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Pretty Young Thing

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy! 💙🤗💙


Good News Girl💫


Only video that i have of my grandma’s siblings... This is definitely priceless. While a few are no longer with us, we’ll cherish the memory of them forever because ... “We are Family”


I’m all about my bracelets. Like creating bracelets is definitely a happy place for me.

Three of these would be apart of an “At Sea” Collection.
#chesspieces #bracelets #bonvoyage #anchored #fullspeedahead #atseacollection


👑Rock that crown ...Girl, let your hair down👑

#canttamethemane #justletitbebeautiful


Was a little early yesterday because i thought it was the 26th, but now that we got the right date.. let’s try this again.
Because it’s my uncle’s Birthday and I love this pic #fbf #happybirthdayuncle


I can’t help but SMILE 😁


Whose baby is this‼️🤗😍😊🤗 She’s such a little lady ... cuteness overload 💕💕 #loveGavy #perfectmixofherparents
#peephowshesaysCah #adabofGaryinher🤗 #butsheaintevenfromthere😅


Yesterday at like 11 p.m. i found myself singing this over and over.. so i decided to practice the guitar too cause I need to make serious progress 😩

But i literally got wrapped up in “I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it” for about 30 mins..🙌🏽😩 Not the perfect video because it’s not suppose to be, but my heart’s posture definitely aligned with those words 🙌🏽 #stillyougiveyourselftome #overandover


Because my mom asked me to send her a picture 😅🤗 I have to be obedient
Sn: 3rd pic = “ooo let me be like pastor” @1dtmusic 😂😅


🎶And as You speak a hundred billion creatures catch Your breath🎶

#onenight #amazingexperience #onenightcolumbus #accomplishedagoal #withmykind


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