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Caitlin Turner

Instagram comments: Yoga goals! Wow Caitlin your practice is PERFECT! 😍

Me: If you only knew... 😂

Just a little reminder that we all unexpectedly fall down sometimes, and no matter what Instagram makes you think, no one’s perfect. 💗

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Caitlin Turner

No one said anything funny right before this was taken... my smile just gets this big when you put a glass of red wine in my hand. 🙈😂
Had a blast last night celebrating @sonyadakar’s 30th Anniversary, and even got my own custom engraved bottle of her limited edition Anointing Blend Organic Omega Booster. 😍
Sonya’s #beautybootcamp and product line have been game changers for my skin, and I so enjoy connecting with her, learning from her, and listening to her stories every time I come in to see her. 💗
She has been a pioneer of clean beauty since before clean beauty was even a buzzword, and I’m so inspired by the beauty empire that she has built. 🙌🏼
Thank you @sonyadakar for teaching me so much about my skin, and life in general, and for helping my inner glow shine outward. ✨
📸: @shanarehwald
Top by @astrthelabel 😍


Caitlin Turner

New mission: stop shrinking myself to fit the places I’ve outgrown. 🙌🏼


Caitlin Turner

Both life and love are a lot like a fart... if you have to force it, it’s probably sh*t. 💩😂
📸: @shanarehwald
Thanks for this wise quote @hayleystarr1111 🙌🏼😉


Caitlin Turner

New mantra: Avalanches of abundance are flowing my way. 💥
📸: @eastonschirra
Found this golden nugget of a mantra from @sammybelove. 🙌🏼


Caitlin Turner

Shoutout to the genuinely nice girls. The ones who compliment your hairstyle, or ask where you bought your dress, or discreetly let you know when you’re walking around with toilet paper on your shoe or have food in your teeth... you make the world a better place! 🙌🏼
Thanks @shanarehwald for teaching me so much about what it means to be a good friend, and for joining me on this Mexico trip! 👯‍♀️


Caitlin Turner

What will people think and say? This thought has killed more of my dreams than anything else in the world. I’m slowly learning to release myself from the shackles of worrying about what others think of me, and with each chain link that falls away, I feel a little bit freer. 🙌🏼
📸: @shanarehwald


Caitlin Turner

Pretty soon, we may not see the like counts on this platform, and I’m here for it. 🙌🏼
I’ve spoken a lot recently about how this platform has a tendency to make it easier to feel like I hate myself sometimes, and I think the constant focus on my engagement (likes + comments + saves) has a lot to do with it.
Sure, there’s a lot of inspirational stuff on here too, not trying to deny that, but I’ve also noticed content and people beginning to look alarmingly the same... and recent studies all say that our societal obsession with Instagram “likes” has a lot to do with that.
I remember a day not so long ago, when micro-bladed eyebrows, lip injections, lash extensions, nose jobs, and the other tweaks, that have now been dubbed the “influencer makeover”, were something that I only saw periodically... but now they seem to be everywhere I look.
I’m by no means immune to the pressure. I’ve debated sharing this for a long time, and always felt afraid, but fuck it, be the change you want to see, right? I even got a nose job about 2 years ago to be more photogenic, not even because I hated my nose (it was actually fine).
Speaking from my own experience, yes, I did think having a nose job would get me more likes on my photos, and I told my own parents that I did it “as a career move”.
This is nothing new, famous celebrities have made that same “career move” many times, but I suppose the pressure for the average person to make such tweaks nowadays, feels heavier than I’ve ever experienced it before.
I wonder often what the world would be like if we weren’t all boiling in this pressure cooker of competing for the most attention and likes.
Might we start to love our bodies and facial features more easily, and for their uniqueness, rather than their similarity to whichever features are on trend right now?
Might our content start looking unique again? So that we post what we want to post, rather than trying to religiously post whatever will perform the highest and garner the highest engagement? That’s a world I’d love to live in.
Tell me: what do you think about the prospect of hiding the like count? Are you for it? Or against it? 💗
📸: @shanarehwald for @aloyoga


Caitlin Turner

When someone tells you it can’t be done, that’s more a refection of their limitations than yours. Surround yourself with the ones who see your magic and remind you to see it too. ✨
Thanks @fitflexjuli for always believing in me, encouraging me to try making new shapes, and for being so easy to trust, because I know you’ll never drop me. 🙌🏼
📸: @deandreyoga // @aloyoga


Caitlin Turner

Social anxiety has plagued me for much of my life, and just when I think I’ve overcome it, it always flares up again. I used to get pretty down on myself about it, but luckily I’ve developed some coping techniques that I’ve found really helpful in managing it:
1. When my body and mind start to feel the need to retreat to a space on my own where I can calm down and breathe deeply, heed the warning that they are sending me.
2. Have compassion for myself during social events, and don’t harshly judge my frequent need to disappear for a bit when I need to decompress and reenergize.
3. Mantra: It’s okay to take breaks and not be “on” all the time.
4. Have a list of life questions compiled in my mind, to ask others and fill the space when I feel at a loss for words and that deer in headlights sensation starts to arise inside me.
5. Utilize the calming and healing powers of CBD to help slow my racing mind and heart, and make each breath I take that much deeper (this week I tried out @medterracbd and it was super effective.)
Do you have social anxiety? If so, what are some of the coping mechanisms that have been most helpful to you? Please comment and share so we can all learn from your journey. 💗
📸: @alexjay
#medterracbd #sponsored


Caitlin Turner

How to stay motivated: Recharge yourself more often than your phone, and connect with people who inspire you, encourage you, and fuel your fire. 🙌🏼⚡️
Thanks @aubrewinters for the lift and for encouraging me to wake up for this sunrise! We’re both rocking @aloyoga in a pose inspired by @riva_g_ . ☀️


Caitlin Turner

I’m not a naturally outgoing person, so the night before I left for this trip to @campconscious_ , I felt so intimidated, by the idea of interacting with a group of such powerful women I hadn’t met, that I was actually a little terrified. I started wishing that I had never said yes to this amazing opportunity, and even considered cancelling last minute.
Wow. Wow. Wow. My fears couldn’t have been anymore unfounded. Rather than being intimidating or exclusionary, as I had feared so deeply, every woman on this trip was incredibly friendly and inclusive.
After the first couple hours, my social anxiety faded, and left me open to connecting with a group of empowered women that I know will be my friends for a long time to come.
Together we all showed up willing to connect and be vulnerable, and the conversations that arose helped me learn some life-changing lessons for which I will be forever grateful.
Thank you @theconsciouscarb for inviting me, and providing me with this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, confront my fears, and grow so substantially as a person, in such a short amount of time.
Thank you to every woman on this trip, each beautiful and inspiring in their own unique ways, for welcoming me with open arms, starting conversations with me when I was being shy, and for encouraging me to love and cherish myself and my body more deeply.
To say that I’m grateful for this experience would be the definition of an understatement. 🙏🏼💗 #campconscious