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The Real Glenn Close

Calm before leaping back into the fray. Peace before the red carpet.
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The Real Glenn Close

Waking up to a gorgeous day. I am so thrilled and honored by an Oscar nomination! My deep gratitude to all who voted for me. For Pip, it’s just another day of jaunts outside and begging for treats. Love to ALL.


The Real Glenn Close

I’m taking time today to honor the life of MLK. One of the greatest legacies of Dr. King was his transformative eloquence. He knew how to put words together; words which, in a certain order, have a timeless emotional impact. We’re a social species and we desperately need eloquence from our leaders, not only to lift us up and inspire us to action, but to also soothe our collective soul.
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The Real Glenn Close

My Golden Globe Award arrived home in a -17 degree windchill. Nancy, my longtime assistant, seems to have gotten her tongue stuck!!! Conclusion: Never kiss a frozen Globe 😳

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The Real Glenn Close

Flashback Thursday! On the set of DANGEROUS LIAISONS with a 9 week-old, Annie Maude, who is in the lap of the blessed, indomitable Katie Law. Lynn Quiyou, masterful hairdresser, was a cherished collaborator for years. Grateful.


The Real Glenn Close

And I was trying to be all serious!!! Jonathan Pryce at his subtly subversive best. He was an exquisite partner in THE WIFE.


The Real Glenn Close

Can you explain the glasses?



The Real Glenn Close

Making shadows in early morning sun. P.S. The hunchback is an illusion.


The Real Glenn Close

Final hop back to Boze. Excited to see my Pip!!! NOT A PRIVATE PLANE! And that’s the lovely steward. My UGGS had gotten hot.


The Real Glenn Close

Had the honor and pleasure of meeting Fran Horowitz, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch. She is an inspired leader, given the tricky task of turning her company around. I was impressed with the philanthropy that is an integral part of Abercrombie & Fitch’s cultural, mainly Serious Fun Children’s Network, camps for children with serious illnesses. Thank you, Fran, for a lovely visit.


The Real Glenn Close

This is SO LAME!! I was holding my phone wrong! But the spirit from all the high school kids I talked to today comes through. So honored!!