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Typical bedside scene of empty latte cups, favorite YSL scents, and fresh candles on my nightstand from @worldmarket (click for more details)


Nothing complements a good aesthetic like a good wine. @cooperandthief delivering on both last night with a dinner event celebrating their new Tequila Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc. Check my stories for more #cooperandthief #ad #msgfor21+


Theres something about the feeling of flowing your hand through water, that brings you right back to your adolescent years in a sense of calm


Working on creating some photoshop gradient maps to compliment different blending modes as I work on these tones and add a final polish to my work. I might as well be speaking another language to most of you, but for those of you that know, you know



“Well that escalated quickly” current NYC state. This thunderstorm came out of no where!


Its odd that when its cold, I look forward to nothing but warm weather. Here I am sitting indoors as its 88° and humid with a thunderstorm on its way, just wishing it was 50° again.... Shot|@gavindoran


This no carb diet has got me craving some Mac & Cheese from @theregal so bad right now. Whats your go to craving?! Shot|@greg_rhein


Last night was my first time on @lifeonpurple, and it was amazing! Even with Tootsie in bed with me, I felt a sense of weightlessness and undisturbed sleep. This mattress lived up to the hype and even more! #lifeonpurple #ad


There is just so many degrees of things to explore in NYC. From the beautiful clean lines of Grand Central, to the endless character of old cafes and even the greenery of Central Park. Whats your favorite?


Taking in these Summer temperatures and taking advantage of @hm_man Summer collection while I still can. Shop this shirt, and complete your own look for just 100$ using the link in my bio! #HMxME #ad


Im headed in a slightly new direction with how my content is presented, and Im super excited to continue to reinvent myself. While the presence of light play will always be present, I want to focus on a new direction and tones. Love to hear your feedback🖤


Ive always taken notice to the average “working man” but always knew I had a different path in mind. Always thinking outside the box, instead of living in it....


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