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Most of you probably saw from @kittenxlady's feed, but last night we rescued two brand new kittens a few blocks from where we live. They are such beautiful, fragile creatures. We named them Badger & Mink.
Hannah kept them going through the night & now they're on their way to Auntie Ellen (@thecatlvt) to look after for a few days. I'll be getting them back + Jubilee on Sunday, but I didn't feel confident to care for them alone in such a critical period.
I'll be in charge of 11 cats (3 adults, 5 7-week olds, 1 3-week old, and 2 4-day olds) on Sunday & Monday until Hannah gets back -- so if you wanna start shooting off prayers to the FSM, that would be dope. #1likeequals1prayer #praisebetoalfredo


#tbt to a poopsplosion turned spa day. #treatyoself


Whoops! My phone went rogue and posted a screenshot I took last night. Totally didn't realize. Buttttt since so many of you were asking... my sis sent us an Indian cookbook by @veganricha and I was drooling over her instagram feed. What you saw for a few mins was butter tofu. I plan on making that very, very soon!


A lovely breakfast loaf. 🍞


Barnaby exacts the perfect revenge on his brother Winston. 😼💨


Just found this old video of our former foster, Hankie, when she was just a lil bobblehead. I love watching her grow up at @hank_and_kodi !


Natural Born Killer #margotknox


Happiness is a lap full of kittens.


When your own fart catches you off guard. 😳


So excited to officially announce my next book, CATS ON CATNIP! It's filled to the brim with never before seen photos of cats losing their minds on the green stuff. The book features dozens of felines, including some of our former fosters and famous cats from the internet. It comes out on June 19th & pre-orders are available by clicking the link in my bio.
I had such an awesome time shooting this book last summer. It has been incredibly difficult to keep quiet about everything, so I'm stoked to finally be able to talk about it! I'll be sharing many more photos in the months to come, but I wanted to get this on everyone's radar early. Big thanks to @runningpressbooks for doing an awesome job putting together a beautiful final product and believing in my crazy vision. 🌿😸 🌱 #catsoncatnip


Phillip says hi! 👋🏻


Little Winston had his glamour shots updated today! He's a full grown cat now. Double boop the blep!