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Well. That’s a wrap, Korea.

I had an incredible time teaching the FRC Mobility Specialist Certification here in Seoul, Korea the last two days.

It was an honor to teach alongside my colleague @bryanmarugg , to be welcomed by our gracious host @movement_science , and to have the attention of some seriously awesome attendees.

These clips are from the KINSTRETCH class at the end of the seminar led by coach Bryan.

Serious kudos to @jamiehjhwang who was our translator for the weekend. She CRUSHED it and made this weekend possible. Somehow- she was able to keep up with me talking fast and going on mini rants. Truly impressive work.

That being said- I look forward to coming back in the future. Thank you again.



🔺That’s a lot of 90/90’s here in Seoul, South Korea. We’re kicking day two of the FRC certification seminar off with PAILs/RAILs.🔺

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Day one complete. 🙏🏼
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Neck CARs or Controlled Articular Rotations can be used as part of a detailed assessment AND daily routine for neck joint health👍
Instructors : Hunter Cook and Bryan marugg

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Day one in Seoul is halfway done!
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🔺We are LIVE here for day one of the FRC certification seminar here in Seoul, South Korea.🔺

🔺FRC Instructor Hunter Cook starting off day one with some lectures before we get to the practical portion of the day.🔺

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Seoul Searching.

Landed last night in Korea with @bryanmarugg - we’re jetlagged and tired.

We only had energy to find some fast food in a mall for dinner last night and then wander around the city a little before bed.

Today- a jog around Seoul before the heat hits hard- and before we spend the rest of the day exploring.



Sevinç comes to visit once a year from Istanbul,Turkey.

She trains for roughly a week- up to a few hours per day.

Last time she came to the U.S. to train, she even got fully certified as a FRC Mobility Specialist.

She comes back for one reason and one reason only- mobility gains. And I don’t see many that work harder than she does.

I’ll get an update every few months about hitting one of the goals we discussed but this one is awesome. Very few people who don’t find flexibility coming naturally to them achieve true, square middle splits.

Dedication. Hard work. And lots of long training sessions later- congratulations on achieving Crotch-down Sevinç!

On to the next goal. 🙏🏼🙌🏼👊🏼

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There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of your face, boobs and crotch touching the ground at the same time 😂😭💪. #middlefuckingsplit #touchdown @hunterfitness i did it!


6 years ago- I met @dianasullivanpham on this very day.

This year- on our actual anniversary of me asking her out (not meeting her)- I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me.

I’m a lucky dude.

Looking forward to many, many more incredible years.

I love you D.



Love working with FRCms’ who come from all over the world. Hope to have you back again soon Michael 👊🏼
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Training internal and external hip rotation, and stability from the 90/90 position.
Take note of the great cueing by @hunterfitness... you think you do something well until you work with a professional. I’ve been training 90/90 with more intensity since this kick in the ass.
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Come to my KINSTRETCH class where the Mobility Gains are real.

Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This week- just tomorrow. 12:30-1:45 at @gym_no.4 / @annextraining

Will be in Korea this Thursday so no class 🙅🏼‍♀️

Go to to learn more and to get on the mailing list for future class updates!



What I'm wearing: @dianasullivanpham

Why I'm wearing it: #yogaonmypatioduringlunchbreak

Pairs well with: English Bulldog (not seen)

Keep an eye out for a full Winter collection coming out soon! 😂

Inspiration: @rubberlegz

📸- @5sensesphotography



What would you name our album cover?

Keep in mind- we’re probably a karaoke only band. Who covers 80’s songs only. Obviously.

📸- @dianasullivanpham



I have so much to share from the last two days of this @xptlife experience with @lairdhamiltonsurf and @gabbyreece that I don’t know where to start.

In the meantime- here’s a little snippet from today’s KINSTRETCH class.

On a private beach. In Malibu.

Laird and Gabby- thank you for this incredible opportunity to bring the group through mobility training in this KILLER location. I want to teach here daily. 😂❤️

@coachpjnestler - thank you again for bringing me in for this event.

Laird- you crushed the class brother. Keep up the hip rotations!

Will share more soon.