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I photograph cats for a living. No, seriously.
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I gotta admit... I kinda like being sick. You get to laze around in bed all day with your cat and no one is allowed to complain. 🤒🐯 Photo by @kittenxlady


Some more of this very special dude, @daveyc_blind_cat. #noeyesnoproblem


🚨Tomorrow is the last day I'll be accepting international orders to ensure delivery by XMAS, and I'll be cutting off all shipments by the 18th. If you've been waiting to order, now's the time! I have very limited stock left and won't be reordering until next year. 🚨
I also got in a new batch of @cat_buttons so all orders placed in the next 24hrs will receive one, plus a WHATEVER FOREVER sticker. As always 10% of all proceeds go to kitten rescue. Click the link in my bio to visit my shop!


Grizz is easily the crustiest bear of the bunch, but I'm not ashamed to say that he's my favorite. Look at that face! For once it's not the girl.
Hannah is in NYC for some work stuff so I'm holding down the fort with the bears. Wonder if they're old enough for catnip.... #fridaynightcatnipparty


I want to take a moment to shoutout our friend @thecatlvt ! She's someone we can always count on to help us (and the babies) in virtually any scenario. She watched Hankielocks and the 3 Bears while we were in San Diego and we appreciate her no nonsense attitude and approach to kitten care immensely. We are super grateful to have her in our lives. Anyway! Here's a photo of all our babies, back at home, healthy and happy.


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Does this couch make my butt look big? [@daveyc_blind_cat]


Larry! Yet another Juju lookalike at @ecanimalrescue. This dude was such a love with tons of personality. We had a hard time visiting with any of the other cats in this room, as he was quick to push them out of the way to get more rubbins. We left absolutely covered in white fur. #lonelypeopleglitter

East County Animal Rescue ECAR

@jujuandb is that you?! We found this adoptable shorthair version of our old foster Juju at @ecanimalrescue. Such a stunner!

East County Animal Rescue ECAR

When beautiful blind cats blep, Volume 1. [@daveyc_blind_cat]


Another sweet foster beeb at the @sdhumanesociety.

San Diego Humane Society