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Backpacking in Fiordland National Park | Photograph by Mikaela Gregory
“I planned to move to New Zealand when I had achieved some financial goals and an arbitrary amount of work experience. It was THE goal,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Mikaela Gregory. “But one day as I sat at my desk, hearing incessant phones ringing in my open-plan office, I felt completely free of societal expectations that used to matter to me. And that freedom allowed me to go for my biggest dream: living in New Zealand. The first thing I did when I arrived was backpack the stunning Milford Track!” This photo was selected for the June 14, 2019 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“A lot of people share similar photos of self in front of an epic landscape. However, your story is intimate and revealing, your photo resonates with me. I feel the weight of societal expectations lifting off your shoulders as you soak in the beauty in front of you. This is definitely an adventure of a lifetime.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


Photo by Carlton Ward Jr @carltonward | I love the color of new cypress needles in the spring. It’s my favorite color of green. This pair of photos is from Babcock Ranch where the ten thousand acre Telegraph Cypress Swamp is the defining feature of the 70 thousand acre state preserve. I was there on a sunset mission with filmmaker Eric Bendick— just us, a few birds and several hundred alligators. The gators were relatively concentrated in the deeper water of the pond during the late dry season. It’s hardly rained in Florida since then, so I bet the gators are really stacked up now. But it looks like tropical rains are soon on their way and the gators will be able to swim widely between the trees. Please follow me @carltonward to discover the hidden wild. #cypress #swamp #gators #florida


STORY TAKEOVER! “Sleeping happily after a long day of fun. Wondering why? Come join our journey to the Corgi Con!” writes @lychee_the_corgi | Tap our Stories to follow along on Lychee and Mochee’s fun (and fluffy) weekend! #dogsofinstagram


Photo by Martin Schoeller @martinschoeller | Amber Hikes, community organizer:
"I am a proud Black Queer Woman. There's something deeply powerful about claiming all of those identities, identities the world has systematically abused, silenced, and tried to erase. When I introduced the rainbow flag with black and brown stripes to the world in June 2017, it was a radical act to highlight the experiences of marginalized folks within a marginalized community. We launched that symbol to raise awareness. To mark history. But most importantly, we launched it to declare loudly and proudly that we are here and we don't request visibility—we demand it. We are the children of Marsha and Bayard and Langston. We are the successors of James and Barbara and Alvin. We are the descendants of Audre and Zora. Of Essex and Joseph. Greatness courses through our veins. We, LGBTQ Black folks are divine—our lives and our legacies are ordained. Our joy and mere existence are revolutionary acts of resistance. I am Black. I am Queer. I am Proud.” For more stories and portraits, follow me @martinschoeller and @martinschoellerstudio.


¿Quién se quedará con el trono? Llega la batalla final 🦁 #ImperioSalvaje, nueva temporada 📺⬇️
Estreno, domingo 16 de junio, 9 PM MEX-COL-PE / 10 PM CHI y martes 18, 10 PM ARG.


#followmeto Lhasa, Tibet with @natalyosmann. Starting to post content from the trip to this extraordinary and spiritual place... what do you like to hear about Tibet from us?


Happy #FathersDay and... T-H-A-N-K 💙 Y-O-U to all the dads out there. Meet Stanley (@father_like_sonent2404) and Josiah, a father and son duo who have created videos (like this one) together at home since Josiah, now 6, was 2 years old.
“To me, fatherhood means quality time, laughter and love,” says 27-year-old Stanley. It is a bond that you create in your heart emotionally with your child.”
Video by @father_like_sonent2404


Birds eye perspective 🐦 // swipe through for a couple last scenes from La Paz - I totally meant to have some Uyuni (salt flat) photos edited and ready to post today but sometimes life just gets in the way and you run out of time - have a great weekend friends, feel free to ask me any questions about traveling to Bolivia in the comments below 😀


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