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Ankle Rehab Update: Day 365.

Yeah. You read that right.

It’s been a year since @deweynielsen tried to off me in the mountains.

Rehab though? Maybe not in the traditional sense of the word.

You see- most people rehab their injury with the mindset “let’s get it back to the capabilities before the injury.”

I call bullshit and say that’s not enough.

Pain has been gone and I’ve had full ROM for 9 months now.

But I rehab this sucker every single day.

I am going to do everything in my power to bring up the force absorption capabilities in both ankles as much as humanly possible.

The reality is- like I say regularly- injury prevention is a myth.

I’ve blown out both ankles a dozen times each in my life. I didn’t even rehab 90% of them and let them sit in an air cast. Tissue quality is shit in there. Sad, yet true.

My goal is injury mitigation. I rock climb. I trail run. I do stupid shit with my body. My ankle WILL roll again. Guaranteed.

I’ll get hurt again- 🤷🏼‍♂️. But- knowing that- how resilient can I make my ankle between now and then?

How many pounds of force can this sucker handle if I continue to focus on specificity and progressive overload year round?

We’ll find out. Stay tuned.

All videos sped up 2-3x

Seen: positional isometrics- and a whole lot of eccentric neural grooving. And some other random feel good ankle movements.






#Repost @deweynielsen
@hunterfitness taking the newly certified FRCms’ through a sample #kinstretch class at the end of the Seattle FRC Certification Seminar.
#functionalrangesystems #functionalrangeseminars #functionalrangeconditioning #mobility #flexibility #controlyourself #sportsperformance #drandreospina


Thankful that I get to travel the world and teach with some brilliant coaches who I get to call my colleagues.

Day two of the FRC Mobility Specialist course with @deweynielsen , @bryanmarugg , and myself is just about to get started.



Packed house here at @seattlesp for Day One of the Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification.

@deweynielsen , @bryanmarugg , and myself will be spending the next two days with this group of trainers and therapists discussing all things mobility.



Heel-to-toe walks.

Because ankles.

That’s why.



Timehop occasionally reminds me of the nonsense I used to find myself playing with.



“If you pop the ball- I’ll give you $500.”

“Squeeze the ball hard. Now- squeeze it Fucking harder.”

I can’t tell which one of those two made my KINSTRETCH students work harder last week. But I had a wholeee bunch of nasty texts the nexts day from people saying that they’ll never think of CAR’s as only a warm up ever again.

Want to come to a KINSTRETCH class in Long Beach, CA?

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Hope to see you soon.



Had my first real win crawling out of the cave last night.

This problem kicked my ass last week and I couldn’t even do it in pieces.

Tonight- it just clicked in one go. I was only filming it to see where I was going wrong. 😂

The second route at the end- that one still has me. I can do it in two pieces but can’t get past the crux in one go.

Give me two weeks to post that one being completed. Hold me accountable people.



Another year older.

Another year wiser.

Another year that my sister @lincee33 digs through my moms old photo albums to post embarrassing birthday photos of me on the internet.

Thanks sister.

Tell me I don’t resemble E.T. Just a little bit. Big belly. Giant head.

Confirmed to be half alien.

#HunterFitness #birthdayalien


Love you, Mom.


Thankful for stretchy pants.


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