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I made black lentil bolognese for dinner (using the last of the lentils from meal prep). Two out of three kids started crying (real tears) because I stirred the pasta into the sauce instead of serving it on the side. The struggle is real 😂 Don’t believe the kids though, this dish is pure deliciousness. Btw, I read all your recommendations regarding recipe links (thanks!🙏🏻) and I’m now trying @tap.bio. So if you tap the link in my bio you should see clickable image links to all the latest recipe posts. Including the recipe for this bolognese. In case you also feel like making your kids cry!


David Frenkiel

Help! I need to organize some kind of instagram link system that saves my recipe links for old posts as well. This “link-in-bio”-thing only works for the latest post. I’ve heard of services like @linktr.ee, @latermedia and @dashhudson but not sure what works best? If you have any tips, please share!
On another note, have you ever tried a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich? It’s the bombest combo of them all. Especially if you sneak some chickpeas, cottage cheese and cucumbers in there. Fresh, crunchy and gooey at the same time. Link in bio 😂


David Frenkiel

Here is another week of meal preparations. I cooked a chickpea soup that might become one of my favorite things this year - works plain or with rice or pasta (will write down the recipe and share soon) - and a healthyish chocolate spread from our next book👀. The kids made date truffles (Elsa filled her’s with peanut butter and Noah made flat snakes 😆), Luise made her vegetable flatbread and a pistachio dukkah. There were also lots of raw chopped vegetables - some for snack situations and other that will be roasted later in the week. I’ll post some more details on stories. #gksmealprep


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Every time we make creamy polenta at home I ask myself why we don’t cook it more often. It’s soft, rich, lush, creamy and so so good when it’s ice cold outside. The answer is because @luisegreenkitchenstories doesn’t like it as much as the rest of the family 😆.
Here we serve it with mushrooms, artichoke and goat’s cheese and it’s a killer combo. The recipe is from our Green Kitchen Travels book. We don’t have the recipe on our site but you can find it over on @food52. I’ve linked to it in my bio if you want to give it a try.


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Monday night dinner tip! Make herby pancakes and fill them with mashed avocado, pesto, krauts, lettuce and tomatoes. It’s kind of like a pesto pancake salad 😆 and it’s super good! These are vegan chickpea flour pancakes (1 cup chickpea flour, 1 cup water, 1 handful herbs, salt). They can be a little trickier to flip than egg pancakes so here are my top 3 tips:
1. You need to let the batter rest for at least 20 mins before frying.
2. Use a non-stick pan and make sure it’s hot before adding the batter.
3. Don’t flip the pancake until it has crisped up underneath and small bubbles appear. It usually breaks it you try flipping it too early.
If it still doesn’t work, you can add a few tbsp of any extra starchy flour (like potato, arrowroot or corn), it will make the batter more elastic.
I’ve left a link to the full recipe in my profile. Happy Monday!


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I made these little chia jars while meal prepping earlier this week. We’ve collected lots of small jars through the years and it’s pretty simple to fill up a bunch of them with chia pudding (1 cup plant milk + 3 tbsp chia seeds) and keep in the fridge as portable snacks or breakfast for the kids. They stay fresh for 3-4 days but the kids usually raid them within 24h. These have chia pudding + apple sauce (top), berry chia jam (middle) and ginger honey, cottage cheese and seeds (bottom).


David Frenkiel

You should make our Healthy Movie Snack Platter this weekend. Tap for sound 📽🎶. The recipe for the nut butter balls and snack platter is fresh up on our blog and YouTube (link in bio).
Also, please tell us what movie or series you are planning to watch while snacking. We need tips on new things to see.
Happy weekend! 🎉


David Frenkiel

Hello 👋🏻 messy lunch sandwich of my dreams. Potato, boiled egg, magic green sauce, sour cream and crispy kale on rye bread 💥 PS. This was THE reason why I insisted on boiling potatoes for meal prep. You should too.


David Frenkiel

We are back on meal prep routine and our fridge has never been happier. We’ve got snacks, smoothies and dinner shortcuts covered for the rest of the week. Check out my insta story for a full rundown and prep info. ✌🏻#gksmealprep


David Frenkiel

One of the most popular recipes from our first book is this Broccoli Slaw in yogurt dressing with sweet raisins, juicy pomegranate and sunflower seeds. It’s super fresh, crunchy, easy peasy and perfect as a side or light lunch if you are trying to eat more veg this year.
Here is a quick recipe:
Break off small florets from 2 broccoli (and chop the stem finely), place in a bowl with 1 small finely sliced red onion, a large handful raisins, pomegranate seeds and toasted sunflower seeds. Add 1 cup / 250 ml plain yogurt, salt and pepper and toss until all is mixed and dressed. Taste and serve. See how easy that was?!
If you don’t like raw broccoli, you can pour boiling water over the florets to soften them a bit.
You can add a little mayo if you prefer it richer.
Or use oat, coconut or soy yogurt to make it vegan.
Give it a try if you haven’t already and report back here later. Ciao. 👋🏻


David Frenkiel

A proper pancake bowl to celebrate the end of our winter flu dreadfulness. Banana and spinach pancakes (from Green Kitchen at Home) over a bed of crunchy toasted seeds with whipped cream, nut butter and quickly heated frozen berries. So. Much. Fat. 💥💯🤤😂


David Frenkiel

Started the second day of the year with warm scones 💯🎉 I frikkin’ love scones and was convinced that our band of sniffling kids would be super thrilled and impressed when I pulled them from the oven, but they hardly touched them 😱. I love my kids but sometimes they take weird decisions, like not eating every crumb of daddy’s scones. But that only meant more for me. I used our apple, buckwheat and oat scones from Green Kitchen Travels as recipe base and improvised a bit with pantry leftovers (added cultured buttermilk 👌🏻). I’ve linked to the recipe in my profile if you also feel like not impressing your kids tomorrow morning. It’s a vegan recipe but butter and cultured buttermilk obv works great too.