffee or tea and a sweet treat. It reflects the Swedish ideal of slowing down to appreciate life’s small joys.
To enter the competition: Take a photo of a Swedish fika moment and share it on instagram using the hashtag #visitswedenfood and mention Fika in the caption. First prize is a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, for two including a hotel night and a fika with Luise and me and a signed book of choice. The competition is open worldwide! We will also pick three extra winners that will receive the book Fika by @johannakindvall
Check out the link in my bio for more info along with the recipe for this delicious Rhubarb Crumble Cake.
The competition ends on 30 May and the winner will be announced 1 June. Woot woot!