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Task based exercises are some of my favorite to play with. Not focusing on sets and reps here. Just exploratory movement with a task in mind.

This one is from @yuenjon and his Project with @strongcamps and @majesticmirth

Task: Place 3+ objects around you. Push the objects as far away from you as possible, but make sure that it is a distance that allows you to pull yourself back into a standing position without the use of momentum.

Full disclosure: this is my second attempt, not first. My first- starting in the same order- ended up in the front splits. I passed the point of no return and couldn’t even make it back WITH momentum.

Both lateral slides- I’m happy with. That damn 12 ‘o-clock position needs work.

Warning. Wear socks if you’re on carpet. Ideally- high socks. Carpet burn sucks.


Naples Fitness

Good friend, and client of mine, @jeremypiven will be in Long Beach regularly at the Laugh Factory doing some stand up.

Diana and I went last Wednesday and it was an awesome evening.

Although we can’t make it tonight, he’s back for round 2 and if you’re around, you should totally go check it out!!

We’ll be going next week!

#Repost @jeremypiven
If my mom would stop interrupting me you would understand that I'm going to be at the laugh factory in Long Beach tomorrow night at 7:30.. come holla at ur your boy J Pizzle in the LBC wait what does that mean again?

Long Beach, California

Alright. Swipe to see both photos!

We’re in week 3 of KINSTRETCH being brought into Long Beach, CA and I have some exciting news.

The last 2 weeks- we’ve had two lunchtime classes.

As of this week, I’ve expanded into two more locations and added one morning, and one evening class.

Here’s the schedule:

Morning class:
Olive Yoga- @oliveyogalb
Thursday Mornings 7:15-8:30am

Lunchtime Classes:
Gym No. 4 // Annex Training - @annextraining
Tuesday AND Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm

Afternoon class:
BodySport Capoeira - @bodysportcapoeira_mestreroque
Thursday 5:30-6:45pm

Interested? I thought so.

Sign up at to be notified about anything class related. And the only way to reserve a spot is by responding to the emails coming from that list.

Let’s make this Long Beach’s most popular class.

Excited to see you there!


Long Beach, California

KINSTRETCH classes are up and running.

Currently Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at lunchtime.

One morning and one evening time might open as early as next week.

Make sure you’re on the email list to get notified of new classes coming up. to sign up!

This clip is from yesterday’s class where we spent some time going over a kinetic stretch in the 90/90 base position.

I want to thank everyone who’s been making time at lunch to drive from all different areas of Southern California the last two weeks!



Only a few spots left for the Kinstretch instructor certification taking place March 24-25th in Littleton, Colorado 🇺🇸 👉 register now @ 💥💥 📝 you must be FRC certified to attend💥💥
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A dedication to @strongcamps , @yuenjon , and @majesticmirth - who are doing good things for the mover community.

Keep an eye on them. And if you haven’t already, check out The Project. Which is their first.... project. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Team Wind, by the way. If you know, you know.


Naples Fitness

“Floor Machine Gun”

Since the very first day I found @marloathlete - I’ve been impressed and inspired with the shapes @doctorkenpoleninja captures of her.

This photo was one of Marlo’s that just stuck in my head. I knew I had to give it a go.

📸- @5sensesphotography


Long Beach, California

Be consistent. Be interesting. Be you. The world needs YOU.


#Repost @paleochef
Oh, how this speaks to me. As someone who has never been exceptionally talented at any one thing, nor delusional about that fact, I chose early on that I would be the best at bringing the most value to the room.
Talent I can hardly control, but kindness, honesty, integrity, hard work, being all in, etc. that’s all choice...
and possibly a form of talent in itself, even though I prefer it be a baseline standard for us all. 🤔 #eatplaycrush
Full interview/quote: Well, it’s not enough to be talented. There’s a lot of talent out
there, but it’s owned by lazy, stupid, or essentially boring people. You can’t just be talented: You have to be terribly smart and energetic and ruthless. You also have to become necessary to people, by working hard and well and bringing more than your bones and your skin to the project. Don’t just show up. Transform the work, yourself, and everybody around you. Be needed. Be interesting. Be something no one else can be–and consistently.”–Katharine Hepburn/Interview with James Grissom/1990/Hepburn with director David Lean on the set of “Summertime”/1955/

Long Beach, California

Testimonial Sundays. That’s a thing now. Because I say so.

Every so often I feel like I’m just ranting into the internet for no reason. Then I get a message like this. A message like this makes me realize that ranting into the internet is worth it. People are listening. The message is spreading.

“Hey Hunter,

I wanted to thank you, on a few different levels. My history before December 28th 2015 was filled with a lot of dark times. I was in a really bad place, and had gotten progressively worse. The date 12.28.15 means a lot to me, because it's the day that saved my life. At that point my life was going in either two directions, and one was nearing an end, but the other was somewhat of a miracle. Out for a walk, sat down on a bench, and I had this vision.

I had been looking up to amazing athletes like Ido Portal, and yourself - Hunter Cook, for a while, but I never implemented the work, nor had the knowledge to achieve that level of function. On that day I had a vision of being that type of athlete, so I decided I wanted that, and that was my way I've saving my life. You helped me save my life, just by being who you are, and that's an inspiration, and an amazing teacher.

Since that day I dedicated myself in evolving as a human being, an athlete, a coach, and a capable moving creature on this planet. Starting at ground zero with my own mobility, and overall knowledge of how the human body truly works, adapts, and evolves. Soon on my new journey I suffered a freak injury that messed me up from April 2016-June 2017. I continued to follow your work while injured, and when I got my health back I finally attended FRC in September of '17.

I got a chance to meet you, a person who played a huge role in helping me change my life, but I didn't know what to say, besides be a total fanboy. Though, what I learned that weekend from you, Dre, and Dewey, was absolutely incredible. Everything just made sense, and the concepts are so simple when understanding the science behind it, and breaking it down the way you guys did.
I have evolved so much, and have expanded my knowledge on how the human body adapts and evolves to the stimulus being (continued in comments)


Progress report on this route.

Last time- I could only get 1/2 way across.

Last night- 2/3 of the way.

I actually can’t believe I failed where I did. One more move and I would have easily been able to climb straight up.

This was my first attempt after warming up. I tried two more times and did even worse.

I WILL complete this before they take down this route.

Video sped up. Originally 1:30.

#HunterFitness #rockclimbing #bouldering #senderone

Sender One Climbing, Yoga, Fitness & Sender City

Ash drove 3 hours to come to my first KINSTRETCH class yesterday.

And he committed to making that drive weekly.

Be like Ash. Coaches need coaches.

Will I see you in class soon? to be kept in the loop as more times open up.

Appreciate you making the drive Ash👊🏼


#Repost @coachashthomas
Amazing @kinstretch class with @hunterfitness today.
I had the privilege to learn from Hunter at both the #FRC and #Kinstretch certifications.
Today I took his first Kinstretch class in So Cal. It took me just over 3 hours of driving time and the class was so great that I am going to make that drive every week to learn from one of the best. Coaches need Coaches!
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Long Beach, California

75 minutes of KINSTRETCH in 40 seconds.

Yesterday was Long Beach’s inaugural class. I want to thank @annextraining for opening their doors for me for lunchtime classes.

If you’re in Southern California- this will be THE class to get your mobility workout. This will be THE class to learn about your body and come home with a little education about yourself.

Right now- the way to stay in the loop about future classes and where to sign up is to head over to and sign up to the email list.

Emails will go out on Sundays about the upcoming times and what availability there is.

As more classes open up at more locations- the email list will be the place to hear about it.

Morning and evening classes coming soon.