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I found some weird smelling things in this oddly shaped ceramic thing, with drinking fluid in it. I decided to lay in it for a bit, and it was actually enjoyable. What is this magic @villasungai @ahtravelclub @asonihaus? #consciouslyconnected

Villa Sungai

This image pretty much sums up everything I love about curating images and photography. Utilizing a underestimated tool like an iphone to create something intriguing. With hints of symmetry, shadows, design elements, reflection, and framing, these are the things my eye gravitates to and lives for...(this image was photographed from a reflecting frosted glass window, which was omitting an adjacent light that was hitting the counter top) #shotoniphone


Day 4 at @villasungai, and @ahtravelclub @asonihaus has spoiled me to death with all of this food, to the point I’m already full before I begin...#ahtravelclub #yourworldyourway

Villa Sungai

Nightly scents and the perfect travel companion thanks to @tomford #tomford (unedited image on stories)

Bali, Indonesia

I literally cannot get of this pool at @villasungai or stop eating, thanks to @ahtravelclub @asonihaus #ahtraveltribe

Villa Sungai

“Reflecting” on yesterdays morning swim at @villasungai #villasungai

Villa Sungai

Its one thing to travel across the world with friends or family, but to travel across the world by yourself is a whole new experience. I had no real plan when I came to Bali, and it made it all more eye opening. To the new friends and uncharted waters, this is a trick for the record books...

Bali, Indonesia

Taking a night off with a relaxing dip at the beautiful @villasungai thanks to @ahtravelclub @asonihaus #yourworldyourway

Villa Sungai

Dec 9- A day of struggle and accomplishments to say the least. From the huge inclines of Black Lava trail, to the unforgiving trails of the jungle, its a day I will never forget. Huge thank you to @balidirtbikes for making it happen and @lnovum for putting it together.

Black Lava trail

Dec 10th- I woke up at 5am and traveled 2 hours to capture an image of Mount Agung. Upon arriving, it began spewing smoke the moment I picked up my camera. Its as if it wanted to express its gratitude for my efforts. Needless to say, it was a moment I will never have the chance to see in person again, and will never forget.

Mount Agung, Bali

Day 4 into my trip to Bali, and I never felt so tired. With 4 hours of sleep a night on average, constant exploring/shooting, and jetlag, my body had enough. Fell asleep last night at 9pm and slept a solid 10 hours, and never felt better. Time to edit some content!

The Slow

Travel necessities on lock🖤

Bali, Indonesia