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The first time, years ago, that I asked my dad for help taking some yoga photos for Instagram, he told me I was crazy. 🤷🏼‍♀️
He didn’t get it, but that was okay with me, because I figure: if no one thinks you’re crazy, you are not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential. 😜
Many others along the way, besides my dad, told me that this Instagram thing was crazy, but I kept on going, and look where it’s brought me... somewhere CRAZY awesome, where I get to love what I do more days than not. My dad didn’t get it back then, but he certainly does now. 🙌🏻
So, shoot for the moon, baby, and if anyone thinks you’re crazy, just say oh well, and keep trusting and believing in yourself. 🔥
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New York, New York

I bought a book called “Secret Stairs: A Walking Guide to the Hidden Staircases of Los Angeles”, and I’ve been slowly, but surely, finding them, one by one, and checking them off the list. This one is in Silver Lake. 🕵🏼‍♀️
In the 2 years since I moved to LA, I’ve been largely stuck in my Venice/westside bubble, because I’m comfortable there, but I decided last night that I’m ready to finally discover this city, and experience more of what it has to offer. 🙌🏻
Excited to show you. 🤗
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Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Me today (everyday). 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Tag a friend and comment if you can relate. 🌻
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Venice, California

New mantra: Thank you Universe for all the good things in my life that I don’t know about yet. 🔮🙌🏻
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Los Angeles, California

Spent Sunday smelling flowers. 🌸
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Venice, California

Thought I was going to move to NYC full-time, but I just can’t seem to stay away from sunny LA. Turns out that I just want to have my cake and eat it too. I want the best of both worlds. I like “and” better than “or” right now, and the truth is, I want both. I’ve always said I’ll be a snow bird when I retire, but it looks like this snow bird is flying sooner than planned. I’ll make a decision later, but for now, I choose bi-coastal, baby. 😜✈️
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Venice, California

Looking super serene, and trying to clear my mind of all earthly thoughts, but actually just thinking about how much I miss my favorite ramen spot in LA. 🍜😍🤷🏼‍♀️😂
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New York, New York

Believe it or not, I’m really intimidated by public transportation, mostly because I’m not used to it. During my time in NYC, it’s been my biggest struggle. The same was true when I lived in Paris for a year. 🚇
Having grown up in Michigan, and having spent the bulk of my time after in Arizona and California, I’m used to having a car at my disposal, driving everywhere, and being able to get up and go whenever I please. 🚘
I’ve found that this ability to be mobile, on demand, is something that I’m really attached to, because it’s a crutch I lean on to get past some of my underlying issues. 🏃‍♀️
I carry around a fair amount of social anxiety with me at all times, and it’s compounded when I find myself in large crowds, where I don’t have any personal space. Combine that with my hatred of waiting idly, and my tendency toward procrastination of things that make me uncomfortable, and you’ll find me waiting until the last minute to leave home if I know the journey ahead will involve the subway. Plus, what if I get on the wrong train, lose my ticket, or have some other mishap happen that I don’t even know to worry about yet? 😱
In NYC, avoiding the subway is both costly (holy UBER bills!) and timely (holy rush hour!). I want to save money and stop being 20 minutes late (on the low end 😬) wherever I go, but to do so, I will have to overcome my fear of public transportation, which really means overcoming the issues that riding the subway shines a light on. 💡
It means that I’ll have to get comfortable with being closely surrounded by lots of people. It means I’ll have to plan ahead. It means I’ll have to stop procrastinating. It means I’ll have to be respectful of others time. 🙌🏻
Sometimes the things that make us want to run away, are actually the things we should be running towards. I’ve been wanting to overcome these issues of mine for awhile, but who knew it would be my nemesis, the subway, that would finally inspire me to actually start trying. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Now that you know about my fears (irrational, I know, but oh well) surrounding riding on the subway, maybe you’ll understand why I look SO happy to be alone in this train car. 💃🏼😂
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New York, New York

This is my favorite spot to photograph my practice when I’m at home in NYC, but to practice here, I have to really want it. 🙌🏻
I earn these practices by moving a couch, a (heavy) chair, an ottoman, and a TV. This spot, in this configuration, does not always exist. 💪🏻
Sometimes I look at bloggers and influencers, and find myself wondering how they can have it all together (or appear to) 24/7... and why I don’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️
But then I remember moments like this one, where an intentional photo composition tricks you into thinking there’s not actually a chaotic furniture situation happening just out of frame. 😂
If you find yourself comparing yourself to anyone on Instagram (or anywhere else) and feeling like you don’t measure up, I’m here to tell you this: STOP IT, because I promise you that no one ever has it as together as it seems like they do on social media. Not even me. 💗
Looking like I have it all together 😉 in my fave @aloyoga.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Some say, dance like no one’s watching, but I say, LIVE like no one’s watching. 🙌🏻
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New York, New York

There’s something to be said for an expansive view (both in life, and in terms of the view that you see with your eyes).
When I lived in Arizona, I lived in a house on a mountain, and I took the view for granted almost everyday. It would take the most epic sunset ever to get me to notice what was right in front of me, and only shooting stars seemed to remind me to feel grateful for it.
Ever since I moved, I’ve felt drawn to mountains, high rises, and basically any elevated place, but really, I was drawn to the views that such vistas afford.
When I look out, I see so much room to fill with possibility. I feel as if I have so much space to think and grow. I notice I can breathe again, when I didn’t even realize I had stopped.
If you have the time, go and find a view today. Even if you have to climb stairs, a tree, or anything else to get there. Even if you can only go there in your mind. Go anyway.
Give yourself the space to think and breathe, and see what happens. ✨

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Lately I’ve been practicing appreciating the shadows as much as the light. I used to be afraid of the dark, but I’ve taken away it’s power by making it my friend. 😉