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“Hello! Would you like to see our bedroom?! Come on in!” We have always dreamed of creating a bedroom just for our dogs and when we moved into our new home last August, we finally had the space to do so. 😊

The Woof Room is a place for the dogs and the catdog to relax, play, admire photos of themselves and all of their friends and foster friends and de-stuff as many toys and create as big of a mess as they want! It is also space for us to keep special gifts, letters and mementos that their friends from all over the world have sent to them.
Even though they have their very own nice big bed now, all four dogs and the cat still choose to crowd ours every night.....that’s okay though. ❤️

Wallpaper from @etsy
Dog Ramp from @sausagedogcentral



Happy WeekEND



Harlow and her little friends like to start each day off with a nice big bowl of @bluebuffalo

@bluebuffalo has formulated different recipes for both cats and dogs. This makes life easy for us because our pets all have much different needs when it comes to the most important meal of the day!

Talk to your best friend and find out which Blue Buffalo recipe works best for them and visit your local @Walmart where Blue Buffalo is now available. Walmart makes shopping super easy for pet parents with their grocery pickup/delivery services - Harlow doesn’t even have to pull the old station wagon out of the garage when her friends run out of food! #sponsored #Walmart #BlueBuffalo #WalmartGroceryPickup



Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mums! And to Mama Harlow who is always extra patient and loving with all of her little ones. ❤️



Breakfast, please.



Swimming on into a new week! Happy Monday!



Harlow, Indiana, Reese, Ezra and Malcolm are all very different from one another (don’t tell Malcolm this, he thinks he’s a dog ) and each one has their own individual needs. Luckily for us, @BlueBuffalo has both dog and cat food to meet these specific needs! Harlow is our golden girl and loves the Life Protection formula for seniors. Ezra is our nature boy and prefers a nice big bowl of Blue Wilderness after a day in the mountains. Indiana has a sensitive stomach, so the limited ingredient Basics formula works perfect for her. Reese is a very picky eater and fancies the Divine Delights. Such a diva! Malcolm is an inside cat and the Indoor Health formula has all of the essential nutrients he needs to stay healthy and strong. @BlueBuffalo is now available @Walmart so talk to your pet and find out what food works best for them! And guess what!? Walmart has made shopping extra convenient for pet parents with their grocery pickup and delivery services! Harlow doesn’t even need to leave the house when her little friends run out of food. 😊 #sponsored #Walmart #WalmartGroceryPickup



Put that camera away! We’re naked!



These four usually spend their days watching cat videos but today is all about #superpowerdogs!
Superpower Dogs follows the lives of some of six of the most extraordinary and remarkable dogs on the planet- like Ricochet, a Golden Retriever who became the one and only SURFice dog! Ricochet is a trained therapy dog who provides canine assisted surfing to empower and improve the quality of life for individuals with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities.
Experience @SuperpowerDogs on an @IMAX theater near you! #ad



Do you want to have a cuddle with Reese?! Come and spend the day with her at PetCon on June 22 in Los Angeles then! Tickets are selling out fast so visit the link in our bio or petcon.co to get yours!